About Me


Hi, I’m Hollie! If you’ve come here, you’re probably wondering who I am.

The answer to that is that I’m lots of things! I’m a wife, a Mom of 5, (a cook, a cleaner!) and a beauty blogger. I’ve been running this site for over 6 years now, and I love it!

From the thrill of new and exciting makeup releases to finding skincare that does the job it’s supposed to do!

But that’s not all, I share honest reviews, beauty tips and beauty looks.

As of right now, I do everything myself. I write all the articles myself, answer emailscreate content for socials, create the weekly newsletter etc. It can get overwhelming at times, which is why you may notice some things tend to get neglected from time to time. (Hello Instagram!)

Why Makeup and Beauty?

Beauty and I go back a long way! Ever since I was a little girl, I only wanted to play with makeup. I remember trying to correct my Mom’s makeup at the grand age of 7! I like to think I’ve advanced a little since then;)

When I got older and started using makeup not just for play, I got very overwhelmed by the amount of makeup and skincare products available to choose from. Every product sells itself well, yet we consumers have no idea which ones are the real deal. Testing out every product is expensive and can have a bad effect on the skin.

That is when Beauty with Hollie was born.

Blog Story

Back in 2016, what started off as a hobby has now turned into a business that reaches tens of thousands of readers a month! I’ve always been passionate about beauty. I believe that every person can and should feel beautiful. This isn’t about looking the most put-together, it’s about being the real you! Makeup and beauty are a way that helps to find and express who you really are!

The point of this blog is to make the beauty world easier for you to navigate. It’s to share with you how skincare is often about less than more, and about how beauty doesn’t have to break the bank, although I do love some luxury too.

Beauty with hollie

A little more about me…

Some of you have asked why I barely have any photos of myself on Beauty with Hollie. Well, I prefer to stay as anonymous as possible, consider me your invisible beauty guru!

I will give you some clues though:

  • If you’d meet me in the street, you probably wouldn’t look twice. I’m not one of these women who are flawlessly made up every day. Nor is my hair or outfit perfect to a T.
  • I’m a real woman, with the real, everyday challenges of keeping it all together!
  • I more often than not have 5 noisy and yummy kids trailing behind me!
  • I like to keep my personal life private, but from time to time, I do share some personal snippets. For example the births of 2 of my daughters, and my horrific experience with HG during my last pregnancy.


I’m a London girl all the way, I was born here, and now I’m bringing up my kids here.

I have a degree in Graphic Design, but my passion lies in beauty and makeup. I put my graphics skills to good use on Beauty With Hollie! My main job is being a Mom, this blog is what I do in my spare time (haha, like I have any!).



I only post sponsored content and collaborations that I’ve created myself, in order to ensure Beauty with Hollie retains a consistent voice.

I pride myself on working with brands whose products I love and use! That’s not to say I won’t try out new products, I am always open to fresh and new ideas. But, I’ve got to love the product!

Brands I’ve worked with: