Smashbox contour palette vs contour sticks

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio vs Contour Palette

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Contouring is one of the best discoveries ever! At least I think so;) It defines and sculpts the face in a natural way through adding shadows and highlights. Here I’ll review 2 different contour methods by Smashbox, the Contour Stick Trio and the Contour Palette and I’ll then compare the two products.

Contour Stick Trio

smashbox contour stick

smashbox  step by step guideThe Contour Stick Trio comes with 3 contour sticks, a contour, a highlighter and a bronzer. This is a really easy step by step contouring kit. The contouring stick creates shadows, the highlighter is a lighter shade to bring out your colour and the bronzer is used to blend the contour stick in properly so that there is no harsh line.

What’s also really great about these contour sticks is that the set comes with a step by step guide which shows you how and where to apply each shade. The guide shows you different face shapes and how you apply contouring for each one. It also comes with a sharpener- Smashbox really thought of everything when it came to this trio set:)

The sticks are cream based, they literally glide on and blend really nicely. They are also very build able so if you want a day look you can apply a thin layer and if you want an evening, more dramatic look you just apply more. After I’ve applied the sticks I usually use a brush or beauty blender to blend them in properly. The shades are all matte and last for about 7 hours without fading. I also found that they didn’t make my skin look oily or shiny but neither did they dry out my skin in any way.

This set is perfect for a beginner who’s just starting out with contouring. They make contouring so easy and effortless.

Each stick is 0.12oz. You can buy them as a set or each one separately.

Smashbox Contour Stick Trio can be bought here for £29.50

The individual sticks can be bought here for £15


Contour Palette

smashbox contour palette


You can buy this contour palette in 2 different colours – light or deep. They both come with 3 shades – a contour, a bronzer and a highlighter. The lighter palette is perfect for pale skin like mine, it didn’t make my skin look orange like a lot of other contouring palettes. All the colours are matte which is nice because then the highlight can double up as a setting powder or it can be used under the eyes.

Like the Contour Stick Trio the Contour Palette also comes with a step by step guide. It also comes with a brush that’s perfect for applying the contour to the hollow of your cheeks.

The palette is a little smaller than most contour palettes and the colours aren’t removable which is slightly annoying. This means that the colours can’t be replaced. However, the colours are all really nice and highly pigmented, they also blend smoothly and easily.

The powder is not packed too tightly so it’s not hard to get out, but there’s also not much fall off from the brush so you’re not wasting too much product.

Smashbox Contour Palette can be bought here for £29.50


Comparing the Two

Colour – The contour palette wins for this since it comes in 2 different shades whereas, the contour sticks only come with one. One shade is never going to suit all skin types, my skin is pale and honestly the colours didn’t really go with my skin. The highlighter did’t stand out and the bronzer was slightly orange.

The contour sticks colour is also much more subtle than the contour palette so it depends on what look you are looking for.

Ease of Use – The contour sticks win for this. They are so easy to use and the perfect way to get you into contouring. It’s hard to do it wrong with these sticks.

Blending – They are both really easy to blend. I found the sticks blend really nicely because of their cream texture but you still have to blend them in well with a brush or blender which can be another step and take a bit longer. I find that the sticks look more natural because of their cream texture but the contour palette is more noticeable and it stands out more.


Smashbox UK


Overall Thoughts

In general, they are both great for contouring and it really depends what you are looking for. If you are a beginner or you like a more natural look go with the sticks. But if you like a stronger more chiseled look then go for the contour palette.

One of my favourite features is that they both come with a step by step guide, its so practical and useful.

I would love to see Smashbox bring out more colours for the Contour Sticks because they are a fabulous product. Its a shame for all those who don’t suit the current colours to lose out:(

If you want to know a little contour secret of mine- the 2 contour kits actually complement each other perfectly! You can use the sticks first and go over with the palette for a more textured finish and to set the makeup. It does magic:)

I hope you have enjoyed this review and please leave your comments and thoughts below:))


Hollie xx



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2 Responses

  1. MarieG

    I basically have flat cheeks. 😀 Contouring has helped me a lot to define my cheeks somehow. Definitely a big help.

    I haven’t tried using sticks yet as I’ve always used palette, thanks for the comprehensive write up, I will definitely try this product. I guess one of the three colours of those sticks would suit me. 🙂

    • Hollie

      Contouring is amazing!

      The colour of the sticks are universal, however, if you’re too light or too dark it wont be as effective.

       If you’ve never used sticks or crayons you really must give them a try- you won’t regret it:)

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