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Funny Makeup Fails From TikTok That Will Bring A Smile To Your Face

Whether you love or hate TikTok, one thing you’ve got to love is the funny clips you can find there. Have a laugh and let out some stress watching these funny makeup fails!

1. Masks and lipsticks?

@cherry.dollface I always think it can be different THIS time… If I’m REAL careful. #makeupfail #maskwearing #lipstickfail #lipstick #makeup ♬ Funny Thing – Thundercat

Gone are the days when masks were mandatory, but the memory is still there for most. Masks and lipsticks are just a no-no! Well, either that or you need to choose a non-transferable lipstick that dries quickly!

2. Ooops

@teresagillcrist This is why I don’t wear makeup #makeup #makeupfail #makeupfails #makeuptutorial #funny #funnyvideos #funnyvideo #lmao #dye #girl #college #cutegirl ♬ original sound – Teresa Gillcrist

Poor girl, although I did have a good laugh at her expense! Getting long-lasting lipstick all over your face is more of a nightmare than anything else!

I hope she didn’t have anywhere important to be that day, because if that had been me, I would’ve without a doubt called in sick:))

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3. Evening Makeup in the Day

@jenjohnson.official That’s not what I meant to do… #makeupfaill #makeupmessy #earlymorningmakeup ♬ Night Time Make up in the Day Time – Anjelah Johnson

Doing your makeup while you’re still sleepy can be a problem, at least this lovely woman ended up with nice makeup- I can definitely think of worse looks to end up with!

4. Eyeliner fail

@notyourvalentine16 #funnymakeupfails #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fûckitup #eyelinertutorial ♬ Hobo Johnson preforming on NPR Tiny Desk Concert – _alt.music_

Eyeliner is another one of those makeup steps that often goes wrong. The worst is, the more you rush, the more likely you are to make a mistake.

This always happens to me at the worst possible time, but you gotta laugh and go on!

5. Freckle Fail

@carrieberkk fake freckle FAIL!! 😳 #fails #beautytok #funny ♬ original sound – Carrie Berk

This is one of the funniest makeup TikTok fails! You know when you see someone do an amazing makeup hack, but when you try it out, it never seems to go right!

As someone who has too many freckles, I can’t relate to her wanting them! I’d happily give her some of my freckles😉

6. Setting powder gone wrong

@pegahpourmand Was filming a #makeuptutorial #makeup using #lauramercier #settingpowder 😬😅🤦🏼‍♀️ #powder #makeupfail #fy #fyp #foryou #fypg #makeuptransformation ♬ original sound – Pegah Pourmand

This makeup fail is pretty epic! That’s why when I do my makeup, my kids and husband know they’re not allowed to come within 5 metres of me!

I haven’t had a fail like this one (yet), but I’ve had my setting powder end up all over the floor from over-loving family members being too affectionate! And how can you get angry with them when all they wanted was some love?!

7. Too Much Highlighter?

@priyah_mishra I paid £30 for this😣#makeupfails #fyp ♬ original sound – Kneely_Knight

Somehow when you watch someone else do their makeup it always looks a heck of a lot easier! Tutorials always make it seem simple, that even beginners should be able to accomplish the look!

Well, some of us know better, and most of us learn the hard way!

8. The Earbuds

@failarmy “That’s a big f**kin’ uh oh” 😂🙃 (credit: Jennifer D.) #makeup #fail #comedy ♬ original sound – FailArmy

While this makeup fail is not technically a makeup one, I had to include it because it’s hilarious! I’m assuming she’s trying to wax the hairs from her nose but correct me if I’m wrong.

Either way, it’s clear her plan did not go quite as she had planned on it going! It is comical for us viewers, but I do wonder how she got the cotton wool out of her nose- especially if there was wax on it!

9. Don’t Cry!

@makeup.upgrade This is hilarious but true 🤣 #for_you #foryoupage #makeup #fyr #fypg #funny #makeupfail ♬ original sound – Makeup Upgrade

Whether they’re happy tears or sad tears, I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives, where we would do anything to not cry- only so that our makeup would stay on!

Yep, that’s what happens when you spend way too long getting your look right! But, it’s all part of looking beautiful!

10. Eyeshadow Fail

@aeternusamorfati You ever just- #makeupfail #epicfail #fail #makeup #howto #tutorial #glitter ♬ Sugar Were Kung Fu Fighting – Mingaling 2.0

This has got to be one of the most frustrating and funny makeup fails! Her makeup was gorgeous! But on the bright side, at least she got to make a funny TikTok!

My Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the funny makeup fails that I compiled, and I also hope they’ve brought a smile to your face! They sure made me laugh!

Having a sense of humour, at the end of the day is the most important thing. How you cope in life is all in the attitude which is still a work in progress for me!

Hollie xx

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  1. Riaz Shah says:

    Good one Hollie!

    Aahhaha I didn’t expect lipstick to smudge all over the face like that, I was thinking that it’s a bit maybe like a small stain or two but no, it’s all over! You girls have it very hard with lipstick when masks are around, I guess not wearing any lipstick when going out do help. What about when you’re on a date, do you still put it on?

    1. There are loads of non-transferable lipsticks that would do the job!

  2. Hi Hollie, I really had a great laugh! I think it could be me. Makeup is really a challenge for me, so I keep it mostly decent, a little mascara, foundation, eyebrows, and lipstick. That is for me enough. But I love your website. To see all the products I can purchase lifts up my woman’s heart. That is very beautiful! 🙂

    1. I think we all have a bit of it inside of us! You’re not alone:)

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