Best Laser Hair Removal Machines for Home Use in 2019

Best Laser Hair Removal Machines for Home Use in 2019

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If you’re fed up of making an appointment with your beautician, for a wax or for a laser session and you hate the shaver then its high time you invested in a hair removal machine of your own.

Many people hate the fact that a random person sees their private parts and this alone is a good reason to invest in one of these machines for yourself. But where to begin with the research? If you’re stuck with that don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a list of the best laser hair removal machines for home use in 2019.

We’ve tried to include a range of prices, size and ease of use so that there is something for everyone.

Our 3 Top Laser and IPL Hair Removal Machines for Home Use

Best of the BestBest for all coloursBest Budget
Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 IPL Hair Removal Device-
4 Attachments
Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device
SYOSIN IPL Hair Removal

Best Laser Hair Removal Machines for Home Use in 2019 (Top 8 Reviews)

If you’re in a hurry here’s a list of our top 8 Hair removal machines.

Philips Lumea Prestige device

Price: £££

Lamp Lifetime: Up to 20 years of flashes

Selling Point: Up to 92% hair reduction in just 3 treatments

Price: £££

Flashes: 300,000

Selling Point: Targets all hair and skin colours

syosin hair removal device

Price: £

Flashes: 400,000

Selling Point: Lightweight and small yet still effective

Price: ££

Flashes: 90,000

Selling Point: One of the only laser machines on the market

Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL Hair Removal BD 5008

Price: ££

Flashes: 300,000

Selling Point: Comes with an extra-gentle mode for minimum pain- perfect for beginners

INLINS IPL Hair Removal Device

Price: £

Flashes: 400,000

Selling Point: Cheap yet effective

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI950 IPL Hair Removal Device- 2 Attachments

Price: £££

Lamp Lifetime: Up to 20 years of flashes

Selling Point: Up to 92% hair reduction in just 3 treatments

Silk’n Infinity

Price: ££

Flashes: 400,000

Selling Point: Treats all hair and skin colours

What’s the difference between laser and IPL hair removal?

Before we get to the best laser hair removal machines, let’s first discuss the difference between laser hair removal and IPL. Don’t get confused by them, people often use laser as the general term for permanent hair removal.

However, they really are two different things and we will be covering both types in this review. Their main difference is that they use different types of lights to target the hair.

IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light, the light that it uses gets scattered and targets a wider area, this means it doesn’t target it as precisely. Laser hair removal works with a light that targets a specific area, making it more precise.

The main difference between the two types of hair removal is the colours they work with. IPL is more effective if you have light skin and dark hair. This is because it needs the contrast in colour to know where to target.

Laser hair removal is effective with lighter hair colour and darker skin too, this is because it targets the actual hair follicle. Another difference between them both is the level of pain they cause, IPL can be more painful than laser hair removal and it is more likely to cause burns. Most hair removal machines for home use are IPL, however, there are a few laser ones too.

Is permanent hair removal really permanent? Like forever?!

What does permanent actually mean? This is a term I was confused by. You see, I was always taught that permanent means forever. Well, that’s not the case when it comes to hair removal. I asked an expert at Braun for her definition of permanent hair removal and this is what she said:

‘The definition of permanent hair removal is a long-term stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing after a treatment regime. This reduction isn’t required to encompass 100% of hairs treated; just a certain percentage. When used as directed, clinical trial participants showed on average 44% less hair 6 months after their last treatment and 36% less hair 12 months after their last treatment, when compared to hair counts taken before treatment. Results can vary from person to person, however, and ongoing maintenance treatments are needed.’

There, you have it. There is actually no such thing as permanent hair removal ever. It always going to be a work in progress. However, don’t lose hope, Using a machine once every few months sounds a lot better and easier than shaving every day!

What’s the difference between professional treatment and at-home treatment?

Knowing which treatment is the best one for you can be overwhelming. Especially when there is such a big choice to choose from. But, before you can decide on a treatment you have to know the differences. So what exactly is different between a professional salon treatment and an at-home do it yourself treatment?

colour scale for laser

Most home treatments are not effective for light hair and dark skin, if you use the machines you will burn yourself. In fact, there are only a few laser machines that can remove hair for darker skin and they are mostly for professional use.

