Celeb Haircuts That Will Inspire You To Get The Chop

It’s become a recent trend among celebrities to ditch their long tresses for short, chic lobs. It may be hard to believe, but there are many different ways to wear short hair.

Some wear it wavy and some wear it straight, some with a fringe and some with the front longer than the back. I love the short hair trend, I find it has class, and everyone can pull off the look.

If you’re worried about missing your long locks, remember you can always put on extensions! 

There are many advantages to short hair. It’s a lot easier and quicker to wash and style, and it doesn’t get in the way as much. You’ll feel lighter and freer.

Short hair can also take decades off your face and at the same time make you look mature. These are just a few reasons to jump on the bandwagon.

Are you still wondering if short hair is for you? Check out these hairstyles below for serious hair inspo that will inspire you to get the chop! 

1. Holly Willoughby Short Lob

Holly’s shorter lob was one of the main talks on I’m a Celebrity, fans couldn’t understand how she is looking younger and younger. We, on the other hand, know it’s that snazzy lob!

2. Hailey Bieber Long Lob

Hailey Bieber’s long lob is choppy, it accentuates her cheekbones and defines her jawline. In my humble opinion, she totally kills the look. Style it with 2 cute braids to complete the look!

3. Kendall Jenner Lob

I’m generally not a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. It’s all a little too fake for me. However, one thing I can’t deny is Kendall Jenner’s natural beauty. Whatever she tries, she pulls off and looks totally gorgeous!

However, don’t let that put you off trying a layered lob look. If you have straight or wavyish hair that’s not too thick, this lob is ideal for you! With a bit of styling, you can kill the look!

4. Victoria Beckham Lob

Whether you like Victoria Beckham or not, one thing we can all agree on is that she managed to totally rebrand her look. Nowadays she’s all about class, which is a far cry from her streety look back in her Spice Girls days!

Victoria Beckham’s lob is choppy with some natural waves. It radiates confidence and class, and who doesn’t want that?!

5. Jennifer Lawrence Bob

Longer at the front and shorter at the back is a common way to style short hair. It’s flattering and gives your hair a longer look, even though it’s short.

Jennifer Lawrence looks fab in this blonde look which is lighter than her usual hair. Also, I’m loving the straight hair on her too!

6. Natalie Portman Pixie Cut

This image may be from over a decade ago, but it is still pretty and flattering! The main advantage of such a look is how fuss-free it is! It needs barely any styling and takes super-quick to dry.

Not everyone is daring enough to get a pixie cut, but if it’s something you’ve always wanted to try, then go for it!

7. Mila Kunis Lob

Mila Kunis usually rocks long hair, but how fab does she look with short hair?! Short hair allows the face to get more attention, allowing your beautiful features to shine!

8. Winnie Harlow Bob

Although Winnie Harlow is probably wearing a wig in this picture, it’s a look she can pull off with her hair too! That being said, if you’re worried a short bob with a fringe isn’t for you, testing it out with a wig is a great idea!

9. Kristen Bell Bob

Kristen Bell is one of the few celebrities that more often than not has short hair. From straight to curly and bobs to lobs, she’s tried it all! This stick-straight ombre hair look is daring yet stunning!

10. Selena Gomez Bob

This is definitely one of the more daring looks out there, however, Selena pulls it off just fine! It’s ideal for those with wavy hair that’s not too thick. Add a wispy fringe to complete the look!

My Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed these celeb haircuts and I hope they have inspired you to get the chop! Don’t be afraid, if it’s something you’ve always wanted, you can do it!

Hollie xx


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  1. Hi Hollie,

    These celebs I am sure had professional consultations before committing to such drastic changes to their looks. My wife is a hairdresser so I understand how important a new hair style is to a woman and should it not turn out right, well you can expect hibernation until it grows back.

    Is there a certain face type that this is best suited to or does short hair in your opinion suit all types?


    1. You’re right- I’ve hibernated a few times from bad haircuts. However, a good hairdresser can usually give good advice. 

      Everyone can suit short hair, but not everyone suits the same short hairstyle. There are many different short styles. Hopefully soon I will get round to writing a post on what hairstyles different shapes suit.

  2. All great looks. I always admire hairstyles that rocks and these are all amazing my favorite is Jennifer’s. As one gets older, a shorter  gives a younger appearance and it’s easier to manager and style.

    A great haircut improves your physical appearance and might even boost your confidence and positively influence your general attitude in times when you are not feeling so good about yourself.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Thank you for this interesting post, Hollie! I really enjoyed reading it and seeing all these photos. From all the celeb haircuts you are showing here, my favorite is Jennifer Lawrence’s. But I would personally go for something like Miranda Kerr’s myself if I cannot avoid the chop in 2019. 🙂 I have a very natural long hair look at the moment, but I have had short to very short hair cuts at various moments in my life and this is not what I feel like having in 2019… 🙂 

    1. Of course ultimately you have to do what you want and are comfortable with! 

  4. Andrea Kaufman says:

    I like the fact how positive Hollie talks about sporting short hair. It’s not a topic some families want to discuss with their daughters because a lot of dads like their daughters with long hair. The hairstyles shown in this article are not really pixie cuts though, they are what I would call “sporty” hair cuts. 

    My teenage daughter had her hair cut about 2 years ago and it fits her personality since she does a lot of sports. We live in a conservative are and there not a lot of girls her age with short hair. Nevertheless, she gets a lot of compliments. 

    If a girl has a slim face, short hair combined with good eye makeup brings out feminine facial features even more. 

    I think more women should consider a nice short haircut, but a lot of times they won’t because their husband doesn’t like short hair. Cutting your hair is a sign of being adventurous and daring.

     Especially women over the age of 50 should cut their hair, since it gets thinner and it’s harder to color. 

    But what’s the greatest thing about hair? It grows back, and I know that sooner or later, when I am ready, I will get that radical haircut I like



    1. I’m sure your daughter looks beautiful with her short hair! Good for her that she is confident to do what she likes.

      Have a lovely day:)

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