Putting the Top 5 Celebrity Beauty Secrets to the Test, Do They Actually Work?

As time and trends fly by, it’s hard to keep up with every beauty trend. We constantly want to up our beauty game and follow what’s in, what’s new and what’s trending. What better way to save time than to put the top 5 celebrity beauty secrets to the test.

Although we know that celebs have plenty of money for all the luxurious products, beauty services and spas which we can barely afford. These stars and models deal with the most sought-after dermatologists, makeup artists and hairstylists. 

They have the latest skincare and makeup trends that keep them looking perfect from top to toe. From the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, and many more.

What you need to know is that there’s a way for you to achieve their eternal glowy, healthy and radiant skin. We put to the test here the best celeb beauty secrets around! Are they a fad or the real deal?

For the past few years, high fashion editorial magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar have been producing beauty videos featuring A-list celebrities and models.

These videos show off their skincare and makeup routines that feature everything, from the most luxurious to the most simple drugstore products. 

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to put their routines to the test? Let’s give the spotlight to five phenomenal women that set the standard of beauty in Hollywood.

1 – Tracee Ellis Ross’ Magic Globes

My beauty routine is more about how I feel than how it transforms me into a version of myself that I can’t keep up with.”

Tracee Ellis Ross comes out beaming, fresh out of the shower with her splendid curly hair. In the video, she’s bubbly and excited, and she doesn’t fail in making you feel as if she’s an old jolly friend of yours.

At 47, Tracee’s skin is effortlessly flawless! In the video for Vogue, she took us in-depth on how she gets the beautiful glowy, radiant and foundation-free look. She starts by applying a leave-in conditioner for her hair using her own brand of hair care, Pattern, and then wraps her hair in a towel to proceed with her skincare routine.

Some people spend time on makeup, I spend time on hydrating my skin,” she says as she massages serums after serums, face creams, eye cream and moisturisers into her face. Tracee spent a great deal of time really getting these creams into her face. 

What really struck me the most is the face massagers that she used. One golden vibrating face massager and a fascinating round glass ball which she referred to as “blue balls”. 

These “blue balls” are the Allegra Magic Globes, and as she whips out these blue glass balls, she gently massages it on her face. According to her, she keeps the Magic Globes in the fridge to keep them cold. “I do this a lot of days at work when it’s really early, and I just feel tired.

You’ll definitely see how these globes make Tracee’s face look a lot more lifted and radiant as she goes about with her skincare. 

So what are these Allegra Magic Globes?

These magic globes are by Allegra M. France, a French skincare aesthetics company that offers skincare and cosmetic products. Many professional spas use their products. The Magic Globes are a cooling tool for the skin.

The globes are made from Pyrex glass that is strong enough to withstand a thermal shock, due to its low-thermal-expansion material. The liquid inside has a lower freezing temperature than water and can expend heat much longer. In short, they will never freeze!

The Magic Globes claim to calm and reduce redness after treatments like peels, microdermabrasion or waxing. Not only that, they stimulate facial muscles and blood circulation to oxygenate the skin. It will ultimately help with reducing fine lines and large pores as well as tightening and depuffing your face. Another massive benefit to these Magic Globes is that they help reduce headaches which is something I suffer from way too often.

You should store the magic globes in a fridge or freezer before application. As you apply the globe on your face, make a circular or rolling motion and massage your entire face with it. 

My Thoughts on the Magic Globes

Right off the bat, these magic globes really look like something out of a home design catalogue. I put it in the fridge just like Tracee did and tried it in the morning. I put on my serum first and then massaged these globes onto my face.

There is an initial shock as you place the globes on your face because of how cold it is but definitely made me a lot more awake too. With circular motions, the puffiness depletes as I massage them under my eyes and over my cheeks. I also put them on the pulse points behind my ears which feels really refreshing. 

After using the Magic Globes a couple of times, I noticed my cheekbones were a lot more defined. I absolutely enjoyed this purchase and will continue to use it, especially on those dreaded headache days. Be careful about handling the Globes because they are glass. Despite that, I find it very durable but it is still better to be cautious with it.

These globes are perfect for anyone on a budget, or if you don’t want to splurge on an expensive facial! The Globes will make you feel and look like you walked straight out of a fabulous spa day. And all for a fraction of the price! My kinda product!

