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Is the Ziip Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device Worth The Money?

When I saw the Ziip Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device, my first thoughts were, oh my, that’s a lot of money. The device is supposed to give you a full face workout and increase collagen and circulation whilst repairing the skin and reducing spots.

In short, it’s the dream device to solve all of your skin issues in one go. Why go to the spa when you have your very own portable one at home? Let’s see if the Nano Current Skincare Device lives up to its claims.

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What is the Nano Current Skincare Device?

ziip beauty nano current skincare device

Before buying a product I’m sure you like to know exactly what it does. Especially when it has a price tag of £425/$495! Honestly, it was a slight struggle getting to the bottom of what exactly the nano current does and how it achieves it. However, I’m not one to give up, (at least I try not to!) so after a ton of researching the nano current devices, I think I finally understand!

What does Ziip Beauty claim the device does?

The results you should see after using the Nano Current device are that your face should be energised with improved firmness and any lines and folds should be reduced. It should also reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Another result you should see is a clear-up of blemishes, with inflammation decreasing immediately after using the device. After 12 hours the blemishes should be at least 75% better. Pretty big claims, huh?!

How Does It Work?

The Nano Current Skincare Device sends small electric currents to your face. The currents stimulate a natural chemical in our skin called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

ATP is basically like a battery in your skin that releases energy. As we get older our bodies aren’t as great at producing and storing ATP. That’s where Nano currents come in. They increase the level of ATP in your body, which in turn helps your skin to regain its youthfulness and slow down the ageing process.

The Ziip device works in a pretty unique way. It has a built-in Bluetooth which you can connect to the Ziip Beauty app. With recommendations from your phone, you can then select the setting of your choice.

The Settings


The device comes with 8 different settings for different results. They are:

  • Primer: Like any primer, this is to brighten and prep your skin for the day. It is a quick 2-minute treatment that can be done alone or with other treatments.
  • Energise: Use this setting to lift, fill and make your face glow. It is a 12-minute treatment and they recommend this setting 3 times a week.
  • Sensitive Energise: This setting is the same as the energise but for those with sensitive skin. It helps to heal and calm your skin.
  • Instant Gratification: Use this for a quick lift and brightening. It’s only a 4-minute treatment and it will give your face instant rejuvenation.
  • Pigment: This setting helps to reduce pigmentation from the sun and the like. It is a 6-minute treatment. Use up to 3 times a week.
  • Total Clearing: The ideal treatment for acne-prone skin. You can choose from 1-8 minutes and use it once every 24 hours.
  • Quick Fix: Reduce pore appearance and fine lines with this 2-minute treatment. Use 3 – 5 times a week.
  • Vital Eye: Get healthy-looking eyes with this setting. It will help to reduce puffiness, dark circles and lines. It is a 4-minute treatment that can be used up to 3 times a week.

What’s in the Box

The device comes in a beautiful box which looks and feels expensive. The box comes with a Ziip device, an 80ml bottle of Golden Gel, a charger with a USB cable and wall adaptor, a travel bag, a cleaning cloth, a user guide and illustrated instructions.

Is the Ziip Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device Really Worth All That Money

How To Use It?

The device is really easy to use and to get the hang of. All you need to do is download the app from iTunes and choose your desired treatment. The app is currently only available for IOS and Android.

Once both the Ziip and the Bluetooth are enabled, the treatment will get sent to your device. You’ll see the device will start flashing and a tick will appear once the treatment has been sent.

The app has step-by-step videos to make the whole process a bit easier, you can call it Ziip for Dummies. Either way, it’s very useful! Before using the Nano current, always apply the Ziip Beauty Gel that comes with the device. The gel comes in 2 options, golden or silver.

Use the golden gel if your desired results are to firm your skin and reduce lines. Use the silver gel if you are looking to brighten and hydrate your skin. Both the golden and silver gels are silicone-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free and oil-free. They are packed with good-for-you ingredients to help your skin be the healthiest that it can be.

Once your gel is applied all you gotta do is Ziip away. It couldn’t be more simple.

Does the Nano Current Skincare Device really work?

Before buying a product that costs as much as the Nano Current Skincare Device, you need to be really sure that it’s a worthwhile investment and that it will really work.

I am here to tell you that this is an investment that’s worth every penny! You need to be motivated and dedicated to using it regularly if you want to see results. But if you do as recommended, you will see a huge improvement in your skin.

It will help your skin look younger and healthier. You may not see any changes overnight but if you are religious about using it regularly, over time you will definitely see noticeable differences.

The Negatives

There aren’t really any negatives. The only thing I can say is that before you buy it, sit yourself down and have a chat with yourself to see if you will really use it. Do you have the time of day and the patience to use the device regularly?

