Top Beauty YouTubers That You Need to Subscribe To

I think we can all agree that YouTube is an amazing platform! It has anything and everything on it and whenever I need some serious chilling time, it’s the first place I go to!

As beauty vloggers are becoming more and more common, I figured it was time for a post on the beauty YouTubers that you need to follow and subscribe to!

There are so many talented people out there, I’ve picked a few of my faves! You can also check out the best beauty blogs that you need to be following!

Dr Drey

A dermatologist by profession, she knows exactly what all those weird ingredients are at the back of your skincare products. She’s very extreme with her own skincare- she tries to be outside for as little as possible because of sun exposure.

So yes, she’s extreme, but she knows her skincare! Whenever I want to know if a product is good, she’s the first place I go. She’s not fazed by fancy packaging or even well-known brands. It’s all about what the product is made of!

James Charles

Over the last couple of years, James Charles has been famous for more than just his makeup. With scandals, fights and rumours he was in the news in more ways than he imagined.

Despite all this, he has kept going and continuously brings out amazing content for his sisters! His makeup looks are inspirational and creative and it’s clear he knows his makeup!

Carli Bybel

There’s no fakeness to Carli Bybel. Watching her you really get the feeling that she is truthful and honest. She started off as a beauty vlogger, but like most who make it big on YouTube, she’s kind of morphed into a lifestyle blogger.

While her main content is still makeup she has other videos of her life! She has great makeup tips and her makeup collection is out of this world! Oh, and it’s super organised! I don’t mind if she would organise my makeup cupboard:)


Watching Hyram you might be mistaken into thinking he’s a dermatologist. He isn’t but oh my, he knows his skincare! He’s all about helping others make a better skincare routine for themselves.

What I love about his videos is that he really dissects brands and their ingredients. You can see he puts loads of work into understanding how ingredients work alone and with other ingredients and the effect they have on the skin.

I love his honesty, not to mention his personality!


Her YouTube channel is strictly beauty and makeup. She does hauls, tutorials and unboxings. She’s collaborated with some big makeup brands and is known for her honest opinion of them all.

Back in 2016, she set up KL Polish with a few other people, however, after only a couple of years it dissolved. Her love for nail polish did not disappear and soon after she opened Lights Lacquer- another nail polish brand that sells cruelty-free nails formulated without harmful ingredients.

She’s worth checking out, she’s honest and makeup is her thing!

Tina Halada

She may only be 16, but she’s on a roll and you can expect big things from her in the coming years! She’s already released merch and you can see she is passionate about what she does.

She uploads makeup tips and tricks, how-tos, beauty reviews and challenges. I’m always amazed at young people who are so successful, it takes serious drive and determination and it’s clear that Tina Halada is acing it!


Most teenagers today will recognise her name, Roxxsaurus, as she goes by on her Youtube channel, originated from Poland but moved to the UK when she was a young girl. Her real name is Roksana Janiszewska.

A makeup artist by profession, she started her YouTube channel to share her makeup tips and reviews. Since then, her YouTube channel has morphed into a lifestyle, beauty and makeup channel.

People can’t seem to get enough of her, so delivering more is exactly what she has done!

An Knook

I love this channel! An Knook is a guru when it comes to eyeshadow! Her channel is exclusively on how to do eyeshadow looks. The reason I love this is that firstly, she has practically every look covered and secondly, you don’t always want to watch a whole face or product tutorial.

Sometimes you just want to get to the point without long intros and other makeup products. Check out her channel if you need tips on how to perfect your eyeshadow!

Nikkia Joy

If you have oily skin, this is the channel you need to be following! Nikkia Joy has all the tips your need for skincare and makeup with oily skin. And she has an Australian accent! I could listen to that accent all day!

She shares skincare tips, reviews as well as ways to save money on your beauty products. She has her own makeup brand- Nikkia Joy Cosmetics which sells lots of makeup but started out selling false lashes.

She found there was a gap in the market when it came to lash sizes and shapes. One of the biggest Australian beauty vloggers, she’s worth checking out!


She can transform herself into anything from celebrities to tv characters, you name it. And it’s all done with a little bit of makeup- or more like a lot! Her content is unique and original.

Not only will you enjoy yourself but you will also pick up some serious tips on makeup techniques and application! Go check her out, you will get hooked!

My Thoughts

These YouTubers are only a drop in the ocean of the talent that is on YouTube. These are my favourite beauty YouTubers, their talent and creativity are something that I continuously learn from.

Hollie xx


About Hollie

Hi, my name is Hollie, and I own I love everything to do with beauty and love sharing my knowledge, advice and beauty finds! Makeup and beauty are here to enjoy, and Beauty With Hollie is here to take the stress out of it!

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  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on top beauty YouTube channels. I find it very helpful because I need top channels like this to subscribe to on YouTube for beauty tips. I’m going to subscribe to add Drey and Carli Bel, they seem like they’re very good at what they do. Thank you very much. 

    1. You’ll learn great tips and advice from them! Thanks for stopping by

  2. Aluko kolawole says:


    From my online research there are lots of top beauty youtube channels, this are top ranked according to subscribers interest Manny MUA, Flavia Pavanelli, dope2111, JaclynHill1, love beauty gurus, Laura Lee,  Jackie Aina, Allana Davison, Mixed Makeup, Jackie Wyers, Nyma Tang. Other big names in the space like Jaclyn Hill, Laura Lee, Nikita Dragun, Manny MUA and Gabriel Zamora have spilled their own YouTube tea in previous years, alienating fans and distracting from the actual service beauty tutorials can provide. And with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Shay Mitchell making their mark on the platform, it can be hard to sift through all of the noise to find creators who are also putting out amazing hair, makeup, skin care and wellness content.

    Thank you.


    1. You’re right there are loads of big YouTubers and each one has their own unique style!

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