Allegra Magic Globes can be bought from Amazon

2. Liv Tyler’s Double Cleansing

The more I do this stuff, the more I feel better inside, the more calm I feel and then the better the skin looks on the outside.” 

Liv Tyler has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. How do these people always look like they defy time and never seem to age? Well, for Liv Tyler – it takes 25 products that are worth about $1,700 altogether! If only we could all afford that lifestyle!

In her bathroom in New York, the 16-minute video walks us through her skincare routine for the day. She points to the picture of her mother and grandmother on the wall and cites that they are her beauty inspirations. “I’ve always been enchanted by watching them do their face and their skincare routines and makeup,” she says.

As she gets her hair out of the way with not just any scrunchie, a fancy fashionable Hermès silk scrunchie! Do we expect any less from these A-list celebrities? 

In her skincare routine, you’ll notice the doubles in many of her steps – double cleansing, double exfoliation, double masks and double serums and moisturisers. With it, she sips a healthy homemade green juice and takes CBD oil for her anxiety. 

She seems like a skincare guru! So what was is it that got her into skincare? As she applies her first mask from Astara, which she says help to draw out impurities and give the skin a glow, she states “I guess my obsession with skincare comes from when I was a little girl, my grandma used to get me out of the bath and lay me down, and she would moisturise my skin.” Tyler recalls that her grandma always taught her that moisturising her skin will keep it beautiful and fresh.

Another person that really taught her to take care of her skin is her father, none other than Steve Styler, Aerosmith’s frontman. “My dad is so into skincare,” she recalls, “When I go visit him, I usually spend half the time in the bathroom with him just going over products and his whole bathroom is filled. But if you look at him, he turned 70, and he has the most beautiful skin, but it’s because he takes really good care of it.”

After the first mask, she then proceeds to apply Dr Barbara Sturm Face Mask, which is for hydrating the skin. Liv also reminds us of the primary things that really make a difference in our skin – drinking water and getting enough sleep. She goes on to do a double serum and double moisturisers.

In between, she also showed her facial massager, which is a textured rolling tool from Sarah Chapman. Tyler uses this when she’s already in bed right after the creams that she has applied. “It’s really good if you’re stressed and you clench your jaw and stuff, but it’s supposed to kind of help contour this part of your neck,” as she explains. 

Now, going back to her cleansing, I really wanted to try the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse and the Chidoriya Hydrating Facial Soap in the first part of her routine. Tyler has mentioned that she prefers an “oily cleanser” because other eye makeup removers really hurt her eyes. 

The second step is the Chidoriya Hydrating Facial Soap which she explains as “It’s made from pure silk and rice bran, and it’s just this really beautiful, this is the little bar of soap,

My Thoughts on Double Cleansing 

Double Cleansing is a great way to really clean and take off the makeup and debris that have piled up in your face. The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse, it has powerful ingredients such as peptides, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Jojoba oils.

As Tyler said, it is “gooey and oily” as you slather it on your face. But it is definitely not greasy and it feels quite lightweight. I used this as a makeup remover at first, and it got even the toughest waterproof mascara off. If you add water, the balm melts into an oil and to a milky texture which is really creamy on the skin. It feels silky and luxurious as I massaged it on my face.

Once done, my skin feels like it’s been thoroughly cleansed without the feeling of tightness. Instead, it feels supple and smooth. I know, the price is really on the luxurious side but sometimes investing in a great cleanser will go a long way. I must honestly say, this cleanser really delivers and is worth the price. 

As for the Chidoriya Hydrating Facial Soap, it is formulated to be gentle and mild, especially for dry and ageing skin. It has three unique ingredients: Komenuka rice bran powder, Tennyokoh oil and pure silk powder which helps with exfoliating and balancing the skin.

I do find this very gentle and cleansing on the skin, but I don’t really like how foamy it gets. I prefer a creamier or milkier texture when it comes to cleansers. I think I will give this soap With this soap a pass in the future. 

This wasn’t my first-time double-cleansing and my honest experience with double cleansing is that it’s too faffy and time-consuming for me.

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse can be bought from Amazon

3. Demi Moore’s Favourite Makeup Remover

My skincare routine is generally, less is more.”