To check if a machine is safe for your colouring we use the Fitzpatrick scale. There are 6 Fitzpatrick types, measured from type I to VI. Type I is the lightest skin and type VI the darkest. Most hair removal machines are safe for I to IV and there are a few that are safe for V and VI too. The best colour combination is light skin and dark hair. (I finally have an advantage to my lovely colouring;))

Professional MachinesHome Machines
Professional treatment is far more expensive. Treatments are anywhere from £100-£1000 a session and you’ll need a minimum of 5 sessions for any single part of your body. Then you will need top-ups every so often too. This all adds up to a lot!Home treatments cost from £100-£800. They can need some maintenance along the way, but the final price doesn’t come anywhere near professional treatment.
Skin tonesMost professional treatments have an option for dark skin tones and blonde hair.Most home machines cannot be used on dark skin tones and light hair or they will burn the skin. There are a few that can be used, they are usually laser machines and they are more expensive.
SafetyA reputable salon will follow the safety and legal requirements for hair removal. They will go through your medical history with you to decide on the best treatment and settings for the machine.You will have to decide the settings on your won, however, the machines all come with guidelines according to your skin and hair colour. All the home machines are made less powerful so that if they are used in the wrong setting there is less chance of hurting yourself.
Ease of useThe trained specialist will know how to use the machine and which settings to use. You can close your eyes and relax.Reaching some areas will be hard and the whole process can take a while. Before you go ahead and buy a machine, make sure you have the stamina not to give up!
Speed of treatmentBecause the machines are more powerful, they take quickly to cover a large area.Home treatments are not as powerful, therefore they take longer to achieve the same results.
PainThere is more pain in the professional machines because they are more powerful. However, this also gets the job done quicker.Home machines are generally less painful as they are less powerful. However, if the are used incorrectly they can also be painful so make sure to triple check the settings before use.
Professional machines can remove hair permanently. Remember that permanent hair removal means long term. Most people have to do top-ups every so often.Home machines are also made for permanent hair removal, which again means long term. You will have to do top-ups. However, it will be for the comfort of your home!

To summarise the main differences between professional hair removal and a home machine, when using a home machine for hair removal each session will take longer and will require patience. You may have to top up more with a home machine than going to a professional, however, the sessions won’t be as painful as with the professional machines. A home machine will also work out to be a lot cheaper in the long run!

The reasons why I prefer a home machine more than going to a professional is because of the cost (who doesn’t love that?!) and because of the privacy. I’m not so fond of strangers seeing my private parts!

I just want to add a small point that before you go and buy any machine make sure it has passed all health and safety regulations and is FDA approved.

How can you choose which treatment to go for? you have to weigh the different option and decide what is the best one for you in terms of time, money and comfort!

Below are the best laser and IPL hair removal machines for home use.

What should you look out for before buying an IPL or Laser hair removal machine?

  • Check if the machine is laser or IPL
  • How many flashes does the device have? The more it has the longer its life.
  • How many energy levels and setting modes are there?
  • What parts of the body can it be used on?
  • What colour range of skin can it be used on?
  • Check your medical history to make sure its safe for you

How to use hair removal machines and how often?

Before using any hair removal device you first have to shave the hair that you wish to remove. Do not wax because then the device will not be able to find any roots since waxing pulls that hair out.

Most devices require wearing safety glasses when operating, it will come with the device if needed. Put your safety glasses on and use the device on the shaved areas. Switch off after use.

A normal hair cycle is 8-12 weeks. During this time you should use the device 1-2 times a week, after which you should be hair-free. Make sure you read the instructions first because every machine operates slightly differently.

After about 2-3 months you may notice some hair growing back in. This is normal, it simply means you need a top-up.

Everyone’s hair is different and grows differently, so too everyone’s hair will react differently to hair removal. Some will need to do it for longer and some shorter.

INLINS IPL Hair Removal Device

“This is excellent value and is simple to use with amazing results”

The first thing that you will notice about the INLINS ILP Hair Removal Device is that it’s very affordable…for a hair removal device that is. And the price doesn’t mean the quality is any less.

INLINS IPL Hair Removal Device

This IPL hair removal machine comes with 400,000 flashes, 5 different energy levels and 2 different treatment settings.

One treatment setting is an individual flash for a targeted area, like the face and bikini. The other setting is a continuous flash, perfect for the legs and arms which are pretty straight forward. This is a really neat feature because it means the treatment will go quicker and you won’t be spending quite as long on it as with other home machines.

The machine has uninterruptible power life without a battery! You won’t have to worry about it dying on you when using it!

This machine can be used on the whole body. It cannot be used on dark skin or blonde and red hair, it will be ineffective as it can’t absorb the melanin.

It is safe and designed to be pain-free. Make sure you follow the instructions on how to use it correctly or it may not be so pain-free. Before using any machine always do a spot test to make sure you are not sensitive to it.

The machine is affordable, easy to use and works wonders. What more could you want?

