12 Easy and Colorful Eye Makeup Looks To Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s time to have some fun and shake up your makeup look and routine with these easy and colourful makeup looks! Colourful eye makeup looks aren’t all that complicated and achieving the right one is all about the colour scheme that you’ve chosen.

As a nude-loving woman, it’s hard for me to get out of that zone. Bold, colourful shadows are really a challenge to take on. So if you’re one to join the team, I’ve gathered some unexpectedly doable colourful eye makeup to coerce you into occasional getaways from your neutrals.

Colourful Eye Makeup Looks

You don’t need to use more than 4 eyeshadow colours for any of these looks. They are easy and quick to achieve!

1. One Colour Each

Using a bold colour is already a big step. But blending and coordinating them too? That’s another obstacle! This eye makeup, however, shows you both hurdles can be overcome. Simply choose three colours to mix and match. And use one colour on your eyelid, one on your lower lash line, and one in the form of eyeliner on your waterline! The process isn’t complex at all. But the finished look epitomises sophistication and fun!

Lightly feathering some eyeshadow on your inner eyebrows going slightly down to your nose contours is another nice touch.

Get the blue eyeliner look: L.A. Girl Glide Eye Liner Pencil 365 Aquatic

2. Mascara Accents

Vibrant green and orange look so mesmerizing together, don’t you think? The pumpkin colours are giving me Autumn vibes but this could also be a hot weather look. More importantly, subtle accents on the eyelashes are one way to stand out without going all out. I’m looking at it and the only way to explain this is coloured accent falsies. Or if you don’t like wearing ‘em, a coloured liner will do the trick.

Get the accent lashes look: NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Halo

3. Graphic Liner

Three words for this eye make-up look: It’s a statement! Yellow alone is already inviting and “colourful”. It’s a bold hue that can’t be missed. Pairing it with an equally striking eyeliner is brilliant and ferocious.

Get the yellow eyeshadow/liner look: NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Halo

4. Gradient Everything

I love this dramatic contrasting look with the lips, eyes and brows all matching! While this whole look is better off presented in a few months, I couldn’t pass up on a really great colourful makeup idea. Imagine the black being replaced by the colour of your choice, and voila, it’s fit for any seasonal mood.

The cool thing about this look is that it doesn’t require much work on the eyelids. The main focus is the beautiful dual scheme.

Get the shadow look: Huda Beauty Neon Obsessions Eyeshadow

5. Bold Mascara Liner Duo

This is what I’d imagine fairies’ eyes would look like, that’s if they actually existed outside of my 4-year-olds dreams! It’s both peculiar and fun! A splash of neon pink against white is definitely different. I love how simple this eye makeup is to achieve. It’s just eyeliner and mascara! No fancy eyeshadow blends and techniques are needed here.

With just two colours to make for a colourful look, it couldn’t be easier! Think of all the other colours you can use to get this awesome look!

Get the lash look: Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition Wink Of Pink Mascara

Get the eyeliner look: Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel Pot in #76

6. Golden Yellow Crease Line

Orange sunsets are a marvel to witness. The can be pretty rare in nature, but even more so on humans’ eyeshadow. The peachy-orange tones here look absolutely mesmerizing. That touch of gold/yellow on the crease and waterline says something along the lines of “look at me”! Kinda like that first ray of sunlight after an afternoon drizzle, no?

Get the eyeliner look: NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Goals Liquid Liner Eye

7. Primary in Pastel

If you’re not quite ready for the rainbow eyeshadow trend, then why not try out pastels first. Nothing swirly or complicated. It can be just three colours and it will look just as dazzling!

Apply your shadows in all three major makeup areas of your eyes: the inner corner, middle, and outer corner. Blend blend blend. And finish up with subtle highlights, it’s a colourful look that needs no other flashy pigments.

8. Accent Gold Liner

Want to try something rich and royal? Add a bold crimson red backdrop and you’ve got the scene-setter. Don’t you think that the colour red stands out so much that you don’t need transition colours anymore? This eye makeup look kinda proves that.

Where she’s put the gold liner is interesting too. And I think it’s a good start for anyone wanting to do something unconventional in a safe setting, it’s not too bold, it’s just bordering it:)

Get the eyeliner look: NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Goals Liquid Liner Eye

9. Gradient Eyeliner

A gradient eyeliner is a perfect solution for someone who wants colour but not too much of it! Why go for black when a look like this is the easiest way to say you’re fun and colourful?! It’s a wonderful compromise.

10. Patrick Star

Patrick Star is an adorable childhood figure for many (including me). And something about pink and green invites you to just stare, it’s the effect of the complementary colours!

The pink shade is pretty but the originality comes from that wonderful green eyeliner that wraps itself around the eye! Honestly, it’s not all that hard to do either! You gotta give yourself makeup skill credit every once in a while.

Get the accent liner look: NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Halo

11. Patrick Star 2

If the neon green isn’t up your street then perhaps a mint green will tickly your fantasies! I love a colourful makeup look that’s simple but just as vivid as the next one. A splash of mint on your inner eye corners, and another sitting just on the tips of your wings is a unique way to incorporate colour, looks highly effective and is on the easy side!

Get the shadow look: Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow

My Thoughts

What did I tell you? Easy colourful eye makeup looks that you will not need to use more than four eyeshadows and that’s exactly what these looks are! These looks are so simple to create, yet so effective to look at! You get the best of both!

Are you feeling inspired now? Let me know in the comments below which of these strikes you the most!

Hollie xx

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