Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Review

Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Review

I have always loved Pixi products, they’re inexpensive, yet effective at the same time. And they seem to know exactly what a woman’s skin needs and get it on point every time.

So when Pixi collaborates with the amazing skincare guru Caroline Hirons, you know you have to get your hands on the product!

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What is Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse?

The Double Cleanse comes in a glass 2 in 1 jar. One side is a cleansing oil and the other side is a cleansing cream. The packaging is really pretty and the jar feels like it’s high quality and expensive.

Inside, the two cleansers are side by side which is easy to use. The oil cleanser is to remove makeup and sun cream from your skin, and the cream cleanser is supposed to actually cleanse your skin.

Use the oil cleanser first and then the cream cleanser.

Double Cleanse Oil Cleanser Review

My first reaction to seeing the cleansing oil was that it must be really hard to apply since it looks like a chunk of wax. However, I was in for a surprise:)

It’s actually very soft, once water touches the oil, it turns into a creamy consistency and feels lovely on the skin. Massage it into your skin in a circular motion. You can wash it off either with water or a damp cloth.

It leaves the skin feeling clean in a natural way. If you’re looking for a cleanser that removes ALL your makeup, then you need the Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse. The makeup literally falls off and it’s SO gentle on the skin.

Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse Review

Double Cleanse Cleansing Cream Review

Once you’re done with the cleansing oil you move on to the next stage which is the Cleansing Cream. Take a small amount (the size of a 5p coin is plenty) and massage it into your skin. Rinse it off with water or a damp cloth.

I found that the cleansing oil removed most of my makeup so there was nothing left for the cleansing cream to remove. However, the cleansing cream left my skin feeling really soft and well-nourished.

It’s a very gentle cream and leaves the skin glowing. What I really love about this cleanser, is that both the cream and the oil don’t leave the skin feeling oily.

If there’s one thing I hate in a cleanser it’s when my face feels oily after I clean it. Well, there’s none of that with the Double Cleanse!

The cleansing cream is fragrance-free, which is really important for sensitive skin. It has ingredients that help protect the skin, reduce lines and improve cell renewal and overall health. And you can’t go wrong with all of that!

The Negatives of the Double Cleanse

So whilst I do love this Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse there are a few things that can be annoying. Firstly, the Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse by Pixi is a double cleanse, hence a 2 step cleanser.

It adds an extra minute or two a day for the 2 cleansing steps. As a busy Mom, I often don’t have much time to myself so I think a one-step cleanser would be more time-efficient for me.

However, if you have the time then this shouldn’t be an issue for you. Find out if double cleansing is a necessity.

My biggest issue though is that you have to dip your fingers into the tub. Before you think I’m some crazy hygiene freak, I’m really not, well kinda not!

However, a tub, as opposed to a pump, is exposed to air. Once the cleanser is exposed to air, the ingredients start to break down, making all those good ingredients become much less effective over time.

Secondly, I don’t love that I have to dip my fingers in because usually, my hands are wet which means the tub is also getting wet. It tends to get a bit messy. And who wants a mess if you can avoid it?!

However, as I said these are only minor issues and overall it is a great cleanser that thoroughly cleans your skin. I am particularly fussy, but don’t learn from me, being finicky makes my life harder!

My Thoughts

The Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse by Pixi has many benefits for your skin and when you use it you can feel that it’s good quality and does the job well.

What I love is that the makeup comes off really quickly, which is really useful when in a rush (which I usually am in!). Also, the product lasts a long time since you only have to use a very small amount for each use. I also love that both cleansers are fragrance-free.

Overall I think there are more pros than cons and that it’s a worthy investment! Check out more gentle makeup removers!

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Hollie xx


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  1. Thanks for the great review of double cleanse. It is very interesting and informative you make it sound like a great product that is well worth trying despite the high price tag.

    Do you know if it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and mature skin as mine is both?

    1. I have sensitive skin and its fine for me, I also read other reviews where people with sensitive skin had no problems with it. I don’t know about mature skin, but with all skin products I always recommend one should always first try it out on a small area to make sure it’s ok with your skin.

      It is a great product:) Good luck!

  2. Vertical Veloxity says:

    I came to this site looking for some good cleansers. I love a good cleanser. And this sounds like it! I would imagine that taking makeup off is really tough as well for ladies.

    So having that along with a great cleanser seems like a great combo. Just reading the description makes me feel good 🙂 .
    And I love the packaging. So relaxing.

    1. You’re right- taking makeup off is tough;) especially at the end of a long day!

      Good luck:)

  3. Hi Holli
    This is a good article on skin cleansing. I havent heard about this product, and I am always looking for something new and easy to use. I didnt see where you can buy this so you might want to put that in your article. Also, it would be nice if you could put that in U. S. dollars as well, for us ladies across the pond! Thanks!

    1. Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your comment. I wrote at the end of the article that it can be bought from i have added the price in $!

      All the best,

      Holle x

  4. I use facial wipes to remove my make-up and sometimes, their substance causes redness on my face. I was told that lotion based removal is better for the skin but never really found one that works.

    From your review, the cleansing oil in this product seems to work quite effectively. Do you know if they use any natural/organic ingredients inside? Thanks.

    1. I agree with that, facial wipes are not the best way to clean your face.

      I don’t know if the ingredients are organic but there are no parabens and they are not tested on animals.


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