Are You Applying Your Makeup Right? Tips on How To Apply Makeup To Look Younger

Makeup can often be a lifesaver. On a bad day, it covers pimples and pigmentation and on a good day, it enhances our features. Makeup helps us to express ourselves and gives us a boost of confidence. Knowing how to apply your makeup correctly is especially important for mature and aging skin where the wrong products and techniques can make your skin look older.

I’ve put together each step of makeup application, along with the game-changing tips and tricks of the trade for aging and mature skin! Learn the best makeup tricks to look 10 years younger!

Foundation Tips To Look Younger

best foundation for aging skin

Having the perfect base makeup gives the skin a radiant and flawless finish. The goal of wearing foundation is to make your skin look healthy, while at the same time, hiding any blemishes. These foundation tips will help your aging skin look flawless, without compromising on coverage!

  • Avoid heavy matte full-coverage foundations, matte finish can leave aging skin with a heavy, cakey and unnatural finish. Check out these natural-looking full-coverage foundations for mature skin.
  • Build up your foundation slowly, layer by layer. Instead of 2-3 pumps right away, apply one pump at a time, so that you can blend it better.
  • This may sound obvious, but choose a foundation that matches your skin as close as possible. Too light can make you look ashy and unhealthy, while shades that are too dark look heavy on the skin and can make your face appear dragged down. 
  • Powdered foundations tend to sit dry and flakey on the skin so be wary of them. When applied in overload, they can accentuate fine lines, pores and imperfections. If you have oily skin, apply it where you get shiny like the T-Zone and chin instead of applying it all over your face.
  • Apply your foundation with a damp beauty blender for the most natural-looking results.

Concealer Tips To Look Younger

Best Under Eye Concealer for Dark Circles 2019

Concealer is important for any skin, in particular aging and mature ones, because as you age, you’re more prone to hyperpigmentation. Choosing the correct concealer for your skin is essential for aging skin, you want a concealer with good coverage that doesn’t settle in lines.

  • When choosing a concealer for under your eyes, choose one that is specifically for under your eyes or that is lightweight in texture. Under-eye concealers are lighter in texture and consistency than concealers for covering blemishes. Blemish ones have a thicker consistency that looks cakey and tends to emphasise lines and circles.
  • Consider using colour correctors. If you have purple-ish circles, you can use yellow or peach colour correctors to hide your circles. Use green correctors for red spots or redness! It’s all about choosing a complementary colour to balance your skin’s colour properly.
  • Choosing the wrong shade can highlight imperfections instead of concealing them. Just like foundation shades, make sure that your concealer shade matches perfectly with your actual skin. 

Contouring Tips To Look Younger

Get High Cheekbones with Charlotte Tilbury

The primary purpose of contouring is to enhance the structure of your face to make it defined and chiselled. When you over-contour, it only gives more focus to your age lines. 

  • Choose a contour shade 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin tone. The right contour shade will give you beautiful, naturally chiselled cheekbones.
  • Make sure to blend, blend, and blend that contour! Harsh lines are the death of pretty contour so make sure you blend properly!
  • Blend your contour upwards. This way, it will lift your cheekbones and forehead and make you appear a lot more youthful. 
  • Opt for a cream contour instead of powder. Cream contours give a more skin-like finish which is essential for aging and mature skin.

Blush Tips To Look Younger

nars liquid blush review main

Blush and contour go hand in hand, and when applied correctly, they give you a gorgeous blushed and bronzed look. All you need to do is learn how to apply it correctly and use the correct blush!

  • Opt for a cream or liquid blush like the Urban Decay Hydromaniac Dewy Liquid Blush, or Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Matte Beauty Blush Wand. Creams and liquids give a more natural makeup look which is perfect for aging and mature skin.
  • For certain face shapes like round and square faces, applying blush only to the apple of the cheeks is fine. But, for other shape faces, blush applied only to the apples of the cheek can really add years to your face.
  • Just like contour, apply it upwards and along the top of your cheekbones. Sweep your blush ever so slightly upwards and blend it out well.
  • Tap the excess off your brush before applying blush. This way, you will be able to control the amount that will go on your cheeks. 
  • Darker blushes that are red or purplish tones will make you older! Deeper shades usually make the face sag more than lighter ones. Choose pinks and corals for blushes. These colours give off a more youthful vibe and leave your skin like it is naturally blushed. 

Highlighting Tips To Look Younger

Highlighting is another beauty trend that we just can’t seem to get enough of. Undoubtedly, the healthy and dewy look really makes your face look youthful and radiant. But there are tips and tricks to get your highlighting game correct without it making you look older.