The Good

Low price

Easy to use

Long life

Lots of setting

The Bad

Not for all hair and skin colours

What’s the bottom line?
INLINS IPL Hair Removal Device is an inexpensive hair removal device that will do the job properly and save you a ton of money in the long run! It will last you for ages too.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 IPL Hair Removal Device- 4 Attachments

Your only regret will be that you didn’t buy it sooner.

They have been labelled as the best IPL hair removal brand in the UK and it’s not without a reason.

It offers all the settings and power you would expect from an IPL device with the addition of 4 curved attachments for different body parts. This makes it easier to use in areas that would usually be difficult.

Philips Lumea Prestige device

As with most other IPL devices, this device is not suitable for the very blonde, red and very dark skin. For the rest, you’re good to go.

You’ll never need to remind yourself when your next treatment is due because with the Philips app you get a personalised treatment plan for each body part. You also receive a step by step guidance on how to use the device properly.

The Philips Lumea Prestige BR1956 will not need the lamp replacing for 20 years. This is a keeper!

You will love the SmartSkin Sensor which will tell you what the most comfortable setting is for your skin. This makes sure you will always get optimum results.

This is Philips only device that comes corded and cordless, another feature that makes it all the more convenient.

The results you will see is 92% hair reduction in 3 weeks- pretty neat if you ask me.

If you are looking for the best IPL machine on the market the Philips Lumen Prestige BR1956 is the one. It may be expensive but you can be sure it will deliver results.

The Good


Attachments for different body parts

It will advise you on the best setting

App will remind you to do your next treatment

The Bad


What’s the bottom line?
There’s a reason why the Philips Lumea Prestige BR1956 is one of the best selling hair removal devices. Check it out for yourself to see just how amazing it is! It’s on half price at Amazon now so grab it before the offer expires!

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI950 IPL Hair Removal Device- 2 Attachments

Enjoy up to 8 weeks of smooth, hair free skin, as chosen by over one million women.

This is the sister device of the Philips Lumea Prestige BR1956.

The only difference between the two is the number of attachments the device comes with. This device comes with 2 attachments as oppose to the other which comes with 4.

The Philips Lumea Prestige BR1950 comes with 2 attachments, one for your face and one for your body. The BR1956 device comes with additional curved attachments, especially for the underarms and bikini area.

This doesn’t mean that this device can’t be used on your underarms and bikini. It’s just a little easier with the curved attachments that are designed for a specific area.

This model is a little cheaper than its sister model.

Like the more expensive model, this device will also sense which setting is the right intensity for your skin. 

The Good

Cheaper than the BR1956

It will advise you on the best setting

App will remind you about your next treatment

The Bad


What’s the bottom line?
The Philips Lumea Prestige BR1950 is identical to the BR1956 minus 2 of the attachments. This makes it more affordable. This model is also half price on Amazon now so go and grab it quickly! You won’t regret it!

Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL Hair Removal BD 5009

This device has changed my world forever!

With this device, you can be hairless in just 4 weeks! Sounds almost too good to be true. Well lucky for you it is true and the reviews on amazon are a proof of just how amazing it actually is.


What makes the Braun Silk Expert 5 unique is that it has a SensoAdaptTM skin sensor. What that means in English is that the settings automatically adapt to your skin tone. No more fiddling and testing to see which is the right setting for you. You can rely on its fabulous technology to do the work for you every single flash of the way.

The machine comes with 3 modes, normal, gentle and extra gentle. This is very good for beginners who may need time getting used to the device being used on sensitive areas.

There is more to love about the Braun Silk Expert 5.

There are 300,000 flashes so you won’t be running out of them anytime soon. It also has 10 energy levels making it safe to use practically anywhere including your face. Another really useful setting is the glide mode which allows you to glide over the skin for faster treatment and to catch any areas you may have missed the first time.

The good news is you can use this on blonde hair, the bad news is that you can’t use it on very blonde, white or red hair as well as very dark skin.

Do you like pain? I imagine not! The Braun Silk Expert 5 is clinically tested to be almost painless.

The Good

Is quick and easy to use

Automatically adapts to your skin tone

Plugs into an electric socket

The Bad

It doesn’t come with protective goggles

What’s the bottom line?
Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL Hair Removal BD 5008 is a great device which will speed up the hair removal process for you by deciding the settings and with its awesome glide feature. It half price on Amazon now so go and get yours before the offer ends.

SYOSIN IPL Hair Removal System

Who says permanent hair removal has to be expensive?

If you’re looking for a budget device that gives results, then this is the one for you!

syosin hair removal device

Weighing just 186g the SYOSIN IPL doesn’t have the professional feel to it that other hair removal devices have.

However, looks can be deceiving. With 5 different intensity settings, 400,000 flashes and that it can be used on the whole body this machine will deliver hair-free skin in no time.

