Tan-Luxe review- the best fake tanning products

Tan-Luxe Review – The Best Fake Tanning Products

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With summer upon us, it’s time for that sun-kissed look. And by that I mean it’s time for a gorgeous, golden tan. There’s no better way to achieve this than with Tan-Luxe self-tanning products. Tan-Luxe have changed the face of the tanning industry with their products taking self-tanning to a whole new level! Their products are really easy to use and leave no side-effects, unlike most self-tanning products. They are also unique in their application, as you will soon see. In my humble opinion, they are some of the best fake tanning products around. It’s not often that I say you need to buy a product, but these Tan-Luxe products and perfection in a bottle! I am completely blown away!

The Tan Luxe products I am reviewing are the Self-Tan Drops which includes the Tan-Luxe Face and the Tan-Luxe Body. I will also review the Illuminating Tanning Lotion. I hope you enjoy this Tan-Luxe Review.

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The Best Fake Tanning Products- The Self-Tan Drops

the best fake tanning products tan luxe the face review

Tan-Luxe comes in 3 different options, two of the products are Tan-Luxe The Face, one anti-age and one not, and the last bottle is Tan-Luxe The Body. The self-tan drops come in 2 shades, light to medium and medium to dark. The 2 self-tan drops for the face are the same except for the Tri-Collagen Booster in the anti-ageing one. This helps the skin repair and restore itself to its youthful complexion, which is a lovely feature to incorporate into your tanning routine.

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The drops are full of ingredients that help to improve your skin and to tone it. With raspberry seed oil, vitamin E and hydrolysed silk, which combat dryness and give the skin a flawless glow. This is exactly what the self-tan does- it gives a beautiful golden glow to your skin without any harmful ingredients.

The face drops come in a bottle of 30ml, and the body drops come with 50ml. They last a really long time since you’re only using a couple of drops at a time.

Which Colour to Choose?

For my colour skin, this is a no brainer. I’m so pale that naturally, the light-medium is the perfect colour for me. However, it is recommended for fair to medium skin that you should also go for the light-medium colour. If you have darker or more olive-toned skin, then the medium to dark is for you.

One thing that people often tell me is that they bought the wrong colour, what should they do? Unless it’s not drastically wrong, you can simply add more or less drops when applying it.

The Difference Between The Tan-Luxe Body and The Tan-Luxe Face Drops? Do you need both?

If there is a disadvantage to the Self Tanning Drops, it’s the price. At £35 for the face drops and £42 for the body drops, it is rather pricey to buy both. So is it necessary to buy both the face and body drops?

The main difference between the two products is that the body drops have firming and toning qualities whereas the face drops do not. Personally, I don’t think it’s a necessity to buy both. My recommendation is to buy the face drops and use them everywhere. If you want a product with firming and toning qualities, then buy a moisturiser or body oil with these features.

Applying the Tan-Luxe drops

tan-luxe products

Most self-tanning products are creams or sprays that you apply straight to the skin. These, however, are different. Instead of applying straight to the skin, mix 1-4 drops of your preferred moisturiser, serum or oil to the back of your hand. Then apply evenly to your face and rub in. It applies so easily and smoothly and it dries quickly too.

If you want a darker, more tanned look, simply apply more drops. I love how effortless it is to apply this tan, all you have to do is follow your regular beauty regime with a few drops mixed in on the side! An advantage of this fake tan is that there are fewer steps in your beauty routine and also the tan gets applied more evenly. Don’t shower for about 4 – 8 hours after applying to allow the tan to develop.

The fake tan should last up to 7 days but most people apply the drops twice a week. In between using it, the best way to prolong your tan is to use the Illuminating Tanning Lotion. It’s a white lotion which over a couple of hours enhances your tan, thereby, helping your tan last longer. It feels moisturising on the skin and gives your skin a beautiful glow. It essentially touches up you tan.

tan-luxe illuminating tan lotion

Advantages of the Tan-Luxe Tanning products

There are many advantages to the Tan-Luxe Drops and many reasons to love the products. One of the most important ones is that it applies really evenly, leaving no streaks or patches. This automatically makes it look more natural, and takes away that fear of it looking obvious that you’re wearing fake tan.  

Another feature that I simply LOVE is that there is no fake tan smell. I am not a fan of the fake tan smell, or more like, I really don’t like it. I find it really unpleasant and it puts me off fake tanning. These Tan-Luxe Drops have none of that but rather a faint floral smell which is lovely:)

If you think that’s all of the advantages, wait, it gets even better- these self-tanning drops never makes you look orange. Imagine that! The base has a slightly reddish colour which means you never suffer from that orangey fake tan malfunction.

Another huge advantage is that there is no colour transfer. You can apply it before you go to bed and you won’t see any colour on your bed in the morning. Even if you sleep on white sheets. Pretty impressing, huh?

In short, they are the perfect self-tanning products. If these products can’t convince you, I’m intrigued what can!

