Mama mio sleep easy kit

Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit

Finally a solution to sleepless nights whilst pregnant! To say I’m happy is an understatement, pregnancy and sleep do not seem to go together for me! And since I’m pregnant this is very much applicable to me. Many people say to me enjoy your sleep whilst the baby’s inside, but honestly, I find I get better sleep when the baby is out. Once the baby is born at least the little sleep I get is good quality sleep, unlike now where my sleep consists of a lot of tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position:) Let’s find out if the Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit is the ticket to sleeping well again during pregnancy!

What is the Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit

Mama Mio is one of the first brands to address pregnancy skincare. They have a ton of different products, with their newest set being the Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit. This kit comes with a lovely white leather bag with 3 products inside, Sleep Easy Tummy Rub Butter, Sleep Easy Pillow Spray and Sleep Easy Bath and Shower Oil.

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The Sleep Easy Tummy Rub Butter has a relaxing lavender and mint fragrance, perfect for calming and pampering your skin. It prevents stretch marks with its Organic oils and organic Shea Butter and honestly smells amazing! Rub the butter on to your stomach every night before you go to sleep.

The Sleep Easy Pillow Spray is the perfect solution to pregnancy insomnia. With its blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils it’s sure to calm anyone and give a good nights sleep. Spray once on your pillow and your good night awaits you.

The Sleep Easy Bath and Shower Oil is rich in Omegas 3 6 and 9 and Organic Sunflower Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil. These ingredients are moisturising, nourishing, soothing and firming. In other words, lots of good in one shower oil. The oil can be used in a bath or you can rub it directly onto your skin in the shower.

Do the products work?

Do these products help you sleep better? Definitely yes! The scents along with the nourishing natural ingredients, that have gone into this are very calming and relaxing. When you body is relaxed and at its calmest, sleep does comes easier. I don’t think this can solve severe insomnia, but for the regular pregnant woman who has difficulty sleeping well, I think this helps a great deal.

My favourite product of the three is the Sleep Easy Tummy Rub Butter. I’m not up to stretch marks yet but apparently it does magic for them. It’s also very moisturising without being greasy and helps my stomach be less itchy for which I am eternally grateful:)Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit review

My Thoughts

I love this set! And I’m sure every pregnant woman would love it too! It’s very good value for money, you get 3 great quality products with a beautiful bag that comes with it and the products are generously sized. The Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit creates a calm setting in which your body can relax and rejuvenate itself.

This set is the perfect gift for a baby shower. A treat indeed! I think it can be very beneficial for the non-pregnant too:) Really anyone can use it!

Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit can be bought from for $47/£45


Hollie xx


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  1. Ileana Villasmil says:

    Great post, i remember when my sister was pregnant and she had hard time sleeping, she had no idea what to do, the baby kicking a lot, being uncomfortable, and one feeling useless for not knowing how to help. now i know there is a product for it, so in case i have a friend who needs it, i know where to send her. Thank you so much for your post

    1. Aww thanks for stopping by:)

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