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The 3-1 Frances Prescott Tri Balm Review

If you love a multi-functional product, then you’ll love the Tri Balm by Frances Prescott. It’s an all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser.

What makes it unique from all other beauty products on the market, is its unique application. It comes in a twist-up stick, kind of like a deodorant. I was very curious to see how it would work as I’ve never come across a product quite like it!

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What is the Tri Balm by Frances Prescott?

Frances Prescott New Tri Balm Review

The Tri Balm really works like any other cleansing balm. The only difference is that it is in a twistable stick format, which I have to say is simply brilliant!

It makes it so easy, less messy and much more fun to use. The stick literally melts your makeup totally and hassle-free. The makeup comes off beautifully and leaves the skin feeling really soft and clean.

Like most 3-in-1 products, it doesn’t do all 3 things the best. It cleanses beautifully, but as an exfoliator, it’s not quite as good.

It only exfoliates lightly, so I recommend having another stronger exfoliator that you can use once or twice a week.

As for moisturising, it’s not exactly a moisturizer. It can be used as a mask for extra hydration. Why they call it a moisturiser isn’t clear! To use it as a mask, leave it on your face for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off or wipe away. Check out other face masks here.

How to use it?

Applying the cleansing stick couldn’t be easier, all you need is one free hand and apply it evenly on your face and neck.

After applying the cleansing stick you can either wash it off with water, or you can wipe it down with a tissue. I like that it has both options because generally speaking, I like rinsing my face with water, but for the times that I’m feeling lazy….;)

The Ingredients

frances prescott all in one cleansing balm

One of my favourite things about the Tri Balm is that it’s only made from good-for-you ingredients. There are no chemicals, silicones or parabens. This means that it’s not harmful to your skin.

It’s made from a combination of oils like sunflower, sweet almond, rice bran, carrot tissue, geranium, and others. All these oils help hydrate and moisturise the skin with vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid. Basically, it’s packed with a ton of ingredients that can benefit your skin.

As with all skin products, I recommend doing a patch test first to make sure you don’t react to it in any way especially if you have sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

Tri Balm by Frances Prescott is an amazing cleanser! And I love the packaging. It looks so luxurious and professional. It has a super clean and minimalistic feel to it, which reflects on its ingredients too.

The Tri Balm is a really easy cleanser to use with no hassle involved. It’s perfect for you if you travel a lot or if you’re short on time and find taking care of your skin a chore. The Tri Balm is not messy and you have all you need in one product. It doesn’t get easier than that!

All in all, a great product which cleanses beautifully. It leaves the skin feeling soft and clean! Does it do all 3 tasks properly? Not exactly. As an exfoliator and mask, I would say it’s about 70% effective.

The main disadvantage to the Frances Prescott Tri Balm is that it’s really expensive. For a more affordable cleanser, check out these ones.

Tri Balm by Frances Prescott can be bought from Amazon

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  1. Win Bill Huang says:

    The Frances prescott tri balm looks like it is an awesome travel cleanser. It also acts as a moisturizer and exfoliator. That is just wonderful. I know someone who is a hostess, so she travels a lot around the world.

    Sometimes she even complains to me how much of a pain in the butt it is to do and redo everything on her face every single day. However, she has to do it, because she has to give a good image for her customers.

    She would most likely love this cleanser stick because it is easy to carry around, have very precise control like a crayon, and best of all, no water necessary when the moment comes. She can literally clean out her face while waiting for her food to heat up in the microwave.

    The lack of chemicals is also a nice feature because she is very sensitive about aging skin. Thanks for a great post! 

    1. The Tri Balm is indeed perfect for someone who travels a lot. Like you say, its perfect to use on the go! It’s super easy to apply and to clean off. And it does a great job cleansing too;)

  2. I have super sensitive skin and an oily t-zone so it’s hard to find products that will clean without irritating my face. The application is interesting and seems easier too. I like that this is natural and I have other products by the same brand that I love.

    Do you know if it’s hypoallergenic?

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I don’t know if its hypoallergenic but I recommend popping them an email to ask them. It is a great product, its really easy to use and completely natural! 

      Have a good day x

  3. Thank you for posting this review. I am interested in beauty products that are free of parabens and chemicals so this is something that I’ll want to shop for. I like how you include your personal experience. I know how much of a hassle makeup removal can be, and this product looks like it will make it easier. Thanks for covering it.

    1. Yes, its a great product! Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. This seems like a great product to shorten my cleaning routine when I’m in a rush!

    I like how it can remove makeup and clean and moisturise at the same time. This will save me so much time compared to doing them all separately. Usually I also mix some vitamin E oil in my moisturiser and since this product contains Vitamin E I’ll be able to skip that part as well.  The ingredients are not harmful and the packaging looks nice and simple. I’ll definitely consider trying it out in the future!

    1. It is perfect for those rushed days! I can’t recommend it enough:)

  5. Chrissie Spurgeon says:

    Hi Hollie

    I love the sound of Tri-balm! It really does sound like the ideal product for anyone who really understands the need for good skincare, but is not that fond of the routine of using it – like me!! It sounds so quick and easy!

    I also very much like the fact that Tri-balm uses really good and natural ingredients such as plant-based oils, and we are all beginning to understand the advantages which Hyaluronic Acid gives to our skin too. Well, I hope we are!

    Do you think that there is a need for any other moisturiser after you have used Try-balm, or is its own moisturiser sufficient for your skin overnight? And can you say how long one pack of Tri-balm will last with everyday use?

    I would love to try Tri-balm as I really appreciate how important it is to use really good skincare.

    Very many thank for this information

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. I think the moisturiser of the Tri-Balm is enough for overnight. I don’t use mine daily but from what i can tell it will last a while! 

      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wow I had never heard of an all in one cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser.  This sounds like a really awesome product that everyone should try.  It is great that it is less messy and so easy to use.  I love the list of ingredients like sunflower oil, and the fact that it has no chemicals.  Vitamin E and other skin benifits, is there nothing it can’t do?  Simple to use and convient to take with you anywhere you go.

    1. Yup:) It really is all that awesome!

  7. The twist stick mechanism has always been a favorite of mine as it is easy to use and clean in design and storage. Easy to use and travel friendly are boxes I can tick for this product.

    I have a question though regarding the application as my experience with twist applications has been very positive so far but I would like to know what the consistency of the product (firm or soft) and how does it react to being applied to a wet surface?


    1. The tri-balm literally melts into the skin when applied. 

      Hope this helps!

  8. Lok Which says:

    Thanks for posting this review.The fact that it is less messy,easy to use and made from good ingredients without any probability of harming the skin really got me I think its a thing I will want to get for myself and my siblings and I’ve been looking for what to apply to my skin without reaction because I have a sensitive skin.

    1. I’m sure you will love it!

  9. julienne murekatete says:

    I like this website because anytime I pass by,I get new helpful information.France Prescott New Tri Balm seems to be good to the skin as it is made from natural ingredients.

    Some cleansers damaged my skin and I stopped using them ,but now I am going to try this as you recommend it as good one.

    Happy new year.

  10. Wow, this is certainly something new to try, and a time saver too, as it is three products in one. It is not often you get to see this type of product, and all made of natural ingredients.

    Because it is natural, I guess I could use it because I have sensitive skin, and I am always careful when it comes to cleansers that they aren’t too harsh.

    Thanks for telling us about your experience with this product, and I am going to give it a try.

    1. Thanks for stopping by:)

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