18 Of The Scariest Halloween Makeup Ideas That Will Spook You This Season

Halloween is a time of fun and a time when you can be whoever you want to be! There’s no better time to spook your friends and family than Halloween!

I’ve put together some of the scariest, creepiest makeup ideas for this season. If gory and scary is your thing, then these ideas are the inspiration you need!

1. Paper Clip Face

This look is gory all the way and a work of art! When I look at this, the voice in my head is on repeat telling me that it’s only makeup! Your friends and family will definitely be creeped out by this Halloween look!

2. Dark Siren Halloween Makeup

Why be a mermaid when you can be a dark one?! Mermaids were always pretty and good, that is until the movie Siren came out! With a fun, dark twist they’ve brought a new dynamic to the underworld.

Have fun this Halloween recreating that dark, mysterious dangerous mermaid, AKA a Siren! Check out more blue makeup looks here.

3. Faceless Halloween Makeup

This Halloween look may not be dark, but it’s certainly creepy! The makeup is done so well that it’s hard to see there was once a face there at all!

If blood and gore aren’t for you, but you still want to create a scene, this look will do the trick. You’ll certainly have heads turning!

4. Sewn Up Face

One of the scariest gory looks I’ve ever seen! Honestly, I’m struggling to look at it, and even though it’s all makeup, it looks like her eyes are being stretched open. I can’t imagine that’s too comfortable, but, effective it is!

5. Bent Neck

If you’ve seen The Haunting of Hill House then you’ll appreciate this look! Perfect for Halloween, the makeup is creepy and scary. However, it’s the lump on the neck that is really the killer! Just looking at it gives me the shivers!

6. Halloween Tooth Fairy

If you don’t want to give your kids nightmares for life, don’t show them this tooth fairy! It’s not the pretty fairy in pink that we love! Yes, it’s a tad creepier, and as for the one eye- eew!

7. Hellraiser Halloween Makeup

He may not be good or bad in the film, but judging from the look alone, I would say he’s evil all the way! This is one of the hardest looks to pull off and it’s done amazingly. The nails really look like nails and just looking at the image is painful!

8. The Exorcist Look

The Exorcist is not for the fainthearted and neither is this makeup look! If you’ve watched the film, seeing this makeup look will bring back all the horror and darkness.

I haven’t watched The Exorcist, but seeing the trailer was more than enough creepiness for me!

9. Double Eyed Clown Look

While I don’t suffer from Coulrophobia (fear of clowns), after seeing creepy clowns, I definitely get why some do! 2 pairs of eyes is a creepy look on anyone, add a clown and it takes an even creepier look!

10. Snake Queen

One of the most original makeup ideas is this snake queen wrapping around her face, through her eyes and mouth.

Just remember to keep your mouth open for the best effect! Yep, that might be a little struggle! However, I love the idea, and being original is always more fun IMO!

11. Zombie Look

Creepy all the way! If there was such a thing as zombies, this is how a radioactive one would look! I wouldn’t like to meet one of these in real life and neither on Halloween!

12. Creepy Creepy

I hope no offense was taken from the name, but I couldn’t think of any better way to describe this look! Obviously, the hand is not real, but it seriously looks like it! Looking at this look makes me feel sick- a Halloween winner? I’d say a big yes!

13. Nosferatu Inspired

Nosferatu is one of the oldest horror vampire movies, yet still wins as one of the creepiest ones.

Even if you haven’t watched the movie, judging from this makeup look alone you can see the horror in it! Nosferatu is not someone I want to meet on Halloween!

14. Living Dead Girl

The chilling part of this look is hands down the eyes. Although they wouldn’t be scary on their own, they tie the look together and give that dead, empty look to her!

To complete this zombie look, don’t forget to spray your hair blue. Check out more Halloween hair ideas!

15. Pale Man Look

Another dark horror movie for you! This grotesque child eater has his eyes in the palms of his hands! It doesn’t eviler than this. However, it’s one of the harder looks to pull off and will take time.

If you love playing around with FX makeup you will love creating this look!

16. Untreatable…

She sure has come down with something- it would seem monsterhood! You don’t always need to take an idea from a movie. Creating your own can be more fun and is definitely more original!

17. Boils

This may not be gory and blood-curdling, but it’s disgusting and freaky! Not only that, but it’s also highly realistic. Most of the ideas here are science fiction- this one is not! Every so often, stories like this really do pop up on the news!

18. Person or Skeleton?

Ending off with a tamer, less gory look! Underneath all of us is a skeleton, whether we like it or not that’s the reality. You can bring it to life this Halloween with a fun half-person, half-skeleton look!

My Thoughts

After putting this blog post together I think I can officially say that I am staying home this Halloween! These images of scary makeup have creeped me out enough!:) No thanks for meeting these people in real!

That being said, I hope these scary makeup ideas have given you lots of inspiration for your Halloween this year. One thing to never forget is to have fun!

Happy Halloween and Ghostly Greetings!

Hollie xx


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  1. ReeceMichael says:

    Hello Hollie, 

    It’s nice to be on your page and having you back is very good, I hope you are fine with wherever you were dealing with. These Halloween make ups are all shades of scary and I am actually considering going with one of these. This would be the first Halloween that I will be getting involved in as an adult. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Aww, thanks. Thankfully, things have calmed down.

      Good for you- You’re never too old to have fun!

  2. OOh, you got me scared! 

    I really admire all the work put into such makeup. Because it takes talent and a lot of work to realize such masterpieces. The boils gave me goosebumps, I couldn’t look at it twice. It is pretty nasty!

    But the most realistic for me was the paper clip face, it looks like the real deal. If I come across someone looking like that I will not be too scared but I will tend to help that person. That until I realize it is fake.

    The other ones are pieces of art and they are all spooky!


    1. I couldn’t agree more- these are real masterpieces and require talent! 

  3. Halloween season is a time that people showcase different types of costumes. While some are really friendly others are extremely scary that you’ll think it’s actually real. I’ve heard from friends who’ve celebrated this eason and they all come up with amazing comments about Halloween. I’ve seen a lot of scary costumes but never have I seen one that’s as scary as these ones posted here 

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