DIOR Forever Foundation 24H Wear, Hit or Miss?

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Let’s talk about the new and improved Dior Forever Foundation that has been making rounds since the start of 2019. Early last year, Dior announced that they were reformulating their bestselling Forever Foundation. Of course, there were mixed reactions from the beauty world and the loyal fans of the original foundation. Why change an already iconic foundation? It is still a mystery to us, but Dior went ahead with the new launch.

Dior introduced its Dior Forever 24hr High Perfection Skin Caring Foundation as: “Dior Forever provides the skin with a velvety matte finish. Dior Forever is also available in Dior Forever Skin Glow with a radiant finish. For 24 hours,* complexion coverage remains flawless. The skin’s texture appears tightened and refined, with a velvety matte finish without a mask-like effect. This foundation works like a skincare cream, protecting from drying and shielding the skin against exterior aggressors and UVA and UVB rays with SPF 35 PA+++ protection.” www.dior.com

That is really a big claim for a foundation. Does it really live up to its claim? I tested this foundation for over a week and it really wowed me.

Let’s start off with their packaging, Dior really does not disappoint when it comes to quality and presentation. Their Dior Forever Foundation’s container is primarily made from glass which makes it look and feel luxurious compared to other foundations on the market.


Dior Forever 24hr High Perfection Skin Caring Foundation

The luxurious 30mL pump bottle makes it easier to get the product out than the usual bottles where you need to pour the foundation into your mixing palette and not have the power to estimate whether it’s enough or too little for you. The change in packaging is long overdue, with a pump, applying your makeup will be easier and cleaner. I’m only surprised it took them so long!

36 Shades Perfect For All

There are a lot of brands that introduce their foundation line with a very limited shade range and this usually turns into a “Bi News” in the beauty industry. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s a lot of work to put out more than 10 shades but you know how the internet gets when it comes to it! That’s why I was happy to see that Dior released a whopping 36 shades, this shows they are inclusive of all skin tones.

Image: dior.com

They have it all for you, from fair to rich shades, this foundation adapts to every skin tone there is. You don’t have to worry about not finding the perfect shade for your skin tone. You don’t even have to mix and match the shades they have to find the perfect fit for you! There is something for everyone!

Coverage and Finish

Dior claims that the Dior Forever 24hr High Perfection Skin Caring Foundation has a medium to full coverage. Most of the foundations that I have tried that have a medium to full coverage have been too drying on the skin, and most of the time they make me look like I’m wearing a mask. Yet, with this foundation, you’ll be amazed at the natural finish that it has.

True to its claim, this really is a medium to full coverage foundation but with a natural finish that almost looks like your own skin. It covers all the dark spots and imperfections on my face. It also feels super light when applied and it dries down to a beautiful matte finish a few minutes after applying it to the face.

A matte finish is excellent for people who have combination to oily skin, you will not need to worry about shiny or oily skin at the end of the day. But for all those who have dry skin, I suggest you use a good moisturiser before applying the foundation on your face. You can also mix this foundation with your favourite face oil to make it a little dewier and moisturising for your skin.

The formula of the Dior Forever Foundation is really versatile and I can’t see anything wrong with it at this point.

SPF 35, is it enough?

The formula of this foundation includes an SPF of 35. SPF Stands for Sun Protection Factor which is very important for us especially for those who loves spending their days under the sun. Because of this new addition to their formula, you don’t have to spend another dime on sunscreens for your face preparations before foundation. By using a product with SPF this prevents sunspots on your face and helps effectively delay ageing.

Did you know that SPF 15 can provide you with up to 95% sun protection? What about the SPF 35 that this product has? Imagine how protected you are from those harmful UV rays, right? SPF 35 provides you with up to 12 hours of sun protection. A nice move for DIOR!

Rosehip Extract Ingredient

Now let’s talk about the star ingredient of the Dior Forever Foundation which is Rose Hip Extract. Dior used Rose Hip Extract as a protective layer for the skin and this also helps in reducing the appearance of the pores. Your pores will look smaller and less visible like they have been tightened.

Rose Hip has been a popular ingredient in products since the beginning of time. This is because of the small jam-packed molecules that can penetrate the layers of our skin to improve the moisture and collagen levels. Rose Hip Extract is also a good ingredient to reduce wrinkles and fine lines of our skin.

Hit or Miss?

With all this being said, the Dior Forever 24hr High Perfection Skin Caring Foundation is definitely a HIT and I will definitely be repurchasing this product.

True to its claim, this foundation can really last up to 24 hours! Yup, I tested this out for 24 hours just for this review so I can attest to its effectivity and overall performance. Believe me when I say that it can stay up to 24 hours! It feels light and doesn’t look cakey after a few hours on my face even with extra movements I do during that day. I only blotted 2 times that day and didn’t even finish a whole blotting paper. This is definitely worth the splurge!

DIOR Forever Foundation 24H Wear can be bought from John Lewis (UK) / All Beauty (US)

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