Makeup By Mario- The New Makeup Brand by Mario Dedivanovic

Makeup By Mario- The New Makeup Brand by Mario Dedivanovic

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Huge news fellow makeup lovers! Mario Dedivanovic has just announced a few days ago the launch of his new makeup brand- Makeup By Mario. It can be a confusing name, those already familiar with him will recognise the name from his Instagram account, now it also includes his brand!

This is definitely one of the most exciting releases of the year, hands down! Mario is one of the most talented faces in makeup, and not just because of his clients.

If you aren’t familiar with Mario Dedivanovic let me do a little introducing work. He was originally found by none other than Kim Kardashian, she once hired him when her makeup artist bailed on her. And since then, she hasn’t looked back. You may be thinking- ‘oh another Kardashian talent’. Mario is not another Kardashian talent, he is one of the people changing the face of makeup today. From contouring to baking, he’s been a big part of both! For me, he is a legend!

He treats each face like an individual canvas, and the results are always astounding. If you want to learn serious makeup skills then you need to check out some of his videos.

What I find the most exciting about this release is that we’re finally getting makeup from a makeup artist himself. All too often the ‘big’ releases are celebs who quite frankly don’t have too much experience. Getting from the pro himself is a guarantee that the makeup will be amazing! At least I think so:) Honestly, I can watch Mario do makeup all day, yep, he’s that good!

The collection is due to be released on 1st October at Sephora US/Canada exclusively. In the next coming days, there will be more information released by Mario about his brand, and about each product and what they mean to him. So ye, definitely stay tuned to @makeupbymario for more info about this fabulous release!

Mario is still keeping a lot of his brand under the wraps, but there’s still quite a bit I can share with you.

First, the collection! Makeup By Mario makeup collection includes:

  • 3 makeup palettes (matte, metallic and metal)
  • The Master Metal Palette
  • 3 primer powder sets
  • Hydrating translucent balm
  • 3 skin illuminators
  • Liquid liner
  • 2 eye pencils
  • Brightening pencil
  • 5 brushes
  • Makeup remover wipes
makeup by mario new makeup brand

As you can see it’s some makeup collection! Mario has said that he’s been working on this collection since 2017, so you can imagine it is extremely well thought out. Mario is a perfectionist so I’m sure this collection is as close to perfection as possible.

The packaging of the collection looks minimal and clean. All the packaging in the collection is white with black writing in the corner saying ‘By Mario’. Everything comes in a plain black disposable packaging with the beautiful white one inside. I love the packaging, minimal packaging has a really classy touch to it. It says we don’t have fluff- what we sell is the real deal!

One thing that struck me straight away is that most of the collection is for the eyes. I would have loved to see a contour kit or a blush/cheek palette from him, but I can imagine there will be more makeup on the way so time in the hopefully, near future!

The thing I love best about how Mario does makeup is how he always makes skin look flawless. I get a lot of that is in the technique and each person’s individual skin, but I would love some products that can help us get there quicker! Since Makeup By Mario is the name of his new brand, I’m sure there’s more amazing makeup on the way!

Metallic Makeup Palette
Metallic Makeup Palette
The Master Metal Palette

As a beauty blogger, the thing I do best is to notice the things I don’t love! Haha, my critical eye is always on the lookout, and sometimes it does a too good job. In this case, I have a few comments. I say comments and not critiques, because, they’re exactly that. I don’t know enough yet about the products to make a final judgement. Neither do I know the price range of the Makeup By Mario collection.

Ok so firstly, I love the idea of separating palettes by their finishes- but really for only aesthetic reasons. How useful is it for the consumer to buy a luxury eyeshadow palette that only has metallic shades? For most eyeshadow looks, a variety of finishes are needed in order to create the final look. I’m guessing the brand is luxury and if it is, it will be pretty costly for an all metallic or metal palette. Then again, Mario Dedivanovic has a big enough celebrity fan club for people to be able to afford all the palettes plus some more. So yes, it’s just an observation although I really do hope his makeup is for the average consumer!

Another thing I noticed is that Mario is selling makeup wipes. The opinion I’ve heard again and again from many makeup artists and skincare experts is that wipes are a no-no for the face. I also thought Mario himself said this, but perhaps I’m mistaken. Either way, I’m curious what his reasonings are and I’m sure he has a good explanation for it- I’m all ears waiting to hear!

My Thoughts

I can’t wait to see the Makeup By Mario collection in real, although it may be some time until I do. With the collection being sold exclusively in Sephora and COVID still going strong, sadly, it could be a while. There are very few times when I wish I am an American- this is one of them!

I can’t wait to see more releases from Makeup by Mario! I believe in this brand because he is one of the best makeup artists in our times- if you don’t believe me, check out snippets of his masterclass on Youtube.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Are you as excited about this release as me?

Makeup by Mario will be available on 1st October from Sephora US/Canada exclusively

Hollie xx

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