Another huge advantage to the lightweight and small size is that your arm won’t tire out quickly when using it. You can also easily travel with it.

The next thing you’ll notice is that it’s also very safe. It features a two-touch sensor and it cannot be switched on any other way. I don’t advise you to leave it around, but just in case you happen to, no young kids will know how to switch it on.

I’m sure you’re curious about how painful it is to use- it has been clinically proven that this IPL device is much less painful than laser done professionally.

For your convenience, the device comes with goggles and a detachable power cable.

It’s rare to find a machine that incorporates all the features that a hair removal machine needs at the price of the SYOSIN IPL device. So grab this device before everyone catches onto this amazing deal!

The Good


Lightweight and small

The Bad

May take longer to be completely hair-free

What’s the bottom line?
SYOSIN IPL Hair Removal Device is a handy little machine that will last you for years. It may not look impressive but it sure delivers. It’s reviews on Amazon prove that.

Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

Effective on the widest range of hair and skin colours, including the lightest blonds, the reds an dark skin.

The Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device is one of the only IPL devices on the market that targets all hair and skin colours. Blondes, reds, dark skin, the lot!

If you’re willing to splurge a little for a high-quality hair removal device, the Iluminage Touch will take your hair removal experience to a whole new level.

What makes this device unique is that it uses duo technology. It uses IPL and RF (radio frequency), with this combination it will speed up the whole process for you.

The actual device looks like something that has come out of the future with its cool design. It comes with a number of useful accessories.

Included in the box is an Epilator which is useful if you have lighter hair. It will help to use the epilator before the IPL device.

Also included are the actual device, the lamp and protective goggles which you should wear when operating the device.

If you think that’s all, you’re wrong there’s more.

Because of its incredible technology you can treat your whole body in just 30 minutes! This is a device that you need!

The Good

Treats all skin and hair colours

Does the job quickly

Epilator included

The Bad


What’s the bottom line?
Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device is one of the top machines on the market today, especially for harder colouring. Rumour has it that the brand has closed. However, Boots and a few others still have them in stock so go and get yours fast!

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X

The technology used in the Tria Hair Removal 4X gives you permanent hair removal, not hair reduction.

The Tria Hair Removal Laser device is one of the only home laser devices on the market at the moment, and its the only FDA approved one.

Since it’s a laser device it targets each hair follicle and not the general area. This makes the results more permanent.

With 3 times the energy power than other hair removal devices, you will get the results that you can expect to get from a professional salon. However, you should be aware it will probably take a little bit longer.

The secret to the amazing results is that they have taken the same techniques that are used in professional salons and packed them into this fabulous Tria.

Yes, prepare yourselves to be amazed!

The Good

The only FDA approved home laser device

Very powerful

The Bad

Doesn’t work on all hair and skin colours


What’s the bottom line?
If you are looking for a laser hair removal then the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x is ideal for you. It is one of the only ones on the market and does exactly as it should.

Silk’n Infinity 400,000

It’s entirely painless and does not cause irritation, leaving you with beautiful and infinitely smooth skin!

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the Illuminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device then I highly recommend the Silk’n Infinity device. This is another hair removal machine that can remove all coloured hair from all skin colours.

Silk’n Infinity 400,000

The device uses a technology called eHPL. This is Home Pulsed Light combined with Galvanic Energy and Optical Energy. What this does in English is it makes the device more effective. And it’s been clinically proven that it works!

With 5 different settings, 400,000 flashes and a unique built-in skin colour sensor this device is going to last you a while and may just become your best friend in the process.

Like with other hair removal devices the Silk’n Infinity requires patience to see desired results. Especially because it targets all colour hairs it works at a slower pace and its less painful too.

If you have a low pain threshold this device is ideal for you, users report of barely experiencing any pain.

You will receive in the box the Silk’n Infinity 400,000 Device, a power cord, UK, EU and US Plugs, a 2-year guarantee and a user guide. With the different plugs, it comes with it makes it so much easier for you to travel with it and I’m sure you will love that! You will no longer need to remember to pack your adaptors.

The Good

Suitable for all hair and skin colours

It’s pain-free

The Bad

May take a little longer to see results

What’s the bottom line?
The Silk’n Infinity is a cheaper version of the Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device. Why spend so much when you can spend a third of that on the Silk’n Infinity 400,000.

Final Thoughts

The invention of IPL and Laser hair removal machines for home use have changed the face of permanent hair removal. You can now be your own boss and do it in the comfort of your own home.

Reminder: Before operating any of these devices make sure you have read the instruction properly and that it is safe for you to use the device. If you are not sure check with your doctor or a different medical professional.