My Thoughts

I am simply in love with these self-tanning products. I love how The Tan-Luxe Drops give the most natural fake tan I’ve come across. It gives an amazing, glowing tan which stays natural-looking at the same time. Fake tans on my skin usually look really fake, since it’s hard to get it right with pale skin. However, when I used the self-tan drops I had no problem whatsoever. My skin looked tanned and glowing in the most natural way. Everyone was asking me how long I had been on holiday for!

Do I recommend these products? Oh YES! I think they are a must-have for anyone who doesn’t tan easily, for those who don’t have the time or for those who just want to look gorgeously tanned. With these self-tanning products, people won’t believe that you haven’t been to the beach:) You get the perfect tan without any harmful UV rays. They really are the best fake tanning products.

I hope you have enjoyed this Tan-Luxe review, I know I’ve enjoyed writing it;) If you have any question or thought please leave it in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer you.

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Hollie xx

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13 Responses

  1. roamy

    Hello Hollie
    Thanks for sharing your review on Tan-Luxe. As I do not like sunbeds but at the same time do not like it when my skin is too light in the colder months, im always looking for different tanning products that will give my skin a natural looking tan.
    Now I like the fact that there are different shades to choose from, this helps to avoid looking like some “artificial orange” anyway, I find the £42 price tag for the body tan to be quite high given that the body tan and face tan are different.
    What I find really lovely(from reading your review) is that the Tan-Luxe can be applied with a moisturizer, this means even in the mornings when I`m running late, I can quickly apply a small amount to have a healthy looking skin.
    How much is the Illuminating Tanning Lotion?now you wrote the prices in GB£,do they ship outside the UK?

    • Hollie

      Hey, Thanks for stopping by. It is nice to have a choice of colour to choose from. However, with the Tan-Luxe drops even if you choose a shade too dark you still won’t look orange. The colour always looks tanned with a slight redding undertone. 

      The body tan and face tan are different. However, like I mentioned I recommend buying the face drops and using them everywhere. Spending on both is rather pricey. 

      The products are linked to cultbeauty.co.uk and if the order is over £40 they offer free worldwide shipping.

      Hollie xx

  2. Barbara

    Thank you very muchfor this great review. I love to have a little tan on my body and face, most of the time a ilook way to aple, actually i should sy a bit grey….especially in the winter time. I will definately make an order, the product soud great and the fact that you only need a few drops make it even better. Thank you again for the suggestion

  3. HighLife101

    Dear Hollie, I just love your website so beautiful and always informative.  Your new post, Tan-Luxe Review is so timely because I have been searching for a great tanner for years to no avail.  The tan-Lux Scae Drops seems like it is spot on and it seems like you have addressed most of the concerns I usually have, such as, your skin turning orange not tan, and the weird smell that is usually associated with tanners.  However my biggest concern is the ingredient. I don’t want to put unpronounceable ingredients that I don’t understand and may be toxic, on my skin. I see that the ingredients you mention are raspberry seed oil, vitamin E and hydrolysed silk are the rest of the ingredients natural andare they all safe to use?  This product really seems like a winner I just want to know more about the ingredients.

    • Hollie

      I’m so happy you have found the solution to your self-tanning issues! I have always had the same issues but the Tan Lux has solved them all!

      The ingredients are toxic free and cruelty-free. 

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. joshua collins

    Hi Hollie, 

    Thank you for writing this informative guide on Tax-Luxe

    I’ve always been worried when it comes to Tanning products mainly because I wasn’t sure of the long term effects. However by the looks of it this one is a quality product and with the ingredients you have mentioned it seems like a naturally made tanning product.

    I’ll have to check it out more and report back here if I have any more questions about the product 🙂

    Thanks again,


  5. Alicia

    I have terrible experiences with tanning and have tried many different ways to get that sun kissed glow. My skin is very sensitive to the sun any hint of a tan will peel right off which makes tanning frustrating to say the least. 

    The only tan that has ever worked for me is tanning beds, but I have to rearrange my schedule to get in a couple times a week to keep my tone. I have tried creams before and have gotten that tan line which was not the look I was going for! 

    If this cream is line-less and mess-less this is a worthwhile product even with the higher price tag.

    • Hollie

      Tan-Luxe products are a lot safer than tanning beds. Check them out because nothing should come before our health:)

  6. Gomer

    Hello, Gomer here, commenting from the Philippines! I dropped by here upon the request of my girlfriend. She recently bought two sets of this Tan-Luxe fake tanning solution and very satisfied that she can’t go without leaving a testimonial. So, we decided to head back here and as requested, here I am, here we are telling the world it works. She’s no longer like a zombie-looking anemic lady, her paleness masked, and she’s happy with the results. On behalf of my girlfriend, thank you for this review and for this product. Dios mabalos!

  7. Nazmun Nahar

    Hi Hollie 

    Thanks for the wonderful review for Tan-Luxe.You said you loved this product. But after reading your article I falls in life with Tan-Luxe. I really excited to order Tan-Luxe in this summer. Because not only for how good it works but it’s the price is very reasonable. And another incredible thing is I love that sound when I heard I can use face one for body as well. So it is really cost saver. Thanks again for let us know about such a beautiful Tanning product.

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