  • Use liquid or cream highlighters instead of powder ones. With a creamier texture, your pores will not be accentuated, which is what tends to happen with powder ones.
  • Using too much highlighter will make your glow look unnatural and grease-like. Use highlighters sparingly, you don’t want to end up looking like a disco ball!
  • Choose the right tones! Make sure that you know your skin’s undertone so that your highlighter will look natural and have more of a glow within. For fair skin, choose a little silver or pink-hued tones and for medium to deeper skin, choose peaches, champagnes or bronze tones.
  • Be aware of where you’re applying highlighter. When applied wrong, you may end up emphasising pores and lines. For your face to look lifted with a highlighter, apply it on top of your cheekbones, the inner corner of your eyes, the cupid’s bow, the tip of your nose and the brow bone. 

Eyeshadow Tips To Look Younger

Eyeshadow Tips To Look Younger

Eyeshadow is all about creativity and fun. It also helps give the eyes a lift and depth. With the right application, eyeshadows can beautifully enhance your eyes. 

  • Apply eyeshadow in an upward manner, when you blend eyeshadow downwards, it makes your eyes look droopy and tired so for aging and mature skin, avoid it!
  • Pressing delicately on your blending brush lets the shadow really fan out of your eyes and blend more seamlessly. In addition, angling your eyeshadows upwards will give you a lifted look!
  • When it comes to metallics, try not to place them on the corners of your eyelids because they may emphasise the fine lines that you have there. 
  • Dark eyeshadows can make your eyes smaller, and the deeper shades may make you look older. While older and wiser is great, for a younger look, stick to lighter shades! Read more eye makeup tips for mature skin.

Eyeliner Tips To Look Younger

eyeliner the right way

Eyeliner is a simple way to really amp up your eyeshadow look as well as add depth to your eyes! Eyeliner can change the appearance of the shape of your eye as well as make your eyes appear larger. Use it correctly, it can rewind the years, and visa versa too.

  • Refrain from using heavy and dark liners on the bottom waterline and lower lashes. It makes your eyes look smaller, drags down the face and emphasises the fine lines around your eyes which all makes you look older.
  • If you can’t refrain from lower lash and waterline eyeliner, white or nude-shade eyeliners are the best option! They open and brighten up the eyes, giving a fresh and awake look. 
  • Black liquid liners, hard black kohl pencils and gels are really harsh on the eyes. Opt for less intense shades like brown or dark grey.

Eyebrow Tips To Look Younger

How to get perfect shaped eyebrows

Eyebrows are the frame of your face. Want a younger look? Embrace your thick brows because they will give you a youthful illusion. 

  • Keep away from eyebrows that are extremely sharp and stern, they will add years to your face. Instead, aim for more full, defined and arched brows.
  • Refrain from using cream-based eyebrow products to fill in your brows, they give a harsh line to the eyebrows. It is also harder to blend out once applied. Instead, use powders or pencils for your eyebrows.
  • Don’t draw an arch underneath the brows because it will leave you with unnecessarily thicker brows that look very unnatural. Instead, give your arch a lift by placing it a little bit higher on top of your brow and build it up slowly with a pencil or powder. 

Mascara and Lashes Tips To Look Younger

mix match play mascara

Eyelashes when done right can add loads to your eyes and help you appear more youthful. That is when they’re done right and these easy mascara tips and hacks will help you rewind the years! 

  • Use an eyelash curler to really give your eyes that lift and open them up. This is great for droopy eyes!
  • Try not to apply too much mascara, it will leave your eyelashes looking clumpy and spider-like, which aside from not being pretty, also adds extra years to your look.
  • Work your mascara from the roots to the tips, evenly spreading the mascara. With evenly spread-out lashes, you’ll get a radiant, more youthful look.

Lipstick Tips To Look Younger


Last but not least, we have lips. Our lips set the tone of our makeup look and do so much to enhance our features. 

  • As you age, your lips tend to get thinner, use a lip liner to give your lips a fuller appearance.
  • Keep away from darker shades since they tend to age one’s face and make the lips appear smaller and more mature. 
  • A gloss and lip liner is the perfect combination for a youthful and beautiful lip. Pair your pink or light red liner with a gloss to give a little natural shine. Alternatively, lipstick designed for aging lips will give your lips the hydration and moisture it needs without drying them out.

My Thoughts

I hope this simple and easy guide on how to apply makeup to look younger has helped you. What’s beautiful about makeup is that we can learn and improve day by day. So don’t give up!

We also need to make sure that when we’re putting on makeup we are enhancing the right features and not accentuating the flaws. Keep that in mind while doing your makeup!

Hollie xx


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