From Liv Tyler’s extensive skincare routine, we go to Demi Moore’s simple nighttime skincare routine. Another beautiful actress that seems not to age at all! However, I like her motto of less is more, it’s something that I generally try to live my life with.

As she starts, she explains that her skin is hypersensitive, so she goes for completely fragrance-free and high-quality ingredients that are effective and clean. Moore loves her makeup eraser cloth and swears by it. She demonstrates how the cloth effectively removes her makeup, just like “magic!”

Moore uses two different cleansers depending on what she has got going on a particular day, either the Retrouvé Luminous Cleansing Elixir or the Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser. The Retrouvé Luminous Cleansing Elixir she uses for a lighter texture and the Cosmedix Benefit Clean Gentle Cleanser she uses when she wants to cleanse her face deeply. After the cleansing, she wipes it off with the makeup eraser cloth, and you see how the makeup is gently and effectively removed from her face.

For skincare products, she uses moisturisers, serums, oils and creams from brands like Retrouvé and Ilapothecary. She focuses on uplifting and making the skin hydrated and tight. Applying it on her hands first, she then pats the moisturiser gently on her face. For the leftover product, she massages it on her neck, chest and hands. 

If she’s working and been wearing makeup all day, she uses two moisturisers to replenish her face and get the hydration back in. She finishes her skincare with a rose quartz Georgia Louise Lift+Sculpt Butterfly Stone to massage, lift and work through the tension in her skin. 

Her skincare is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. Piling creams that have active ingredients and vitamins that the skin needs.

My Thoughts on the Makeup Eraser

The Makeup Eraser Cloth is no stranger to the internet world. It has made its rounds among beauty influencers and celebrities alike. 

Makeup Eraser Cloth

While the Makeup Eraser Cloth is cute and looks pretty, it essentially does the same job as a regular washcloth. I personally think that you can use any washcloth available in your home and it would do the same thing. I found it a tad drying on my skin even though I wet it with water prior to using it. As for removing makeup, it does a relatively good job. However, be aware, this cloth can be irritating, especially to those who have extra sensitive skin

It is relatively affordable, but I do not think it is as ‘life-changing’ or necessary at it’s made out to be. Yes, it is environmentally friendly and definitely cuts the waste of makeup remover wipes or cotton balls. But if you already have a washcloth that you like, you can use that to remove your makeup gently.

Makeup Eraser can be bought from Amazon

4. Nina Dobrev’s Go-To Moisturiser

Eternally youthful, Nina Dobrev still manages to look 10 years younger than she is at the age of 31. In her exclusive nighttime beauty routine, Dobrev takes us to her ten-step skincare routine from drugstore brands to the most high-end skincare products!

The first step, she wipes off her makeup with Simple, a drugstore makeup remover, and with a q-tip, she uses an eye makeup remover product, again from Simple, to thoroughly remove her eye makeup.

Dobrev uses a lot of Dr Barbara Strum products in her skincare routine. “The reason why I love Dr Strum products,” she goes on to say how she was introduced to Dr Strum by a friend. “Dr Sturm was the first person to come up with the vampire facial. It really works; her vampire facials are amazing, and all of her products are amazing,” she notes. “And I have honestly seen great results,” she adds. 

To add to that, she travels a lot, and Dr Strum offers travel sizes that can be easily packed and carried during her travels.

For her cleanser, she uses an enzyme cleanser from Dr Barbara Strum, which exfoliates her skin and gets deep into her pores to remove dead skin cells. As for moisture, she uses hyaluronic acid that she sometimes mixes with anti-ageing serum as well, both from Dr Barbara Strum. 

Dobrev doesn’t forget lip care, she applied the L’Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Lip Balm onto her lips right from the tube. 

Right after that, she uses a fancy LED Deesse mask that uses low-level light therapy. This mask has the same technology that a dermatologist would use to improve the skin’s condition.

After that mask, she puts on the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream. This moisturiser is her go-to, especially at night because it is a lot thicker and has the whole night for the moisturiser to really sink into the skin. She also uses this moisturiser a couple of times a week and for events like a red carpet to give her extra glow. 