Did you ever own a home laser machine or will this be your first? Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments below! Which one is your pick for the best laser hair removal machine for home use?

Hollie xx

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  1. Michel

    It’s a real pity that there is no such thing as permanent hair removal. This term should rather be changed to semi-permanent then people would understand it better.

    It looks like a great idea to own one of these hair removal kits, as think of the money one would save. Also because the hair regrowth is slow, one wouldn’t need to shave which is another bonus.

    I wonder if it is possible to try these machines out to test which will be the best for your type of skin before purchasing.

    • Hollie

      In hair removal, this is as permanent as it gets!

      I can’t imagine any brand allowing you to try out a machine mainly because of hygiene reasons. Like everything in life, you can’t always know it will be perfect until you try!

      Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Amanda

    I have tried electrolysis and its costly, painful and for me ineffective although I was told it would work at the time. I have tried the “NONO” but that seemed to make it worse….so maybe trying one of these brands would work for me.

    I have grown unwanted facial hair from a young age and constantly have to pluck, I have been to an endocrinologist and at this time there is nothing to stop this.  It’s an awful thing to have to live with being female.

    • Hollie

      Aww, facial hair is indeed awful. And electrolysis, although usually effective is very painful and costly. Check out the devices in my article, they are the best on the market and I’m sure they can help you! 

      Good luck:)

  3. LearnToEarn Admin

    These are very interesting and top of the range, making them expensive items to purchase outright.What I didn’t find on your site was exactly HOW these devices actually work.How do they remove the hair with a laser?  Does it just burn the follicle at a certain depth and see the hair fall of your leg, or does it melt before your eyes?Looking forward to your soonest answer.

    • Hollie

      Laser devices work by shining a beam of light that kills the hair follicle at the root. You don’t see anything happening when you use the machines because you only laser after you have shaved. What happens is the hair often grows back and then falls out. 


    Very professional article, I never use Laser Hair Removal Machines before, this is my first time to hear this product, and you have a detailed review, also have many different model, I like it! Because I always like to see a different type of the same thing, I need to say that again, you have one of the best reviews I have ever seen!

  5. Adamu2

    I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to the way you highlighted the features,the pros and the cons in this article .I have grown unwanted facial hair from when I was younger and constantly have to pluck,hope this Braun Silk Expert 5 will work for me

    how do they remove the hair with laser? Thanks for the review. Regards

  6. Fortune

    Thanks for sharing this article on best laser hair removal. I have heard from a friend that there is a laser hair removal device but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to make a research on it online. But today i found a review on it on your site. These are really a spectacular device in removing the hair are really nice, light weighed and easy use. I read through the lines of your article that the action of this device on the hair result into permanent removal of the hair. My question is what is the negative effect on human health? Thanks as I await your response. 

    • Hollie

      If you follow the instructions that come with the device, it will have no negative effects on your health.

  7. Rgpratap

    Hi Hollie,
    Very much useful information about hair removal equipment. I have never used hair removal laser or IPL. I always go with normal razor and hair waxing cream not to feel pain. But it doesn’t last long and the hair comes very fast. Just wanted to know about how this laser or the IPL works to slow down the hair growth. How much pain we have to bear while using these products. Is there any side effects?
    Thank you for sharing this information and take care.


    • Hollie

      Each product is different in terms of how much pain. I have written in my post which ones have less. Generally speaking, none of them are too painful. 

      If the devices are used in the correct ways as per the instruction then there will be no side effects.

  8. Chidiking88

    These are awesome technologies.  I have actually never had a laser hair removal device. These are pretty awesome since they have especially the permanent hair remover. However, I love that you explained the meaning of permanent hair remover. That helps to give appreciative meaning to what some of these awesome devices can do. They are also quiet affordable to procure through these links in this article. I personally love the silk n” infinity device because it’s painless and does not cause irritation. Thanks for bringing these amazing products to me.

  9. Sondra M

    Lately, I have gotten so tired of shaving.  Nor do I have any desire to have a random stranger or beautician working on my body.  I save that for a massage therapist.   Anyway, as result, I found your post about laser hair removal and IPL hair removal very informative. 

    I tend to dislike pain, so the Bruan Silk Expert looks like it would have been a perfect machine to start with.   Yet, as you pointed out for those of us that have light hair AND light skin, we will be disappointed with a laser hair removal machine because there will not be enough contrast for it to work on our follicles.    I suppose that I should explore waxing instead.   


    • Hollie

      Laser removal machines simply aren’t for everyone. However, stay tuned because they are always coming out with new products and I’m sure one day soon it will include a device that works on light hair.

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