The Best Black Friday Beauty and Makeup Deals for 2022
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The Best Black Friday Beauty and Makeup Deals for 2023

The best time of year for shopping is right around the corner! Yes, I am talking about Black Friday! Black Friday has treated us to huge savings over the years, and you can expect nothing less this year!

Black Friday begins on the 25th of November and leads straight into Cyber Monday, where you can also expect massive reductions and savings. Many retailers start their Black Friday deals before the 25th, sometimes up to a week before.

Black Friday is the ideal time to get organised with your Christmas presents and save big time. We’ve put together the best Black Friday deals in everything beauty and makeup.

Whether you’re stocking up on your beauty essentials or doing your holiday shopping, one thing you can be sure of is that we’re bringing you the best deals! From luxury beauty to everyday necessities, there’s something for everyone!

Disclosure: Some products in this review have been sponsored, but all opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links, and each purchase helps cover the cost of running this blog at no extra cost to you! Full disclosure policy


Who doesn’t love a fun Ulta haul?! I know I can’t resist one, their beauty products are often on the more affordable end, and they have practically everything you need in beauty!

It’s really hard to choose their best deals, because wow, they have so many! Nevertheless, we’ve brought you a tasting of some of their offers, some of which may be too hard to say no to!

Base makeup


Let’s face it, most of us wear base makeup, whether it’s every day or once a week, it’s something you’ll find in most makeup collections.

From concealers to foundations and tinted moisturizers to CC creams.

These ‘staples’ are expensive and over the years build up. But, the good news is Ulta now has up to 40% off many of their base products giving you huge savings!

There’s no better time than now to stock up on all your base needs!

To name a few; PÜR 4-In-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer, Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15, Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer, Juvia’s Place I am Magic Mini Concealer plus loads more!

Eye makeup


The good deals don’t end with base makeup. Nope, Ulta is giving up to 40% off select eye makeup too! Save big on eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, mascaras and primers.

Included in the 40% off are the brands Lorac Pro, Essence, Smashbox, Iconic London and Pacifica to name a few!

Other deals from Ulta include 40% off Lancome mascaras, 40% off Ulta’s entire beauty brands, 25% off Morphe, 30% off Real Techniques, 40% off Benefit Cosmetics, 30% off Pixi plus loads more. Check out all the Ulta deals here!

These products are just a taste of what Ulta has lined up for this Black Friday.

Keep checking Ulta for updates on new deals, they’re slowly releasing them! Many skincare and makeup products are up to 40% or 50% off!

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is notoriously known for its high prices. Whether you think they are worth it or not is your call! All we can say is that Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup is a favourite by many and that’s not without reason. The quality is amazing with really impressive formulas and color stories!

It’s rare to find a good deal at Charlotte Tilbury. That’s with the exception of once a year! Yup, we’re talking about their Black Friday deals which are HUGE!

You can save up to 50% off some of their bestselling makeup and skincare products! We’ve put together a few of them that you don’t want to miss out on, although to be fair, it’s hard to choose which products to include!

Bejewelled Eyes To Hypnotise Duo


Starting off with a bang we have this fabulous 12-pan luxurious eyeshadow palette duo that is 50% off.

Buy one for yourself and one for a loved one!

The palette is split into 4 segments, each with 3 complimentary eyeshadow shades for 4 looks.

Ideal for any nude lover, these shades are made with real diamond powder for the ultimate sparkle. And there’s no better time for that than the holiday season!

The colors are gorgeous, the shades blend like a dream, and it comes in the most luxurious packaging, like all Charlotte Tilbury makeup! Get your dream duo for half price now!


Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are a bestseller worldwide for the simple reason that they are incredibly good!

They are luxury all the way, but it’s the formula that’s the most impressive.

Made from hydrating ingredients, even the matte formulas don’t dry out the lips. Which if you know your lipsticks, you’ll know that’s quite something!

While many of the bestsellers like Pillow Talk are not on sale, you can still bag a good deal on some other favourites. The lipsticks that are on offer are 30% which is quite the steal!

Which ones are on offer? A few of The Super Nudes, Hyaluronic Happikiss, quite a few of the Limitless Lucky Lips shades, some Matte Revolution shades and many more to check out at Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette

Luxury Palette

If you know, you know. Yes, we’re talking about the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palettes.

While we’re all for budget makeup, sometimes a splurge is worth it and these Luxury Palettes are exactly that.

There are 15 palettes, each with a different color story. Each palette comes with 4 eyeshadow shades of various finishes. It has a base shade, a smokey shade and 2 others.

The quality is amazing and spews luxury. For a limited time only, you can get 5 of these palettes at 30% off which is a rarity! We say grab it while you can:)


When it comes to beauty devices, CurrentBody is the place to shop. It has the best beauty devices for practically everything. From anti-aging to hair removal, it’s got it all, as well as a range of pricing to suit all budgets.

One of my favourite devices is the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, which I’ve tried and reviewed. I loved seeing the amazing results!

If you’re looking to rewind the years, reduce redness or improve your skin pigmentation, then look no further than this mask! The Skin LED Light Therapy Mask targets aging, and actually eliminates some of it in the process.

Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 35% in just 4 weeks. But, that’s not all, it also improves skin tone, texture and firmness!

Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

When talking about anti-aging products and devices, the No.1 question that comes to everyone’s mind is does it actually work?!

And that’s a fair question, there are loads of products on the market that claim to do a whole lot more than they actually do. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been there and done that!

Don’t worry, this mask isn’t one of those products! Tried and tested, it leaves the skin looking and feeling smoother, reduces dark circles under the eyes and gives you firmer, more youthful skin.

You may also see a reduction in small scars, fine lines and patches of pigmentation.

It does this with unique Red and Near Infrared lights. The Red LED lights repair the skin by generating new cells which increases the collagen in your skin. The Infrared lights penetrate deep into the skin to boost circulation, improve blood flow, and increase oxygen to the skin’s cells.

One of my favourite things about this mask is its flexibility and ability to mold around the contours of your face. Ensuring that the full face is covered closely and can hit the lower layers of your skin effectively.

This mask is an investment but it’s an investment that keeps on giving in the long run. I’ve been using it for the last couple of months with great results!

Yep, it’s on the pricey side, but that’s where the Black Friday angels come in. CurrentBody has kindly given me a unique 20% off code for you making it a highly affordable device to bring the salon treatment to your home in just 10 minutes.

Read my full review on how the mask works and my experience with the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask.

Use code HOLLIECB for 10% off the LED range at CurrentBody

Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay is another number 1. stop for all your beauty essentials. It carries many indie brands as well as popular brands and a lot of its own products too- By Beauty Bay.

Their Black Friday deals are here and there are loads of huge savings!

By Beauty Bay

By Beauty Bay is Beauty Bay’s own brand and if you’re not familiar with it yet, now’s a good time to get to know it! The quality is all the way up there and the prices are amazingly affordable!

Now it’s even more affordable with up to 50% off eyeshadow palettes, brushes, skincare and more.

One of the best bargains is the eyeshadow palettes. Known for their amazing quality, they have quite a selection and variety. From all colours of the rainbow and everything in between, there’s something for everyone.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

Skincare at Beauty Bay

The deals don’t stop at Beauty Bay’s own brand.

Get up to 30% off your favourite skincare products including moisturisers, cleansers, masks and lots more.

Some of the best deals are the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, which triples up as a moisturizer, primer and makeup remover and it does all 3 jobs surprisingly well!

It’s perfect for those who don’t have a lot of storage space, or for those who don’t like a lot of stuff! This 3-in-1 is practical and useful! Read my full review of the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré.

Another hard-to-miss deal is the Mario Badescu Spritz Mist Glow Set which comes with 3 facial sprays with different ingredients for different times of the day.

One for the morning to awaken you, one for a little pick-me-up during the day and one to soothe and calm your skin before bed.

Facial sprays are the ideal way to spoil yourself and your skin. Spray your face throughout the day whenever you feel it needs a little extra TLC or hydration. You can spray it over makeup too, it still has the same effect.

Makeup at Beauty Bay


Get up to 50% off some of your favourite makeup brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Maybelline, Kevin Aucoin, Viseart and Melt Cosmetics to name a few.

It’s hard to choose the best deals because there are so many!

But that being said, you can get Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz for 25% off. If you fill in your brows and you haven’t tried the ABH Brow Wiz, where have you been?!

It has a super fine nib that creates the most natural-looking hair possible. Turn messy and sparse brows into gorgeous-shaped ones!

Another idea you don’t want to miss out on is the iconic Viseart eyeshadow palettes. Known for their extremely pricey eyeshadows, which also happen to be top-notch quality, now you can get them hugely reduced by 20-50% depending on the palette.

These are just a select few of the deals that Beauty Bay has to offer this Black Friday. Be sure to have a look around their site because there are loads of other deals that you don’t want to miss!


Naturally, if there’s a blog post with beauty deals, Sephora has to be part of it! They have everything you need for everything beauty, and Black Friday is one of the best times to shop there!

With loads of massive reductions, you can save hugely on brands that are usually on the pricier side of things.

Get up to 50% off some of your favourite brands like Fenty Beauty, KVD Beauty, Urban Decay, lilah b., Ciate London and Sephora’s own brand.

Here are some of our favourite Black Friday deals at Sephora!

KVD Beauty Lock-It Full-Coverage Long-Wear Matte Liquid Foundation

KVD Beauty Lock-It Full-Coverage Long-Wear Matte Liquid Foundation

The claim to fame with this foundation is that you only need a drop at a time for beautiful full coverage. A drop may be an exaggeration, but you get the gist- a little goes a long way.

The foundation has a matte natural-looking finish that is transfer resistant and long-lasting!

This edgy foundation comes in 40 shades, you can be sure there’s a shade for your skin! And for a short time only, it’s 50% off!

Sephora Colorful® Eyeshadow

Sephora Collection Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow

Available in over 50 fabulous eyeshadow shades, Sephora’s own brand, Sephora Collection has a select few of the eyeshadows at nearly 50% off.