For many people it’s the ideal machine, it allows you to give your skin the best treatment from the comfort of your own home. This saves a lot of time and is ideal for you if you are a home bird at the end of a long day. However, if you are the type who enjoys a skin treatment at your local spa then this probably isn’t for you.

Devices I Recommend

My Thoughts

Don’t be put off by the high price tag, if you regularly get facial treatments because, in the long run, the Ziip is more economical.

This is the solution to getting amazing skin outside of a professional treatment. In fact, many beauticians use the device in their practice, because they love the product so much!

It helps to reduce lines and pigmentation, in fact, most have found that all their claims are true. And as for clearing spots, people with lifelong acne say they could never go without it now. All in all, I’d say a pretty impressive product!

Not sure if the Ziip Beauty Nano Device is for you? Check out the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask , CurrentBody Skin Radio Frequency Device and the NuFACE Facial Toning Devices!

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  1. Wow! That price tag is steep! But it really is much cheaper than getting professional treatments. So I guess it isn’t too bad. And it does many things that I’m really, really looking for – reduce dark circles, skin firmness, and taking care of my blemishes(I have dark spots from acne). So it would really be awesome to have it. I might just have to start saving up for it 🙂 Should be worth it; especially considering all the rave reviews.
    I also love how sleek the design looks too. When I initially glanced at the first picture, I thought I was looking at futuristic glasses. I had to look again lol.

    1. That’s true- when you add up the amount you spend on professional treatments this does come out a whole lot cheaper! In the long run its truly worth it. 

      I know what you mean about it looking like futuristic glasses;)

      Have a lovely day!

  2. Strahinja says:

    Hello and thank you for this informative and thorough article. I really enjoyed reading it. My mothers birthday is coming soon and I want to buy her something special. Ziip Beauty looks like one of products. If only I knew it will really do the job I would have purchased it. But I am having doubts after reading your review.

    1. It’s like that with everything- if we always knew the products/clothes/technology that would work best for us we would have the easiest time shopping. But unfortunately, that’s not life! The Ziip Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device is really good and has great reviews.

      Good luck in your decision:)

  3. My girlfriends have been trying to get me to come over and use their gadgets and, I think this may be one of them.  I’ll come back and let you know if it is.  They know I am a meticulous face-ask wearing, facial massage, facial exercise doing type of girl.  In my line of work I sit or, stand in front of screens for a long period of time almost daily.  I’ll try anything if I feel it’s safe and chemical free.

    I like the “instant gratification” setting.  *giggles* You know we could all use a little of that in our lives!  

    Truthfully, I’ve aged pretty decently thus far.  I watch what I put in my body because I know what I put in will manifest in my skin.  That said though, I loooove trying new products.  Especially products that utilize science over gimmicks! 

    1. Well done to you for looking after your body well. It’s probably helped you age the way you have! Let me know how you like the Ziip Nano Device!

  4. this price tag is a whopper but when i think about it, it’s probably around the same cost I pay for a session on skin treatments and with all the great skincare it covers it might be worth considering as a good purchase. I wonder if the price might come down a tad in the January sales. Do they ship to the UK?

    1. I’m sure the prices do come down- check on boxing day for a good offer. 

      All the links on my site are for the UK! 

  5. That price tag sure is steep, but It is high tech! I have recently noticed bags under my eye’s as well as creases around my eye’s. I see a lot of positive reviews on it so I think it would be worth the price. I’m just curious if there are any side effect’s?

    I also have some acne that I would like to get rid of. I worry though about long term issues with repetitive use. I have tried things in the past and with some, I have had horrible side effect’s. I also wonder about the possible issues with the additional radiation from the BlueTooth.

    Although it isn’t much, repetitive use could be harmful?

    1. The Ziip device is a professional machine. Its like having your own spa at home. I don’t think you would experience any side effects, nor do I think that using it as per instructions will be harmful.

  6. If it works, then the price (event though expensive) is worth it in my opinion.  Based on reviews and recommendations, it looks to me like Ziip delivers.  I’m currently spending over $100 a month of facial treatments and peels.  This device would pay for itself in a year if it allowed me to cut back on trips to my esthetician. (Even with the ongoing cost for the conductive gel)

    As you mentioned in your post, I wish there were more details about the product and how it works.  I’m going to do a little more research, but overall Ziip looks like a really good product and they stand behind it.

    Thanks for the review and introducing me to this product.   If you do learn more about Ziip and the conductive gels I’d love to learn more.

    1. Yes, in the long run it is worth it. 

      I am always doing more research on products that I review! Will keep you posted.

      Have a lovely evening:)

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