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This is the BEST Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner!

When I say this is the best waterproof liquid eyeliner on the market, I am not exaggerating! I’ve tried out a fair bunch of waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliners and let me tell you, the Mac Liquidlast Liner beats all of them.

If you want your eyeliner to last you all day, and not smudge, then this is the eyeliner that you need!

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Mac Liquidlast Liner

The Mac Liquidlast Liner comes in a small tube with a brush applicator. The brush applicator is very thin, which makes it easier for applying. That being said, the one downside of this eyeliner is applying it.

If you don’t have a lot of practice with liquid liners, it can get a bit tricky and it does take some getting used to.

You also need a very steady hand to get it right. However, practice makes perfect and after practising a couple of times, anyone can get the hang of it. Simply start from the inner corner of your eye and follow your eye around.

A trick that I was taught when I was just starting out with eyeliner is to make a dot to dot. Draw dots on your eyelid and then all you need to do is connect them.

This trick worked amazingly for me and really helped me stay in line:) After a while, it kind of becomes second nature and you’ll find you no longer need to do dot-to-dot.

Why MAC Liquidlast Liner is a cut above all others

mac liquidlast liner

The main reason why I love this eyeliner is that it simply does not budge once applied. Once it’s applied and dried, it lasts until you use makeup remover!

I decided to test it out to see how long it can last and the results were astonishing. I applied the eyeliner at about 3 pm and kept it on until about 5 pm the next day. Probably not great for my eyes, but never mind, look what I do for the blog!

From 3 pm until I went to sleep the eyeliner stayed on perfectly, but what’s amazing is that the next morning my eyes still looked flawless. And no, I don’t only sleep on my back!

By midday, there were one or 2 places that I could have done with some touching up, but it still looked totally fine. When 5 pm came and I had been wearing the eyeliner for 26 hours, I decided it was enough time to see that this eyeliner really lasts.

This eyeliner is the real deal! At 5 pm my eyes still looked more or less intact minus a few places where on a regular occasion, I probably would have touched up. However, my eyes still looked fine, so fine in fact that I would have walked out of the house like that.

Another thing I love about this eyeliner is that it never transfers to my eyelids. I have pretty oily eyelids and most eyeliners slowly, throughout the day make their mark on my eyelid. I hate this and I’m always self-conscious about it.

With the Mac Liquidlast Liner, this never happens! (Another trick is to use an eyeshadow primer). It’s waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-proof and lasts over 24 hours!

Eyeliner Application Tips

applying eyeliner dot to dot

It’s not called waterproof for no reason, try washing the eyeliner off with water, and nothing will happen and it will not budge. Also when you apply the eyeliner be careful because if any of it goes on your hands or you make a mistake on your eye, once it’s dried, it’s dried! I am always cleaning my hands with my makeup remover🙂

Another tip when using this eyeliner is that because it’s a liquid liner it creates a very sharp black finish. Many people love this look but personally, I prefer a softer finish.

To fix this I simply take my angled brush with my black powder and go over the edges to make it a bit softer. You can also use a pencil to get the same effect. It only takes about half a minute so it’s totally worth it and it looks fab!

I hope you have enjoyed this post on why the Mac Liquidlast Liner is the best waterproof liquid eyeliner and I hope after reading this you agree;) It really is a cut above all others!

Mac Liquidlast Liner can be bought from Nordstrom / Boots

Hollie xx


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  1. This eyeliner sounds like it means business! I have always used a pencil rather than a liquid mainly because I’ve never looked good with a hard line around the eyes. But it sounds like you have a nice way to fix that. The idea that you kept it on for 26 hours is amazing. Does it come in a softer brown? Your “dot” tip is very clever! I love the product and your review was excellent. I will definitely give it a try.

    1. Like you, I was also not fond of liquid because of the hard line but now I do a powder on top to soften it and I love it!

