Reanimate Dull Skin With Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioners

The summer season is still a couple of months away but my skin is feeling dryer than your regular medieval spinster. It’s long past winter too so what is going on, Skin? Am I not drinking enough water for you? Aren’t you satisfied with the layers and layers of lotion and gels I spoil you with?!

If you are having similar conversations with yourself to a point of frustration, then maybe it’s time to re-discover your body care regimen.

Much of my body care routine outside the shower has to do with lotions, gels, and creams. In the shower, however, it’s your plain Jane cleansing anti-bacterial soaps and shaving sessions. That’s it.

I haven’t batted an eyelash over the words “body conditioner” because frankly speaking, I do have liquid soaps and body washes and I thought they all do the same thing.

But lo and behold, I’ve carelessly missed the part about formulas.

So what’s so special about a body conditioner that I won’t get from my trusty soaps?

Well, while I occasionally shop for special recipe herbal soaps with this nourishing ingredient and that rejuvenating ingredient, there had always been a con to the surface. It’s not as hydrating enough or it leaves my skin rough and wilted.

Seeing and trying Olay’s Rinse-Off Body Conditioners have made me contemplate about just how much skin food I’m missing out on. And just like our hair is significantly affected when using conditioner compared to shampoo alone.

The same thing applies to our bodies. Using conditioner and not just soap alone does phenomena for the skin.

From the shaving cream I use up to my foot powders, I’m now always on the lookout to make sure anything and everything that goes on my skin have some consistent benefit that keeps up with all my other skincare products. All thanks to the Olay rinse-off body conditioner.

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What is the Olay Body Conditioner?

olay rinse off body conditioner vitamin e

This product is like your moisturising cream, but for bath time. It’s meant to smoothen your skin and it has anti-ageing properties, mostly against constant dryness that’s normal with age.

On their website, they also mentioned it moisturizes and hydrates because of the shea butter and vitamin B3 Complex present in all 3 of the body conditioners that they offer.

They have 3 “flavours” of the product named after the dominant component found in each bottle.

  • Olay Rinse-off Body Conditioner Shea Butter
  • Olay Rinse-off Body Conditioner Coconut Oil
  • Olay Rinse-off Body Conditioner Vitamin E

For our review, I have tried out the Rinse-off Body Conditioner with Vitamin E. And let’s just assume the different variations of the products, have only slight differences and the choices are meant for personal preferences only.

So consider my review a one for all. I will try out the other two as well just to be sure, and I’ll update you all once I have.

How does the Olay Rinse Off Body Conditioner fare?

So I finished off my usual shower routine (lather, rinse, scrub) with a generous amount of the body conditioner on my shower sponge. I slapped it all over my damp being. I let the lather linger for maybe more than 3 minutes before washing.

Just like your regular hair conditioner, the coat felt rather slippery yet silky and suave. It needs just as much water too to wash it all off.

For a start, taking time to cover your body with the conditioner is worth the effort. By doing so, you are giving your skin all the time it can get to absorb the product’s nourishing ingredients.

If you don’t have the luxury of time, you can skip your soap altogether and get straight to foaming with the body conditioner instead.

It does have a faint fragrance but I wouldn’t say it’s overpowering or lingering either. It eventually fades after rinsing and all that’s left is the usual smell of a washed body!

As I was drying myself with my towel, I immediately felt the difference in using the conditioner on my skin.

My skin felt soft and smooth like a baby’s skin and honestly, I couldn’t get enough of caressing my own limbs. My skin felt silky and smooth. I felt expensive. I felt luxurious. The results were more than satisfying!

soft skin

Olay says you may opt not to use a moisturizer after showering if you have used the conditioner— “unless you want to”. And of course, I still wanted to.

I went ahead and moisturized my spoilt skin and it felt heavenly. The after-effects didn’t fade with my usual body moisturizing product that I put on. And, I hope it wasn’t just my imagination, but my skin absorbed the lotions and moisturizers quicker than it normally would.

That is exactly what I was babbling on earlier about how I was missing something regarding skin food. The Olay body conditioner has been an imperative addition to my skincare regimen. It has enhanced the way I use my other products on top of its own benefits.

Final Thoughts

I have been using the Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner twice a week for the last 5 months or so and I still have about a quarter of that good stuff left.

The body conditioner is great value for money, it is wonderfully affordable. It is also extremely effective, and I highly recommend giving it a try!

If you’re someone who’s got a solid skincare regimen (for your face!), but sometimes neglect the neck going down, the Olay rinse off body conditioner may just even things out and be the solution you’ve needed all along.

I honestly didn’t love the slippery texture of the lather because it just takes more rubbing and washing.

However, I feel the same about my hair conditioner and yet I still use my hair conditioner despite the extra work. In reality, it’s all mind over matter! And in my opinion, it’s well worth the extra effort. Your skin will thank you later;)

What are your thoughts on the Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner? Let me know in the comment section below!

Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner can be bought from Amazon

Hollie xx

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