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Avocado Face Mask Benefits And Recipe

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You’re probably thinking, an avocado face mask? Sounds a little unconventional. I used to think that too but it sure does work. Not only does it work but it’s also a whole lot healthier that the face mask sitting in your cupboard. Rumour has it that this is Victoria Beckham’s go to mask- well if it’s good enough for her it sure is good enough for me:)

There are so many skin care products around nowadays and most have one thing in common. Lots of ingredients which often include chemicals. Many of which, if we knew what they are we would not be comfortable using on our skin. However, there are other options and ways to get clean skin. There are so many natural foods to use as skincare, and obviously(!) these only have natural ingredients. One of my favourite fruits ever is the avocado, I simply can’t get enough of it. So it would only make sense to use an avocado for the skin too. This post is all about the avocado face mask benefits and why avocados are so good for your skin.


avocado face mask


Avocado Face Mask Benefits

There are so many benefits that an avocado face mask has on the skin.

I’ll start with the vitamin benefits that avocados have. They contain vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. These all have anti oxidant properties which are known to repair any damage to the skin and help fight the aging process. Vitamin E is a fat soluble so it helps the skin prevent free radicals which in turn fights aging and keeps the skin looking youthful. Vitamin A reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and encourages healthy skin cell production. These vitamins also help retain the moisture in the skin and nourish it. Vitamin C creates elastin and collagen which make the skin stronger and firmer. it also evens out the skin tone. All these vitamins are better for you and your skin when they come from a natural source like an avocado.

Avocados also contains minerals, such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and copper. These keep the skin hydrated and provide nourishment to it. Another ingredient that helps with this is the Omega 9-fat -oleic acid. This helps with people who have skin irritations and dryness. It also helps the skin stay moisturised.

If you want a deep clean for your face you don’t have to use chemicals like most products offer. Avocados give the skin a deep clean treatment through the use of glutamine, retinol, and amino acids. Your skin will be left feeling soft, smooth and healthy.

An advantage of using an avocado on your face is that you are less likely to have a bad reaction (unless you’re allergic to avocados). Face masks that have chemicals in are more likely to cause breakouts.


How to make an avocado face mask?

It’s really very simple to make an avocado mask. Choose a ripe avocado and remove the pit. Peel it, place the avocado in a bowl and mash it with a fork until it forms into a paste.


face mask


Next add some lemon juice to the avocado to stop it from oxidising and going brown.

You can either apply the paste like this or you can add some other ingredients for a slightly different result. Common ingredients to add are honey, raw egg white, orange juice, olive oil to name a few.

Then wash your face with warm water and apply a thin layer of the avocado paste until your face is covered.


avocado face mask benefits


Wear for at least 15 minutes or until the paste has dried. Then remove with warm water and some cotton wool pads.



In the general picture this is a really good face mask. But like everything in life it has its pros and cons. After reading this article you’ll see that there are plenty of pros. However, there are a couple of cons too. The most obvious one is that its more time consuming than a ready made mask. Another disadvantage is that it does get slightly messy when applying and wearing. Another disadvantage is that when you have avocado on the face its really hard not to be tempted to lick a bit off;) Avocados are just too yummy!


My Thoughts

Personally I think the disadvantages aren’t a game changer. In the big picture these are very minor in comparison to some of the problems that come from using some other face masks. The avocado face mask benefits definitely outweigh the problems. You get cleansed, nourished, moisturised, deep cleaned skin and its anti aging. Basically everything you could want from a face mask:)

When I tried it out, it did indeed leave my skin feeling lovely, super soft and cleansed. I definitely recommend it! Would I do it again? Possibly if I have time. Life with 3 kids usually doesn’t leave me enough spare time to make a homemade face mask. However, if I find myself with extra time on my hands I probably will try it again.


I hope you have enjoyed reading about the avocado face mask benefits. Now go and make yourself an avocado face mask and don’t forget to let me know how you like it! Leave your comments below:)


Hollie xx


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7 Responses

  1. Monica Bouteiller

    Great article and I absolutely love avocados. I had heard avocados are good for your skin too and I’m always looking for healthy natural ways to look after my face. I can’t imagine putting avocado though on my face. I would much rather eat it. Which one did you add to the avocado mix? The honey, raw egg white, orange juice or the olive oil?

    • Hollie

      I didn’t add any additions to my avocado mask. The avocado alone is great too:)

      If you’re apprehensive about putting avocado on your face, by including it in your diet your skin will also get some of the positive benefits. x

  2. JJ

    Hi Hollie, I can say a big ‘Yes’ to this article about the avocado facial. I live in Jamaica where avocados are always around. I even have 2 trees in my backyard. Some years ago I had about a quarter of an avocado, which was just too soft and mushy to eat and my cousin said ” Why don’t you use it to do a facial?”. Over the years I have used it many times especially when my face gets dull and superdry. The first time I am knowing about the value of its contents is in your article. What I know is that it is my first ‘go to’ for glowing and healthy looking skin. Thank you.

  3. Priya

    Thanks for the information Hollie. I have never used Avocado as a face mask. I love eating it ! All the face masks that I have bought so far , have always given me dry skin . I live in the UK and because of cold climate we need extra moisturising. Does this home made face mask make your facial skin dry? 

    • Hollie

      Avocados are full of natural oils so it won’t dry out your skin! Us English sure need extra moisturiser in the winter- I put on my hands about 5 times a day!

  4. Angella

    Hi Hollie. I have no experience with this, but it sounds like something that would work for my skin. I have lots of spots on my face and I also have oily skin.

    I would love to simple try it with the bit of lemon because I’ve been told that lemon is a healthy product. I really love that I’ve stumbled on this.  I am definitely going to do it and I will let you know of the outcome. It’s great that this is a natural product that you’re promoting.

    Food for thought, literally! 😉

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