20 Pony Hairstyle Ideas & Inspiration For Every Occasion

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The lovely thing about wearing a pony is that it is so versatile. Whatever the occasion, you can find a pony hairstyle to go with it. Wear it glam, wear it casual, wear it to your workout, you name it! There’s a look for every occasion and every hair type!

We’ve brought here pony hairstyle ideas and inspiration for every occasion. Get creative now with these inspiring looks.

1. Textured glamorous pony

This is one of those hairstyles that can be worn for many different occasion. Do you want it for a wedding? Simply add a little sparkle. Accessories add so much to a look, especially when you want a chic, simple look!

2. Soft high bun

Dress it up and it’s for a wedding. Dress it down and it’s for the gym. Messy hair buns give off that chilled look that nothing in the world fazes you! I love it!

3. Low Pony

A low pony is one of the most elegant ways to finish off your evening look. It gives a new meaning to the words class and chic. Not only is it classy and chic, but it’s also super simple to recreate. Take it up a notch with twisting some of your hair around the bobble. This covers up the unnecessary and gives the hair a seamless, continuous look.

4. High pony

Similar to the previous hairstyle, but instead of a low pony, make it dramatic with a high one! A high pony enhances the cheekbones and gets all the heads turning. While not as elegant as a low pony, it can still be worn to weddings. Although my favourite attire for a high pony is a t-shirt and jeans. Keep it simple with the attention on the hair!

5. Pinned up glamour

Step by step tutorials are always welcomed! The fun part with this look is that judging by the final look alone it does look rather daunting. With a step by step guide, you can actually see it’s not all that hard to recreate, and you’ve gotta admit, the final look is stunning!

6. Bubble braid

Who doesn’t love a bubble braid? They’re fun and the perfect solution for hair that’s too thick and gets everywhere. This can be worn dressed up or dressed down, in my opinion, it works well for both!

7. Pony with a twist

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This hairstyle does an elegant twist on the classic pony. You need really thick long hair for this. You can also opt for hair extensions, it would look just as great! When recreating, don’t forget to leave 2 strands at the front to finish the look! You know, it’s the details that make the diff!

8. Pony plait

Is it a pony? it is a plait? Yup, you guessed it- it’s a combination of both! I would say it gives the classical plait a classier look! It’s really simple to recreate. This model has made a small plait on top too to tie it all together.

9. Hair in a knot

As the caption says, this pony hairstyle looks effortless. It’s a simple look, yet highly effective. Perfect for a bride or bridesmaid! To add extra glam to it add a clip or accessory just like the model!

10. Pony wrap

Perfect for school, this hairstyle will keep your hair neat and tidy the whole day. I don’t know about your kids, but there are only a couple of hairstyles that work on my daughters hair. Most result in her coming home looking like her hairs got an electric shock! I’m looking forward to giving this one a go!

11. Bagel bun

This bagel bun is one of my favourite buns out there. The model is rocking it with shorts, but this look can be worn for any occasion, try it with jeans, or try it with your wedding dress. It will look amazing with both! It does help to have gorgeous hair and skin colour too:)

12. French braid

You can never really go wrong with the classic french braid. It’s one of those timeless looks and the bonus is it keeps the hair super neat and out of the way. I love a french braid with some dungarees, it completes the look!

13. Pull through braid

If you love your braids then you’ll love this one. Tricky to make but the results are worth it and once you get the hang of it, it’s the same step over and over!

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14. Fishtail

Since we’re on the theme of braids, I couldn’t leave out the fishtail. The fishtail braid is one of the easier ones to make, and the lovely part about it is that it looks really hard. People will think you’re a talented hairstylist after pulling this one off!

15. High wavy pony

A thick wavy pony is one of the best ways to show off your thick hair! One of the tricks to getting this hairstyle right is to keep lots of height and use plenty of hair spray on the pony to give it all the texture.

16. Elegant top bun

Ideal for those who can’t let their hair down but still want to look like they’ve made some effort. This updo will do the trick. It’s simple yet has class and taste to it!

17. Loose plait with pony

Give your hair a messy neat look with this loose plait and pony. It looks effortless, yet stylish. The beach waves on the pony complete the look perfectly.

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18. Straight pony

Another classic for you! The straight, low pony is one of those hairstyles you can’t go wrong with. If you’re not sure on a dress code and worried you’ll come overdressed or underdressed for that matter, this low pony will keep you safe! You simply can’t go wrong with it!

19. Princess Hair

Does this hairstyle not bring back some serious Disney princess movies? I’m not sure if it’s Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or one of the other ones but this hairstyle is princess goals. Want to feel like a princess for the night? Try out this hairstyle and you will have people curtseying to you!

20. The knotted ponytail

Get the good kinda knots with this knotted ponytail look. Not only will you have beautiful hair, but you will also most likely have the most original ponytail. If standing out from the crowd is your thing, then this pony is a must try for you!

My Thoughts

It’s your hair and your canvas so have fun trying out these ideas for pony hairstyles. As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to all the hairstyles you can create with a pony! These are just a few of my faves! Let me know in the comments below which hairstyle is yours.

Hollie xx

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