Control Oily Hair The Easy Way With These 12 Tips

Control Oily Hair The Easy Way With These 10 Tips

Most people have struggled with greasy and oily hair at some point in their life. It’s particularly common for teenagers to get oily hair, but whether you struggle with it as a teenager, or you simply have hair that’s prone to getting greasy, don’t lose hope!

With some minor adjustments to your lifestyle and hair care routine, your hair will be a different story.

As someone who used to regularly struggle with greasy hair, (it pretty much took over my life), I’ve got some of the best easy hacks and tips that worked for me and my hair to share with you.

1. Wash Your Hair Less Often

It’s easier said than done, I know! But a bit part of greasy hair is washing it too often. Every time you wash your hair, you strip the scalp of its essential oils, which in turn causes it to produce more oil. Exactly what you don’t want!

wash hair less often

A simple trick is to gradually extend the time between each wash. Over time, it will become easier and your hair will become less greasy.

2. Choose a Shampoo for Oily Hair

The shampoo you use on your hair makes a big difference to the outcome. Choose a shampoo that’s oil-free, which is generally the best option for those prone to oily and greasy hair.

3. Choose Your Conditioner Wisely

Not all conditioners are created equal. Whereas some are water-based and do not build up at all on your scalp, others contain waxes and other products that are difficult to wash away completely, which can lead to even oilier hair.

Be sure that you choose a water-based conditioner that’s made with oily hair in mind, and apply it only at the ends of your hair.

4. Check Your Washing Habits

It is easy for people to get into bad hair-washing habits that cause their hair to become oily and damage their scalp. The correct way to wash the hair is to massage a small amount of shampoo into the roots and scalp.

Do this thoroughly but carefully, taking care not to scratch the scalp or hair. Scrubbing too aggressively could cause irritation and more oil production. As most people find their hair is the oiliest near the hairline, it is best to focus on washing the scalp and hair roots, rather than the ends of the hair.

Rinsing the shampoo through the hair will be sufficient to clean the ends. Rinse hair thoroughly to ensure that debris from the shampoo does not build up and weigh the hair down.

5. Invest in a Quality Dry Shampoo

For the days that your hair is starting to get greasy, instead of washing it, try using a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos contain ingredients designed to absorb excess oil- ideal for oily-prone hair.


One of my favorite dry shampoos is the Ouai Dry Shampoo. It smells pleasant unlike many other dry shampoos, and it does the job you want with minimum side effects.

6. Clarify, Detoxify or Treat Once a Month

Clarifying shampoos are designed to clean more deeply than a standard shampoo, effectively stripping your hair of extra oils and leftover hair product buildup. Using one about once a week will make a huge difference for oily hair.

If you don’t want to spend extra money on a clarifying shampoo, you can add a tablespoon of baking soda to your favourite shampoo, and then leave it on for two to three minutes.

7. Follow a Hair-washing Schedule

Certain times of day are better for hair washing than others, such as after a workout or first thing in the morning.

Washing the hair at night might mean that it looks greasy again by morning. Going to the gym or doing exercise creates sweat, which can make a person’s hair look oily and unwashed.

Washing the hair after wearing a hat, helmet, or headscarf is also a good idea. Covering the head creates heat, causing the scalp to sweat and trapping oils.

Create a hair washing schedule around when your hair is most likely to get greasy and try to stick to it as best as you can.

8. Avoid Heat Drying

Once you are done washing your hair, gently towel it dry. If you plan on using a heat product like a hairdryer, straightener or curler, keep in mind that hot air and heat promote the glands to create more sebum, so it’s best to use a cool setting.

dyson supersonic hair dryer

The ideal hair products are Dyson ones because they don’t heat in the traditional way and therefore, don’t burn the hair.

9. Cut Down on Hair Styling Products

Oily hair is especially susceptible to product residue and buildup, which simply work to weigh it down even more and aggravate its oiliness. To avoid all this, be extra cautious with your hair sprays, gels, and mousses. The fewer products you use on your hair the better your hair will feel!

10. Impose a No-Hair-Touching Rule!

That includes both your hands and your face. Since your face and fingertips both generate oil that can be easily transferred to your hair, avoid twirling it or playing with it.

don't touch your hair

Check out these braid hairstyles and pony hair looks that will keep your hair out of your eyes all day and will help you refrain from touching it.

My Thoughts

These simple tricks will help and train your hair not to get oily so quickly. While some are more prone to oilier hair than others, our habits often have a lot to do with it too. With these easy adjustments, your hair will be a lot more manageable.

Hollie xx

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