Makeup Monday: New Mac Electric Wonder Collection

Mac Cosmetics have recently launched a whole new beautiful collection. It is the all-new Mac Electric Wonder Collection. It’s all about bringing back that summer feel to your life. What better way to do it than with your makeup! Get ready to be bronzed up and sun-kissed.

What’s in the Collection?

I simply love this collection for many reasons, one being that it comes with so many products. It’s always slightly frustrating when brands bring out new collections which they create a whole hype about before their release, and then they barely have any products or they cater to only one skin tone.

You don’t have to worry about that with the Electric Wonder Collection. There’s something for everyone or more fitting, there are tons of options for everyone.

Mac Electric Wonder Collection

The collection comes with:

  • 5 shades of lipstick
  • 5 different coloured lipgloss
  • 2 eyeshadow palettes
  • 1 face palette
  • 2 bronzing powders
  • 2 iridescent powders
  • 1 blending brush for your eyes
  • 1 large face brush

I hope you are as impressed as I am! This is freaking tons of products and they are all really pretty as you will soon see for yourself.

Before I get started on the products I just need to talk about the packaging. The whole range is in marble pinkish and gold packaging. I absolutely love it. They are 2 of my favourite colour combinations and depict the sun and summer. I think Mac got it on point with the packaging! All of the colours of the products included in the collection can be found in the colours of the packaging. It all fits together so nicely and it seems very well thought out. It’s a shame it’s a limited edition. They should keep it on, don’t you agree?

Mac Electric Wonder Collection Products

The Lipsticks

Mac Electric Wonder Collection

L-R: Feelin’ Sedimental, Life in Sepia, Natural Born Leader, Let’s Mesa Around, The Naturalist,

The lipstick comes in 5 different shades and 3 different textures- matte, satin and lustre. They are all pretty neutral colours with a range from a maroonish colour to nude.

The Lipglosses

Mac Electric Wonder Collection

L-R: Coral Of The Wild, Nature Freak, Rock Starz, Marble Faun, Make Me Mercurial

These are more daring than the lipsticks. They come in 5 dramatic colours and they are all about the shine. With a sheen or glass-like finish, the shine will last the whole day. These are very versatile, you can wear them alone or pair them up with your favourite lip liner.

Not only do these lips glosses look fab they are also made to help your lips stay soft and hydrated the whole day. With added jojoba oil you can be sure your lips won’t get patchy.

The Eyeshadow Palettes

Mac Electric Wonder Collection

L: Natural Vice, R: Desert Lightning

They brought out 2 neutral-toned eyeshadow palettes, one with warmer colours and the other, yup you guessed, with cooler colours. I love them both and the colour choices of both of them are…wow.

The warm-toned palette is called Natural Vice. It has six shimmers and 6 mattes. I love how organised the palette is, the shimmers and the mattes are on separate sides. Pretty neat.

The cool-toned palette is called Desert Lightning. This palette has 4 mattes and the rest are shimmers.

Both palettes are beautiful and apply like any other Mac eyeshadow, easily, smoothly, very blendable and most of all highly pigmented. You can’t go wrong with these.

Ignite Wonder Face Palette

Ignite Wonder Face Palette

This highlighter palette can really be used for blusher and contour too. It comes with 6 shimmery shades.

This palette is quite unique. The colours are all powders but because of their awesome ingredients, it actually has a creamy texture. This enables the makeup to last a lot longer and it gives a dewy soft finish.

Unlike a lot of shimmery powders, this palette has no fallout when applied. It is the perfect balance between powder and cream. It should be called a pream;)

Bronzing Powder

L: Canyon Dreamin’, R: Sun-Soaked Strip

The bronzing powder comes in 2 colours which are really similar, it’s hard to see a difference. They have a super creamy texture.

The key to the perfect bronzer is in the blending. When a bronzer blends easily it looks like its part of your skin and when it doesn’t… well it looks patchy and fake.

These bronzers apply smoothly and easily, you will get that part of your skin look with these. To top it off they use micro-light boosters to give it a healthy glow.

