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Iconic London Illuminator Drops Review – A Bestseller!

They are described as goddess glow in a bottle, they have been so popular that they have been flying off the shelves. At one point there was even a waiting list to get your hands on one of them.

Iconic London has launched 3 new shades to join the original one. Each one is beautiful beyond words and will give you perfectly glowing cheekbones. A product so popular is worth getting to know! Let’s find out if this bestseller is worth all the hype and attention that it gets!

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Iconic London Illuminator Drops

Iconic London Illuminator Drops

The highlighter comes in 4 different beautiful colours- Shine, Blush, Original and Glow.

  • Shine: pale pink shimmery colour which adds a pearly glow. This is ideal for fair skin.
  • Blush: warm peachy, rose colour which adds a rosy glow.
  • Original: gorgeous champagne colour that adds a golden shine. It is ideal for medium skin tones.
  • Glow: terracotta-toned shimmer that adds a deep golden shine. Glow is perfect for darker skin colours.

The packaging is really classy and pretty. They each feel and look like pots of gold, once you use one, you’ll see it’s not so far off!

iconic london illuminator drops

These 4 Illuminating Drops are the most pigmented highlighters around! They will give you the most amazing shine, one that you could have only dreamt about before. You will get the most beautiful dewy finish and have all heads turning;)

One of my favourite features is that you can add it to the makeup product of your choice, or you can wear it alone. You can add it to your favourite primer, foundation or moisturiser and the results will always be beautiful.

You can apply it either before your makeup to create a dewy base, or you can apply it as a regular highlighter. The options are endless and the illuminator drops are extremely versatile.

How to Apply the Drops

Since the Illuminator Drops come in a liquid form it can be a bit tricky to apply. If you apply it directly to the face you risk putting too much on or ruining your makeup (if you’ve already applied makeup).

I recommend applying a drop to the back of your hand and then with your fingers dab onto the desired areas. You can then blend it out with a beauty blender or a brush.

One drop goes a really long way, personally, I wouldn’t use more than a quarter of a drop for each cheekbone. Yup, the highlight is that strong and pigmented. One tip I have for when applying it is to blend it out straight away as the highlight dries really quickly.

What does it look like?

If you want to glow, then you need these drops. They are glowing all the way! After applying the drops you can blend it for 10 minutes straight and it still won’t look sheer like most highlighters do after a while.

It is so highly pigmented that the shimmer and dewy look last throughout the day. However, even though it looks dewy it feels dry and matte, almost as if you’re not wearing anything.

swatch iconic london illuminator drops original

What really stuck out to me is that when you apply it, it doesn’t remove or interfere with your blush or any other products that have already been applied. It’s really annoying when products don’t work together.

However, no need to worry because this highlighter will work really well with the rest of your makeup because it won’t interfere with it.

My Thoughts

The Iconic London Illuminator Drops are the ultimate highlighters around. They are literally pots of gold. Each drop is so highly pigmented that you only ever need a very little amount for each use.

The bottle lasts for a really, really long time and as an extra bonus, they are really pretty to look at! I love having it on my dressing table. It adds a touch of class.

If you love wearing a strong highlight then the Illuminator drops are made for you, you get all the shimmer and bling with it. The glow is really out there and it’s beautiful.

Personally, I prefer for myself a more subtle highlight. However, I still love this product because when it’s used in small amounts it can still achieve a beautiful subtle glow.

You can wear this highlighter for any occasion, if it’s for an evening look you apply more and if it’s for every day you can apply less.

Wearing products that make me feel beautiful helps me get through the day better. I feel like I can handle the world and my kids when I look good. Call me shallow, but it really works!

I hope you have enjoyed this Iconic London Illuminator Drops Review. My overall thought is that all 4 highlighters are beautiful and probably the best highlighters around.

Honestly, there’s not much to critique about them. They are definitely worth all the hype that they get and they are cruelty-free and vegan!

They are loved by celebrities too, with the likes of J Lo, Vanessa Hudgens and Joudan Dunn, to name a few. So go and get yours before they sell out:)

Hollie xx


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  1. Wow you are right it does look beautiful! Thank you for telling me to only use a tiny amount, like a quarter of a drop. I would have used a “full drop” which would have been a disaster. I am similar to you in that I usually rock a “mom look” most days so I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable with anything that is too overwhelming. I was just wondering what type of foundation would work best underneath this make-up? Thanks

    1. It is truly dazzling! Any foundation would work. I always recommend sticking to a foundation that works best with your skin and that you are the most comfortable wearing.

      Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. I was actually looking for some recommendation on highlighter the other day and I am so happy I read this post. It looks like a really very great product and the price is very affordable. Plus as it is so much pigmented, it will last me forever!
    I loved the pink shade it looks so glowing and romantic!
    Do you know if I can find it in US or it is only available in the UK?

    1. These highlighters are amazing:))

      I can’t find them anywhere in the US but cultbeauty.co.uk ship worldwide, often for free.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    I love a bit of shimmer in my makeup, and this looks really great!!
    Being a woman of colour, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I’ve never heard of Iconic London Illuminator before so I’m definitely going to try this out.

    If it works for me, I’m going to have to stock up on it as I find it very difficult to get anything that complements my colour.

    Thanks for your review.

    1. From my experience they work on all skin colours so you shouldn’t have any problem with it! 

      Good luck and I would love to hear how you find it:)

  4. Sujandar Mahesan says:

    Iconic London Illuminator Drops does sound really cool and a good quality product to use. I should appreciate you for posting a honest tribes about this product. Now I can actually use it without any concern. I’m looking forward to try it and let you know how it was. Thank you

  5. Jag Randa says:

    How beautiful is the glow. I have 2 daughters and both of them are make-up crazy. This is a perfect early Christmas present for them. As they have quite a few Christmas parties coming up. Is there a certain tone of color one should get going the color of their skin?

    Do you know how long delivery times takes to get these?

    1. Your daughters will love it! The different colours are for different skin tones, as I have written on the post. 

      When you check out they will give you options for delivery. I’m sure there’s still plenty of time for delivery for Christmas.

  6. Benji Wilkins says:

    Thanks for this review! 

    I’m completely out of my depth when it comes to make-up, but I’d love to understand it better so I can buy better gifts for people. This seems like a great place to figure out the essentials. 

    This product you discuss here; is it an essential piece of kit or is it more of an add on? 

    Thanks again for the tips!

    1. I would say highlighters are not the basics for a beginner. However, once you get used to using a highlighter it become an necessity;)

  7. Thanks for enlightening me to these Iconic London Illuminators. The glow, blush, shine and Original are all stunning colours i want to try them all because how you choose between these!

    I wonder if these stay on nicely, usually any highlighter i have used just disappear after a hour or two? what are your thoughts on this?

    1. Yes, they are stunning! These aren’t regular highlighters, you can mix them into your foundation, moisturiser and whatever else you use and it becomes part of your makeup. When you do this the chances of it disappearing are much less!

  8. Hi there Hollie! 

    I’ve always been fascinated with the “glow” look we see worn by models and celebs on the red carpet. When I go makeup shopping I stare longingly at all the shiny, dewy items on the shelves but I’m too terrified of creating an “oily” look instead of the much coveted “glow” look. 

    My skin type tends to be on the combination/oily side which is why I think I’ve always gone for mattifying products instead. I wonder if this would work for me or magnify the problem areas – do you have any experience/tips for me? I would really like to pull off this look without it turning into a disaster lol. The Iconic London Illuminator truly looks stunning!  

    1. Anyone can pull of the red carpet glow including you! What you can do to reduce the chance of it looking oily is to only use a small amount and always use a setting powder on top. My personal tip- when I am worried my skin will go oily and I’m out for a whole evening I take a setting powder in a clutch bag, it has never let me down! 

      Good luck!

  9. Dave Sweney says:

    My wife has been looking for the Iconic London Illuminator Drops and after reading your review, I am going to get her these as a gift. I happened by this page after checking out another of your review articles, and I am glad I decided to poke around a little. The Iconic London Illuminator Drops are hard to find for some reason, at least per my wife. 

    She travels a lot so I get to hear the ins and outs about the travails of the trips. She has mentioned several times that she would like to have these drops, and I do listen, I just don’t always act on what I am hearing. This time I can surprise her and actually take action to secure something she wants.

    Since I do not know which she would prefer, I think I am going to have to get all 4 so she gets the 1 or 2 that she will use all the time. The others will not go to waste, as I have two daughters that will grab these and use them. Great finds today on your website. I am going to be making some brownie points with the Missus! Thanks! 

    1. I’m sure she will love them!

  10. Thank you for your review of Iconic London Illuminator. I wasn’t aware it took so little of the product with each use – that sounds good to the frugal mom side of me! I am usually in “soccer mom” mode on the go, but it’s still always nice to feel and look beautiful. I, like you, prefer a more natural, subtle highlight; I personally like the original color. After reading of your experiences, I am going to check it out and see how it works for me. Thanks again!

    1. Being a soccer mom and feeling beautiful are no contradictions! Enjoy it:)

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