30 Stunning Winter Hair Color Ideas for a Killer Look

30 Stunning Winter Hair Color Ideas for a Killer Look

Winter is the perfect time to refresh your look and embrace a new hair color that complements the season’s magical vibes. I’ve put together some of the most original hair colors and the most beautiful ones that you can try out!

Discover the magic of these 23 best winter hair color ideas that will leave you looking fabulous throughout the chilly months.

1. Icy Platinum Perfection

Embrace the frosty charm with an icy platinum blonde that mirrors the glistening snow. This chic and sophisticated shade adds a touch of elegance to your winter look.

2. Rich Cocoa for Warmth

Infuse warmth into your winter days with a rich cocoa hair color. This velvety brown shade is perfect for those who want a cozy look during the colder months.

3. Burgundy Bliss

This luxurious deep burgundy hue adds a touch of mystery and allure, making it an excellent choice for a glamorous transformation for the colder months.

4. Frosted Chestnut Hair

Opt for a frosted chestnut shade to bring a sense of sophistication to your winter appearance. This color beautifully blends warmth and coolness for a timeless and refined look. Suitable for all year round, including for a fall hair look.

5. Silver Shine

Step into the spotlight with this silver hair color that radiates elegance and modernity. Wear it straight for a bold statement during the winter season.

6. Honey Caramel Glow

Warm up your blonde hair with a touch of honeyed caramel hair color. This warm and inviting hue reminds me of a cozy fireplace, what could be more fitting for the wintertime?

7. Cool Blue Hues

Embrace the cool tones of winter with a mesmerizing cool blue hair color. This unconventional choice adds a touch of uniqueness, making you stand out in the winter crowd. If blue hair is too daring for you, tone it down with some blue balayage instead!

8. Velvet Rose Romance

Indulge in the romance of winter with a velvet rose hair color. This soft and feminine hue is perfect for those who want to exude grace and charm during the colder months.

9. Golden Chestnut Radiance

Illuminate your winter days with a golden chestnut hair color that reflects the warmth of the sun. This radiant shade adds a natural glow to your overall appearance.

10. Smokey Lavender Dreams

This ethereal hue is perfect for those who want a touch of fantasy in their look. The smokey tinge combined with the dreamy deep lavender gives me winter night vibes!

11. Mocha Brown Sophistication

Achieve a sophisticated look with mocha-colored hair. This blend of rich browns creates a multi-dimensional effect, adding depth to your winter hair color.

12. Emerald Enchantment

This emerald green hair color is definitely for the more daring, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. If you’re brave enough to try this out, it will add a pop of color to your overall look and is perfect for a Christmas hair look!

13. Bronzed Auburn Elegance

Infuse warmth and richness into your winter hair look with a bronzed auburn hair color. Ideal for a fall hair color too, this timeless shade exudes elegance and complements the season’s comfy aesthetic.

14. Frosty Lavender Lob

Channel your inner winter fairy with a frosty lavender hair color. This enchanting shade adds a touch of whimsy to your appearance, perfect for those who want a playful yet elegant look.

15. Champagne Blonde Locks

Add a touch of glamour to your hair with a champagne blonde hair color. This sophisticated and classy choice is ideal for winter elegance!

16. Chestnut Maple Long Layers

Embrace the earthy tones of winter with this gorgeous chestnut maple hair color.

17. Sapphire Hair Color

Dazzle and shine with a sapphire blue hair color that reflects the brilliance of winter skies. Ideal if you want to make a bold statement, if you’re not sure, tone it down by keeping your roots dark and adding blue to the ends.

18. Plum Passion Hair

Indulge in the passion of winter with a plum hair color that exudes sophistication and charm. This deep and luscious shade is perfect for adding a touch of mystery to your look.

19. Toffee Long Layers

Wrap yourself in the warmth of toffee delight hair color. It’s not too daring, yet you’ll still stand out with this beautiful shade!

20. Velvet Teal Locks

Make a bold and daring choice with a velvet teal hair color. This vibrant hue adds a sense of elegance to any look.

21. Slate Grey Sophistication

Who said grey can’t be chic? This winter slate grey hair color proves that it can be! It’s ideal for those with grey hair who want to add a touch of sophistication. Style it straight to get that beautiful shine.

22. Chestnut Rose Elegance

Combine warmth and romance with a chestnut rose hair color. This delicate blend of browns and pinks creates a soft and elegant look, ideal for the winter.

23. Arctic Blue Gradient

Dive into the cool tones of winter with an arctic blue hair color. This mesmerizing gradient hairstyle adds a touch of icy charm to your appearance! It’s a great hair color for those with pale skin.

24. Mahogany Marvel

A mahogany hair color adds luxury to your look. It’s a classical winter hair color, deep dark and fabulous!

25. Frosty Mauve Magic

Embrace the magical vibes of winter with a frosty mauve hair color. This almost pink soft shade brings a sense of magic to your style, perfect for those who want a whimsical look.

26. Velvet Silver Sophistication

Upgrade your winter style with a velvet silver hair color. This sophisticated and cool-toned choice adds a touch of glamour to your overall appearance, ideal for festive occasions.

27. Crimson Velvet Glamour

Make a bold and glamorous statement with a crimson velvet hair color. This intense shade exudes confidence and elegance.

28. Icy Lavender Dreams

Transport yourself to a winter wonderland with an icy lavender hair color. This cool and refreshing choice adds a hint of fantasy to your look, perfect for those who want to stand out.

29. Amber Glow Radiance

Illuminate your winter days with an amber glow hair color. This warm and golden shade brings a sense of sunshine to your style, adding a radiant touch to the colder months.

30. Oceanic Turquoise Elegance

Dive into the depths of style with an oceanic turquoise hair color. This vibrant and unique choice adds a pop of color to your winter look, creating a bold and eye-catching effect.

My Thoughts

I hope you’ve found a winter hair color for your hair, from browns to reds and blondes to greys, there’s something for every taste and skin color!

Hollie xx


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