The eyeshadow comes in every finish but the reduced ones are mainly from the glitters and shimmers. All the better for the party season that is right around the corner!

These eyeshadows are all creamy and buttery to apply, blend well and last for 10 hours! They’re flying off the shelves so if you want your hands on one of these, do it quickly:)

Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

It’s not often that you can buy a stunning eyeshadow palette like this one for 50% off.

Huda Beauty’s eyeshadow palettes are known for their impressive formulas and gorgeous colors. The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette is no different! The palette is the answer to all your nude needs! It has mattes, glitters, duo-chrome and pressed pearl.

All of these fancy descriptions simply mean that you get more shimmer and glitter made from formulas that apply seamlessly and that stay on the lids! These are only a few of the amazing sales that Sephora has now.


Walmart is one of the best shops for saving big, and with their Black Friday offers, you can save even bigger! Get all your essentials as well as all your gifts under one roof.

We’ve put together some of our favourite Black Friday deals at Walmart this year. Of course, this is only a drop in the ocean of the deals that they have, so have a smooch around their site for more!

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hydrating Moisturizer

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hydrating Moisturizer

There’s really no better time to hydrate your skin than now. It’s best to keep on top of your skin and deeply hydrate it before the coldest days set in.

The Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hydrating Moisturizer is one of the best products you can use to drench your skin with hydration! With Walmart’s Black Friday deal, you can save over 25%!

It’s a bestselling moisturizer and is made with impressive ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Sodium PCA and coconut oil that hydrate the skin for up to 72 hours!

It absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy and has long-lasting effects. Say bye to dry skin this winter with the Water Drench Hydrating Moisturizer!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry

On the topic of being on top of your skin before winter arrives, we’ve got this bestselling lip mask.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is designed to be worn overnight for the softest, supple lips in the morning!

This leave-on lip mask is filled with ingredients like vitamin C and antioxidants to protect and moisturize the lips. It also has raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and blueberry extracts for a delicious scent!

Ideal for dry lips that you have given up on, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask will bring them back to life!

One of the nicest features is that it has no stickiness to it. Many don’t wear lip balm because of stickiness, well, that’s not a problem with this product!

It’s affordable, yet with Walmart’s Black Friday deals, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is even more affordable!

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder


If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know how I love the Translucent Setting Powder by Laura Mercier.

I’ve reviewed it in full, and it’s made it into my review on the best setting powders too.

I am not alone in my love for this setting powder, and the reason so many love it is very simple. It gives the skin a beautiful long-lasting matte finish that doesn’t dry out the skin!

All too often setting powders dry out the skin and cause your makeup to look cakey. That’s not the problem here, this setting powder does what it should and does it fabulously!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is a fave around here and for good reason too. Their Black Friday deals are an amazing way to save big! Urban Decay is giving up to 30% off your entire order as well as some fun and exciting gifts!

From their bestselling All-Nighter Setting Spray, Eyeshadow Primer Potion to their many fabulous Naked eyeshadow palettes, it’s your chance to save huge!

Some of their best deals are:

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Set

Get the whole set of Urban Decay’s bestselling eyeliners for just $82.80. Before you blanch at the cost, it includes 6 amazing eyeliners.

What’s so amazing about these eyeliners? They glide on seamlessly and last amazingly the whole day.

Whether you want a sharp eyeliner look or a smudged edgy one, these are the eyeliners you need!

This set comes with 6 eyeliners in black, dark brown, light brown, gold, green and turquoise blue. They’re perfect for getting rich-looking eyeliner that lasts!

Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette


The Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette is for all the nude lovers out there! And for a limited time only, you can get it for 50% off. Yep, you heard correctly- it’s 50% off!

It’s not often that you can get a full-sized, quality eyeshadow palette for such a good price! But that’s Black Friday for you:)

The Naked3 comes with 12 neutral shades of pinks, beiges and browns. Like all Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, the quality does not let you down. The shadows are buttery, easy to apply and look gorgeous on the skin!

Urban Decay Prime and Set Makeup Kit

Urban Decay Prime and Set Makeup Kit

Get the ultimate set of priming and setting your makeup with this 40% off gift set!

Included in the set is a face primer, Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, the All-Nighter Waterproof Setting Powder and the All-Nighter Setting Spray.

This gift set is all you need for long-lasting makeup that doesn’t budge! It makes a perfect gift, as well as a useful splurge for yourself!

My Thoughts

There is no shortage of Black Friday deals, especially when it comes to beauty products! From makeup to skincare and hair care, you can find a good deal for everything!

Black Friday is the perfect time to stock up on your essentials, the beauty products you’ve always dreamed of but were always too expensive, as well as all your beauty gifts for the upcoming holidays! It’s always good to be organised;)

If you’re stuck on ideas on what to buy your friends and loved ones this holiday, check out our gift guides- Gifts For Her, Ulta Gifts, Nordstrom Gifts, Skincare Gifts and the Best Beauty Advent Calendars.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. If you purchase using these links, you don’t pay more, I simply earn a small commission!

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