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I’m always on the lookout to try new masks. For me, the perfect evening in is to have a spa night which obviously includes a mask. The Simply Pure Leave on Water Mask caught my eye because I had never tried out a water mask before. It definitely piqued my curiosity.

A water mask was a whole new concept and it sounded perfect for me and my skin. The masks job is to help the skin retain its water and moisture and thereby, prevent the skin from drying out. It cools and hydrates the skin and it is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. However, it can be used on any skin types, it isn’t oily and everyone can benefit from it.

What is a Water Mask?


A water mask has a gel-like consistency which helps your skin moisturise and hydrate. The recommended way to use a water mask is to apply a generous amount to your skin before you go to bed. Let the mask sit on your face for a good 5-10 minutes and then rub in the excess.

Water masks are ideal for sensitive and dry skin and the Simply Pure Water Mask is even more ideal because it is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. If you have sensitive skin, it is imperative to use fragrance-free products because fragrance can cause reactions. Skincare products don’t need fragrance if you want to smell nice wear perfume!

water mask by simply pure

Many products claim to be fragrance-free but are not actually 100% fragrance-free. The simple way to know the truth is to smell the product. I can verify that the Simply Pure Leave On Water Mask is definitely fragrance-free. It doesn’t smell bad but not good either. However, it’s not a strong smell and it doesn’t bother me.

The water mask is packed with good-for-you ingredients. It is based on glycerine which helps to keep water in the skin and it helps to get rid of dead skin. The mask also has Hyaluronic Acid, Pro-Vitamin B5, Soothex and Allatonin, to name a few. All these ingredients help your skin to feel nourished and hydrated.

My Experience with the Simply Pure Leave On Water Mask

The water mask has a lovely watery texture that is rather runny. Keeping the tub upright is a must or the liquid will spill.

The first time I used the Water Mask, I followed the instructions given. I applied it generously and evenly to my face and let it sit for 10 minutes before rubbing the rest in. It felt really hydrating and soothing on my skin and I really enjoyed it.

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#Repost @samsaidso_ ・・・ #TEXTURETUESDAY with Water Mask by Simply Pure 💧 . @drdrayzday recommended this @superdrug water mask for a great way of keeping skin hydrated in winter and for having a great formulation of clinically proven non-irritating ingredients . It's £3 so I had to pick it up when I was recently in Superdrug! I am LOVING it!
. HOW DOES IT WORK 💦 Glycerin locks in water to the skin and provides a coat to lock in water all night. (Glycerin does NOT block pores!) 💧 Pro Vitamin B-5 Soothes and calms skin and conditions. 🌷 No perfume! Nothing irritating is in this formula, it's simply a overnight formula which traps moisture all night with a cooling affect. . This is so great for cold winter months and is super hydrating for the skin over-night. I apply a thick layer as your final step in your skincare regime, wait for 5-10 mins and rub any excess into the skin gently. There is a cooling sensation and you will feel the product as it lays a watery film on the skin. You'll wake up plump and hydrated and I also feel this helps trap my serums in the skin all night. . If you’re suffering with dry skin in these cold months I’d suggest for £3.99 giving this a try! . #skincarethread #malegrooming #maleskincare #skincare #skincareformen #maleblogger #ukblogger #picoftheday #malebloggeruk #picoftheday #beauty #skincareroutine #skin #instabeauty #skincareproducts #skincarejunkie #glowingskin #clearskin #skinstagram #skincarecommunity #watermask #watersleepingmask #superdrug #glycerin

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However, I found that I missed using my moisturiser. While the mask is great and does a really good job, it is not a moisturiser nor is it supposed to be one. I decided to move things around a little and to use the water mask after my shower and instead of using it as a mask, I use it as a cream. Once it has absorbed into my skin I use my moisturiser as normal.

I have found that using the water mask in this way gives me the best of both worlds. I get all the benefits of the water mask and the regular benefits of using the moisturiser after.

My Thoughts

If you want a soothing, cooling non-oily solution to dry skin then the Simply Pure Leave On Water Mask is what you need. It hydrates and nourishes the skin without leaving any residue. Whilst it doesn’t quite do the job of a moisturiser, it still does a fab job at restoring water to the skin and deeply hydrating it. For the ridiculously cheap price, it is worth every penny.

Have you ever used a water mask before? How did you like it? Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comment section, and be sure to check out other great skincare products that you can see linked below.

Simply Pure Leave On Water Mask can be bought from Superdrug

Hollie xx
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2 Responses

  1. Harry

    I have a very dry facial skin which is constantly cracking and my girlfriend suggested that I buy a water mask. To tell you the truth, when I heard water mask I first thought that it was a mask like the one divers use LOL.

    Anyway, do you believe that a water mask would really benefit me or will I just waste my time and money? 

    • Hollie

      A water mask will definitely help. It adds hydration to the skin which stops it from drying out. I also recommend using a moisturiser that targets dry skin. Good luck:)

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