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Silicone Makeup Applicator- Does it do the job?!

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I have to be honest, but when I first saw the Silicone makeup applicator I thought it must be a joke! Like seriously, how does a piece of silicone apply anything never mind makeup?! I’m sure you’re thinking the same. However, after using it my opinion sure did change!


How to use the silicone makeup applicator?

After my initial scepticism I was surprised to find that the Silicone Makeup Applicator is actually really easy to use. Apply a small amount of foundation or moisturiser to the silicone applicator and pat it on your skin. Use a circular motion to blend it in. You may need to use your fingers or a brush to make sure it’s all blended properly.



Why use the Silicone Makeup Applicator?Silicone Makeup Applicator

The main advantage of the Silicone Makeup Applicator is that you don’t waste foundation. Both sponges and brushes absorb a lot of your makeup which I find very frustrating. Its a big waste of money and annoying to have to buy a new foundation more often.

Another MASSIVE advantage for me is that its so easy to clean. Lets all be honest- how often do you really clean your makeup brushes?! I wish I could say that I clean mine after every use but 🙁 I don’t! I’m slightly lazy when it comes to it and I find it rather time consuming to clean them properly. The silicone makeup applicator is really simple to clean and its so much more hygienic as it doesn’t absorb anything. You can clean it with regular soap and water.

The only disadvantage I found is that it takes longer to apply foundation with the silicone makeup applicator that a regular foundation brush. You have to work a bit harder to get everything blended properly. The way I solved this problem on the days that I don’t have time, is that I start applying my foundation with the silicone makeup applicator and I blend it with a foundation brush instead of the applicator. This works well for me:)


Do I recommend it?

I definitely do! If you are hate buying new makeup the whole time, or you’re simply not into makeup, think of all the money you’ll be saving by using this silicone makeup applicator and how much more hygienic it is. So yes, I do recommend the Silicone Makeup Applicator.

If you’ve used this product I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Do you prefer it to a brush? Did you find it easy to use? Please share your experiences in the comments below:)


It can be bought here for $12.99. Now it is on offer for $5.99 so go and grab one while the offer lasts.

You can also buy it from The Makeup Drop which is the original silicone applicator. It’s a little pricier at $20. It can be bought here.


Hollie xx


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6 Responses

  1. Shirley

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I don’t wear make up very often, so I am constantly frustrated by how much gets wasted in a sponge. You mentioned that you can use this for moisturiser as well, I assume you’d only need one because you can clean it so easily?

    • Hollie

      This won’t waste any of your makeup! Yes, you can use it for moisturiser too because it cleans so easily:) Good luck!

  2. Liz

    Sponges are definitely not the way to go. I’m he type that will try to save everything and use every the sponge is not something I would want to keep. I never heard of a silicone applicator. I will definitely check this out. It seems like that will do the trick in using every bit.
    How long were you able to keep yours? Does it seem to last a pretty long time without “flexing” out of shape.

    • Hollie

      The silicone applicator is relatively new. Mines only a couple of months old and its condition is still like new. I don’t know how long it will last for but it feels pretty sturdy. Its really an amazing product and I’m loving mine:)

  3. Laura

    Cool! This is totally something I didn’t even know I needed because I’m guilty of not cleaning my brushes too! It’s also never occurred to me that I might be wasting makeup on my sponges and brushes. Quick question: When I put on liquid foundation I like to place dabs around my face and blend it with a moistened sponge. Do you think this applicator would work with this method?

    • Hollie

      Don’t worry- you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t realise how much makeup they’re wasting when they use a brush or sponge. The silicone applicator can definitely replace the sponge you use and you can use it for blending too. I recommend when you’re finished blending with the applicator to use your fingers or your sponge to go over areas that may not be blended perfectly.

      Good luck!

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