Barry M Colour Changing Lipstick - Magic?!

Barry M Colour Changing Lipstick – Magic?!

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One of the latest trends in makeup is colour changing makeup. Sounds super modern and cool, well let’s see. Barry M is one of these brands to jump on the bandwagon. They have come out with colour changing lipstick. I can already think of a few people that would love that! If makeup wasn’t fun enough for you, it certainly is now.

There are 3 shades in this collection, green, blue and yellow. You’re probably thinking those colours sound pretty out there, well, they are, that is until you apply the lipstick to your lips. That’s when the magic happens and the colour turns into a personalised shade of pink. Does it get neater than that?! You are probably wondering how that works. I’ve done a little digging to get to the bottom of it.

How Does it Work?

Barry M claims the lipstick reacts to the alkaline in your lips to turn your it into a perfect personalised shade of pink. It sounds truly magical. However, due to my amazing nature of being a sceptic, I decided to dip a bit deeper.

It turns out that there’s no magic involved but more like an ingredient that makes the lipstick remain colourless until it’s exposed to moisture. This ingredient is called Red 27/CI 45410. (This ingredient is safe and has been approved by the FDA to use in cosmetics apart from eye cosmetics.)

Does this mean they’re straight out tricking people into thinking this is the answer to achieving the perfect shade of lips? No, it’s not so simple. Whilst the claims aren’t totally true, there is some truth to it. Red 27 is affected by pH levels, meaning that the pH level on your lips will affect the shade of the colour. However, the main change in colour is due to the chemicals exposure to water, not your pH level. You can test this out yourself but rubbing the lipstick onto some tissue or paper, then add some water and you’ll see the lipstick will still turn pink without your pH level getting involved.

Whilst there may not be any magic involved, the lipsticks can still be good lipsticks.

Unicorn barry m lipstick
neptune barry m lipstick
genie barry m lipstick

Are the lipsticks any good?

Barry M colour changing lipsticks has 3 different colours. Yellow- Unicorn, Blue- Neptune and Green- Genie. They are all cruelty-free. Each one is lovely shades of pink that look slightly different on each person due to different colour skin tones. Neptune is the darkest, Unicorn more of a fuschia pink and Genie is a lighter, more pale pink.

The packaging is really cute – the lid is the colour of pink that the lipstick turns into. I love that feature:)

One thing that everyone said about all of these lipsticks is that they last a really long time. Barry M claim they last 8 hours which is a claim that they got right! The lipsticks don’t budge after you’ve applied them. Also for a budget lipstick, it is very moisturising and doesn’t dry out the lips at all. This isn’t so common in budget lipstick so I have to say I’m impressed.

My Thoughts

Whilst the claim that its magic and that it changes colours according to the person isn’t completely honest, I still find these to be good lipsticks. Honestly, I’m not so fond of brands that distort the truth but let’s be fair, most brands do it to some degree. Obviously, they’re in it for themselves and their sale figures. That’s where us beauty bloggers come it to save the day- to dig out the truth! They are not the first brand to do this and I’m sure, not the last. There’s Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver BalmSmashbox’s O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss, Sephora Collection Color Reveal Lip Balm – to mention a few.

With all that said and done these colour changing lipsticks are still really good and you gotta love them. They last really well, don’t dry out the lips and honestly, they look super cool! If you’re looking to have some fun or you like gimmicky products then I definitely recommend these lipsticks. For the price of £4.99 its very good value for money. You can buy them from which I have linked below- they have free international shipping so go and order them now!

Click here to buy Barry M Colour Changing Lipstick in Unicorn

Click here to buy Barry M Colour Changing Lipstick in Genie

Click here to buy Barry M Colour Changing Lipstick in Neptune

Have you tried out Barry M Colour Changing Lipstick or any other colour changing makeup? What are your thoughts on it? Do you love it or do you rather regular makeup that does its job without any gimmicks? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Have a lovely weekend,
Hollie xx
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  1. MarieG

    Cute! I’m like you, I guess I would buy a lipstick for the color that it is. It’s probably just for the I-like-cute-stuff market, haha!

    The colors are very vibrant, they’d be wonderful display items. 😉 Would be worth buying, as you mentioned, since they don’t dry the lips. 🙂

  2. Orion

    Hi, what a lovely website you have Hollie.
    Good to know that there is finally a long stay brand of lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips!
    Have tried them in the past and got disappointed.
    Now I know of this…that is great!
    Thanks for this review 🙂

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