For her breakouts and pimples, she uses La Roche-Posay Redermic R Retinol Cream which she calls an “eviction notice”. She ends her skincare by putting on her retainers and a sleep mask!

My Thoughts on her Go-To Moisturiser

La Mer is a reputable high-end brand that is raved about by people everywhere! La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream is another product that lives up to its name. This luxurious cream is infused with the brand’s famous Miracle Broth, which is known for healing, regenerating and transforming the skin. 

The Moisturising Soft Cream is lightweight and the consistency and texture are lighter than the Original Creme De La Mer, but a little thicker than the Moisturizing Gel Cream.

This cream caters to those with combination skin or even those who simply want a lightweight option. For the few weeks that I’ve been testing this out, I noticed that my skin has become a lot plumper and smoother. I apply it before I go to bed, and the effects that it has on my skin are really noticeable. My skin in the morning is radiant and glowing.

As for the moisturisers claims, it feels really luxurious and hydrating on the skin. However, as for my pores, it hasn’t exactly made drastic changes to their appearance, but maybe they are still coming. It also claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which only time will tell if it will truly diminish. 

This is great for those who love to invest in skincare, especially if you have a combination to oily skin, you will thoroughly enjoy this moisturiser. 

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream can be bought from Amazon

5. Priyanka Chopra’s All Natural Ingredients

We’ve covered luxury skincare routines, it’s time to wind down with Priyanka Chopra’s DIY and simple beauty secrets. This gorgeous beauty queen takes us to the pantry and uses products that are often available in our homes. 

She takes us through her lip scrub, body scrub and scalp treatment that she did with all the help of natural products. These simple DIY tricks are what she learned from her mother and they are deeply rooted in her heritage.

The first DIY that she showed is a sea salt lip scrub. This lip scrub only needs sea salt, vegetable glycerin and rose water. “Take your sea salt. Depending on the size of your lips, you can decide on how much to put in your scrub,” she explains. She then proceeds to put an ample amount of vegetable glycerin and then a few drops of rose water. The rose waters add hydration to the ingredients.

For the second scrub, Priyanka uses a cup of gram flour in a bowl, mixing a few drops of lemon juice and plain yoghurt to create a paste. If you want a thinner texture, you can add whole milk to make it a lot creamier. She also adds sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric powder into the mix. She then goes on to apply it all over the body, leaves it on for 30 minutes and then scrub it off followed by a shower! This scrub effectively exfoliates your body as you scrub it off.

Lastly, she does a scalp treatment. Mix full-fat yoghurt, a teaspoon of honey and one egg in a bowl. Apply this mixture on your scalp as a mask and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash it off when you shower!

My Thoughts on the All-Natural Ingredient Lip Scrub 

This beauty routine is unquestionably fun to experiment and play with and I needed a lip scrub, especially during these cold winter months. The steps for DIY are really easy and simple. I have to admit I didn’t have glycerin and rose water in my cupboard so I did need to make a trip to the grocery shop. However, it couldn’t have been easier to make, and just like I had a fab lip scrub!

I apply this lip scrub at night and I thoroughly enjoy exfoliating with it. Although try not to taste it, it is extremely salty! Nonetheless, the scrub leaves my lips supple and really exfoliated. It gets rid of all the flakiness on the lips! 

I recommend this especially if you want an easy go-to scrub. If you don’t have time to run out the door (and your pantry is well-stocked;)), you can definitely whip out these ingredients and make yourself a homemade lip scrub. 

My Final Thoughts 

Now that we’ve tasted the life of the rich and famous, you can see that many of their routines are not always so expensive, and actually, some of it is quite easy for us mortals too. Although they do have access to more expensive skincare, as you can see, it’s not always their choice!

It’s nice to see celebs in their element as they strip their skincare down for everyone else to see. You will notice how different their regimens are, and what they focus on depending on their skin needs.

Putting these celebrity beauty secrets to the test was a lot of fun and made me somehow feel like I live this “Hollywood” lifestyle. If you’re willing to invest in your skincare, it is definitely good to go for some high-quality and reputable high-end products, along with some drugstore skincare. But also, there is easy DIY skincare that is simple to try at home!

Who are your favourite stars? Do you splurge on your skincare products? Let me know what your daily skincare regimen is in the comment section below!

Hollie xx


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