      I’m afraid it only comes in black. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Eric Cantu says:

    I think my girlfriend is going to love this. She’s always complaining about her eyeliner and having to touch up and redo. I think she’ll like the both the results and the sleek look of the applier. Great post. As a guy who knows nothing about makeup it was easy to read and follow and totally let me know that this would be perfect for her. Thank you!

  3. Marvelous!  Now I know it is not common for a guy to be checking out eyeliners but I am doing this for my wife. She is always complaining how her eyeliner never lasts through the day so I figured I’d help her out by doing some research. I’ve gone through a number of other websites until landing here. Your website seems to be the most authentic review from personal experience.  I will be sharing this article with her and I’m sure she will find it helpful. Do you find the price to be comparable to other waterproof eyeliners?

    1. The price is standard for a mac product. Most designer makeup is within this range. 

      Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. Hi Hollie – great information about the Mac Liquidlast Liner being the best waterproof liquid eyeliner out there.  I typically would use an eyeliner pencil and have not tried the liquid eyeliner before. However, now I need to try this eyeliner. It’s amazing that you had it on for so long, and yet it didn’t budge.  And also thank you for the tip on the best eye make-up remover.  That will be very helpful.

    Nice Job,


    1. Hi Michele,

      Once you get the hang of using the liquid eyeliner, it’s not so different to the pencil!

  5. The Mac Liquidlast Liner looks like a really great product, too many times you see girls with running eyeliner because it is cheap and nasty.  You say this eyeliner doesn’t budge, that is a plus for everyone.

    It’s also waterproof which is amazing, but also a bit worried that it won’t come off! I don’t want the eyeliner to stay on forever.

    But I guess a good eye makeup remover will get rid of the liner which is nice to know.  Thanks for the tips and the product review I will have to check this product out and give it my own test! Cheers.

    1. Regular eye makeup remover will remove the eyeliner. It’s not permanent, just waterproof.

  6. KPalmquist says:

    Mrs Kevin here.  I can’t believe it but I didn’t even know about the dot to dot trick.  I guess that is because I was never a big liquid eyeliner fan.   Most days I just take a swipe with my eyeliner pencil.  This might be something to consider for those special occasions,  By the way, I’m really liking the Clarins products these days.  I’m super lucky to have a store in the nearby outlet mall.

    1. The eyeliner pencil is always an easier and quicker option! 

  7. Jblondeau says:

    Hi, Hollie, I have enjoyed reading this article about “Best waterproof liquid eyelines on the market, all the details about the product, seems to me to be a great, quality waterproof liner, and very tempting to buy one.I like to have eyeliner to last all day, the way you’re explaining how to trace a line, making dot to dot, I found that super clever!Do I need a special product to remove it after a few hours?Thank you for your great review.Jacqueline

    1. The dot trick makes it so much easier to apply!

      Any regular makeup remover will do the trick of removing the eyeliner. 


  8. ThaisGomez says:

    I like Mac products, the majority I have tried from this brand are just of high quality. I was looking for a liquid eyeliner and after reading your review, I’m definitely going to give it a try. I’m in Australia and currently we have a very hot summer, so this eyeliner would be ideal for me. My eyes look so sad when I don’t use eyeliner so I really need it. At least during the week, when I have to go to the office and attend business meetings. But the one I’m currently using is a disaster, especially with this hot weather and my oily skin.

    I didn’t know the trick of the 3 dots to get a nice line. I’m going to try this technique. I guess, is like you say, the more the practice the better the line will be and the easier it will be to apply the eyeliner.

    But definitely, eyeliner is essential to give life to the eyes. Sometimes I don’t have much time to apply makeup, but with eyeliner, a little bit of foundation and lipstick I achieve a very decent look 🙂

    Do you think this eyeliner would be strong enough to stay in this hot weather and considering my oily skin?

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips.

    1. This mac eyeliner is perfect for hot weather and for when your eyelids get oily. I don’t live in a lot climate but my eyes get oily so quickly. This is the only eyeliner I have tried that does not budge! I’m sure you’ll love it:)

      Thanks for stopping by!

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