20 Creative French Braid Hairstyles To Try Out This Summer

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With the warmer weather nearly in view, I say that because a week into April and we’ve just had snow. How and why?! Either way, the warmer weather will be here soon, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s excited about it! It’s been a long cold winter being locked up. Hopefully, the warmer days will bring with it some freedom!

One of my favourite things about the warmer weather is how my creative juices start running again. They kinda get a bit frozen in the winter and with the blossoms blooming, so does my creativity. With people making the most of the great outdoors, there’s really no better time than the summer to show off your creativeness! And with that, I bring you the best creative french braid hairstyles for you to try out this summer! I scoured the web for the most talented and original braids and I’ve got some WOW looks! Get ready to be amazed. Some are easy to recreate some are easier just to look at:) It’s time to get creative!

Creative French Braid Hairstyles To Try Out This Summer

1. Bushel Braids

Starting off this braids post with a bang, we have these beautiful white blonde bushel braids in pigtails. Bushel braids give such a soft lovely look to the hair. While it looks hard to recreate, once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty simple. However, you do need longish hair that’s more or less to get this look right.

2. Inside Out French Braid

One of my favourite braids is the inside out French braid. I do it all the time in my daughter’s hair, it keeps all her baby hair neatly in place throughout the day. The best part is how professional it looks, yet how easy it is to make!

3. Half Bun Heart

This hairstyle is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s got the heart, but it’s so subtle that it still looks classy! You gotta love the tiny braid interwoven into the bigger braid! How do these talented people even come up with these ideas?!

4. Pull Through Braid

A pull-through braid is one of the easiest braids to pull off, and one of the most effective too. It has the wow factor screaming from it! Why not heat it up a notch with beads or jewels where the bobbles are!

5. Half Up Lace Braid

This half up lace braid is the perfect way to say I’m chilled and too cool for a tight braid. Add some extra highlights for a more dramatic effect!

7. Chain Braid

Another pull-through braid, but with a twist. Do it at an angle for added glamour and add some chains for extra originality. Pull-through braids are on the easier side to create, playing around with the look is fun and adds so much! Remember, the skies the limit with what you can create!

8. Half Twirl Braid

Not only is this hairstyle easy and quick to create, but it’s also very versatile. It always helps every hair look to have some pretty balayage, check out these blonde hair colour ideas to try out!

9. Bridal Braid

The details in this braid are amazing, perfect for a bride or anyone off to a wedding. While it’s hard to pull this look off, at least you can enjoy looking at it! Yup, that’s what I tell myself:)

10. Woven Braid

I don’t know how practical nor how wearable this braid is, but my personal opinion is that it’s amazing! It’s one of the harder looks to recreate and requires serious patience, so only attempt it if being patient is how you define yourself!

11. Rose Braid

Love roses and braids? Why not combine the two with this beautiful hairstyle! It reminds me a bit of an Escher painting with the braid turning into a rose, which then falls gracefully into beautiful curls! It all flows so perfectly.

12. Perfect Braids

I was really stuck on what to name this hairstyle, but I think perfect braids suits it very well! Let me know at the comment section at the end if you a better name for it. Looking at all the details, the braids really are perfection!

13. Pony Braid

In the not so distant past, wearing your hair in a pony meant that you didn’t have time to sort yourself out in the morning. Now, when done right, a pony looks elegant and classy, even for an everyday look! This braid pony is stunning, it looks like a bushel braid that has been twisted.

14. Rustic Braid Pony

Since we’re on the topic of ponytails, I couldn’t leave this one out! Bring back that farm, rustic vibe with this beauty! It’s got some fishtail braid, a lot of twists and some lovely flowers to top it up! Check out some more ponytail ideas and inspiration here.

15. Everything Braid

This braid is the equivalent of the everything bagel. It has so much detail and so many different braids going on in it! If this is to hard for you to recreate, you can simplify it and it will still be beautiful!

16. Braids With Bow

Featuring inside out braids along with the most perfect bows, ugh, this hairstyle is totally delightful and on the easier side to recreate.

17. Braided Flowers

Wow, the details of this hairstyle are totally incredible. The flowers are perfect and the dangling braids just tie up the whole look beautifully.

Do you love trying out new hairstyles but your hair is too dry or damaged? Check out the best shampoos for dry and damaged hair.

18. Chic Braided Bun

Elegant and classy, this hairstyle is for the woman who wants to look the part but also loves a bit of braid. Check out the bushel braid in the bun! Yup, it’s all in the details!

19. Infinity Braids in Pigtails

The details in these pigtails are absolutely amazing! It takes the term infinity braids to a whole new level with the intricacies that it has.

20. Heart Flower Braid

Here’s another Valentine’s Day hairstyle. Celebrate your love this year with a giant heart braid with roses incorporated in it!

My Thoughts

One of the things that these braid hairstyle ideas as taught me is that there are so many talented people out there! It’s not only the actual creations that are impressive but also the creativity to come up with the ideas. I’m truly amazed and impressed!

Which of these French braid hairstyles is your favourite? Let me know in the comment section below which one you are most likely to recreate!

Hollie xx

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