Iridescent Powders


L-R: Serenity Weeker, Into Eternity

If you are wondering what in the world Iridescent Powders are, don’t worry, you’re not alone in that. It wasn’t that long ago that I was wondering the same.

Iridescent powders are ‘a finely milled pressed mixture of mica and pigments that gives skin a radiant sheen with a subtle glaze of colour and intense pearl’. In my language, magic.

Some Iridescent powders are of loser texture, these are packed together very tightly so when using them bear in mind that each brushstroke will be very intense.

Both colours are beautiful, one is pink with shades of gold and the other is different pink tones.

The Brushes

The Brushes

The collection comes with 2 brushes, an eyeshadow blending brush and a face brush. Both brushes have an equal split of 2 different fibres, this enables two different looks. One side for a soft look and the other side for a diffused polished look. It’s basically like having 2 different brushes in one brush- I love it!

My Thoughts

Can you ever really go wrong with Mac products? That’s what I always ask myself before I splurge.

I love the whole collection from the products to the packaging. They are top quality and last well. The only disadvantage I can think of is that like all Mac products they are unfortunately a little pricey. On the flip side, you know you are always getting good quality with Mac. Despite the price, I still love the New Mac Electric Wonder Collection and I’m sure you will too.

The New Mac Electric Wonder Collection can be bought from MAC Cosmetics

Hollie xx

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  1. Ok, this make up collection is LIFE! Yes, Mac is definitely on the pricey side, but it’s absolutely worth it and it LASTS. 

    First of all, walking into ANY Mac store is dangerous because everything is so appealing and shimmery. This is also the reason I avoid the Mac website as much as possible because I can spend all my time just trying to choose between eye shadow palettes!

    But I love the neutral colors of this collection. I tend to wear more natural looking makeup and this collection seems to fit the bill. Now I’m going to have to take a look! 

    Thank you so much for the recommendation.

    1. I have the same problem as you! Going into a Mac shop often leaves me a whole lot poorer:)

  2. First of all, what a pretty page! Thank you for such an informative reveiw on the Mac Electric Wonder Collection. As you said in your statement, you can’t go wrong with premium brand products, even though they may  be pricey. Do you have any information on the best waterline liner? I’ve struggled so much to find an appropriate brand, and would love to hear your insights on a brand you’re familiar with. 

    1. At the moment I use a Mac waterline liner. Since the product goes so near the eye I like to use a brand I can trust!

  3. I love using the Iridescent powders just to touch up after the foundation and powder. It gives this glow and healthy look on my skin. The best part it covers all my freckles and scars. I also put some powder on my nose as well to give that skinny nose look and do some contouring on the side. And I am ready for summer. I live the eye shadow palette, the natural vibe is so pretty. I love it, the packing somehow reminds me of easter lol. Thanks for the review.

    1. The Iridescent powders are hard not to love!!

  4. I don’t wear much makeup but I do like a nice lipstick/gloss and a good concealer. I like the Make Me Mercurial lip gloss color and the Natural Born Leader lipstick color. Those shades match nicely with my skin tone. Now if I could only find the perfect concealer. This is a nice collection though, thanks for sharing.

  5. Jane Edwin says:

    Great article you have to get geared towards summer preparation. 

     The New Mac Electric Wonder Collection, is essentially needed when trying to bringing back that summer feel to spice up one’s life. 

    There is definitely no better way to do it than with the new Mac Electric Wonder Collection.

    With it’s top quality though pricey, it’s real value for your money. 

    I love Mac Collections, Do you love it too? 

    1. Mac was my first makeup crush!

  6. ananda soultravel says:

    Hi Holly

    You really know your makeup. Thats why I would turn to you for advice. I would like to have a natural conceiler for the black blue rings around my eyes. I got used to it over the years, but a good product recommendation might convince me to start using it. 

    1. Check out Nude by Nature, their stuff is all natural and really good too x

  7. Sam Msaaf says:

    Hi Hollie, 

    Great topic! I really like your review about  the Mac Electric Wonder Collection. I wear make-up often, and after reading your explanation about these great products, I’m looking forward to trying them. Especially the bronzer and lipstick. Great colors for summer. Do you have any advice on finding a mascara that makes the lashes thick and long?

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