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What I love most about Laura Geller makeup is that it’s made for the everyday woman. Laura believes that makeup should be uncomplicated, easy to use and fun for everyone. She started off as a makeup artist but her real passion was in making her own makeup brand which was launched over 20 years ago. Laura Geller makeup is famous for her amazing primers, there are 11 different types of Spackle Under Makeup Primers. I’m only going to review the classic one but I shall write a line or two about the others.


What is Makeup Primer?

If you’re wondering what makeup primer is, don’t worry, you’re not alone in that. For a long time I honestly had no idea what it is or does. Do you need it? What do you do with? How often?

Makeup primer is the base to your makeup allowing it to go on smoother and stay on longer. When you’re wearing a primer you makeup has something to stick to making it stay on better throughout the day. You can buy makeup primers in a gel form, a cream or a powder. Many experts say you can use moisturiser instead of a primer but that the results aren’t quite as good. A moisturiser will soften the skin but a makeup primer helps it stay on and a good one can help smooth out lines and cover pores. Obviously some makeup primers do a better job than others. The trick is finding the good ones!


Spackle Under Makeup PrimerLaura Geller Makeup

This is the product that made the brand and its their best-selling product. It comes in a pretty clear, matte plastic tube. The tube has 56ml/2oz which is a nice size.

The direction for use is to apply a thin layer over your clean (preferably moisturised) face. Then apply your foundation. It can also be worn without foundation and it will still improve your complexion and give you that flawless look.

Spackle is made with natural plant extracts, White Tea and Centella Asiatica Extracts which are anit-oxidants. It also has Aloe Vera which helps soften the skin and moisturise it. Spackle is different to a lot of primers because it is based mostly on water and film forming agent, as oppose to most primers which contain more silicon. Once wearing it it feels very light and it doesn’t leave a lingering greasy feel.

You don’t need to be an expert or a professional makeup artist to use this product, its very easy to apply and it blends really well. When I tried out Spackle Under Makeup Primer I was impressed with how quickly it absorbed into my skin. Also my makeup stayed on much better than it normally would and it didn’t feel heavy like it does when I use other primers. It also gave my skin more of that flawless look.


All the Spackle Under Makeup Primers

Laura Geller Makeup


Spackle Tinted – This comes in 3 different tinted shades- Champagne, Bronze and Ethereal. Bronze is the darkest, champagne is a lighter shade with a yellow base and Ethereal is a lighter shade with a red base. This gives a beautiful shimmer when worn. 

Spackle Supercharged – The selling point for this one is its anti-ageing features. All of the Spackle primers come with anti-oxidants but this one has extra ingredients to promote elasticity and to protect from free radicals. A lot of people who have lines and wrinkles have said that this helped them to be less visible.

Spackle Neutralizer Color-Correcting – This is for an unbalanced complexion, it has peach undertones to help colour correct blemishes, imperfections and freckles. It has a shimmery finish. 

Spackle Treatment Even Tone – This has a pinky peach hue with a touch of a sparkle to it. It colour corrects an uneven complexion and minimises all your imperfections. Over time it reduces darker areas and gives you a flawless look.

Spackle Hydrating Moisturizing – This has added ingredients that moisturise and hydrate the skin. This is good for people who have dry skin. 

Spackle SPF 30 Protective – This is the same as the classic Spackle that I reviewed just with the added SPF 30 which is really useful to have a primer that doubles as a sun cream.

Spackle Matifying Oil Control – The ideal Spackle for oily skin, it minimises pores and oil. It leaves the skin matte and at the same time moisturises it. 

Laura Geller Spackle Treatment – This is the best Spackle for sensitive and irritated skin. The primer has a green tinge to it because often people with irritated skin have red skin and the green colour balances out the red giving the skin a more natural shade.


My Thoughts

In general I love Laura Geller Makeup and I was very impressed with the primer. It’s got just the right balance – it does the job of a primer yet you don’t feel you’re wearing one:) My makeup lasted much better when I was wearing Spackle than other times. When I wear this primer I feel more confident because I know my foundation won’t smudge or get blotchy as the day goes on! I also love the texture especially that it doesn’t have that silicone feel which I find very off putting. This is definitely the BEST primer I have ever used and probably the best one on the market. It does everything a primer should and it very pleasant to wear.

In general, do I think everyone should wear primer?

I personally don’t always wear primer, simply because as a busy Mom I don’t always have the time in my morning routine. However, my foundation Lancome 24 Hour Teinte Idole is amazing and has some ingredients that a good primer will have so its not as necessary. 

Read my Lancome 24 Hour Foundation Review here

I think for people who aren’t into makeup and don’t enjoy using it I would say you definitely do not need a primer on a day to day basis. Yes, your makeup will probably look better with a primer but a good foundation is fine too. Perhaps, keep it for a special occasion when you need to look your best or, for an extra long day when you want your makeup to last that bit longer and better.

Click here to get your Spackle Under Makeup Primer for $32 or here for £25


Hollie xx


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  1. Arta

    Laura Geller Spackle seems to be a really cool product. I like that it is made of natural plant extracts and based mostly on water agent. After reading your review, I wish to give it a try. I have combination skin – which of the products you would recommend to me?

    • Hollie

      I think the classic Spackle Under Makeup primer is the best for combination skin unless you have areas which are oily and you would like to control the oil. In that case I recommend the Spackle Matifying Oil Control. Good luck x

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