Beauty By Earths Best Selling Organic Self Tanner

Beauty By Earth’s Best Selling Organic Self-Tanner

Beauty By Earth Organic Self-Tanner is a bestselling fake tan. They sell themselves as the ideal product to get a golden glow without the chemical colors and dyes.

Is it really possible to get a gorgeous golden glow the healthy way? Let’s find out if Beauty By Earth Organic Self-Tanner is really all that!

Those of you who have been following me for a while will already know that I am extremely pale. Most days I only look passable due to the wonders of makeup.

And then I discovered self-tanners.

They are some of the best inventions ever. If you can call them an invention? I don’t know! Either way, they do the job better than any bronzer can. And the best part is, self-tanners don’t wash off at the end of the day.

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Why you need this bestselling self-tanner

  • You want a natural-looking tan
  • You don’t want any harmful chemicals
  • Organic products are important for you
  • You want a product that applies evenly without blotchiness
  • It’s very easy to apply
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive
  • You want your white sheets to stay white!

The rundown on Beauty By Earth’s Best-Selling Organic Self-Tanner


I already mentioned how this self-tanner has all the advantages that a self-tanner should have. And I wasn’t exaggerating, it seriously does. Now, where should I begin? There’s simply too much to mention!

For a while now I have been more conscious of the ingredients of the products I use. I am trying to be a healthier me, this means cutting out the bad stuff from my food as well as from my beauty regime.

It’s a work in progress that will take time and I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, but using a few ‘healthier’ products is already an accomplishment. It’s products like this one that helps me get there quicker.

Beauty By Earth’s Organic Self-Tanner is chemical-free, vegan and cruelty-free.

Beauty By Earth only uses natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and green tea. All of these ingredients are good for your skin and they will give you the added benefit of moisturising your skin too. It’s a much better feeling to use products when you know they don’t have harmful ingredients.

On to the application. It applies like a dream! I always use gloves to apply tanner because obviously, I don’t need the palms of my hands to be darker than the rest of my body. That would look kinda odd!

The self-tanner comes in a tube that is easy to use. The actual cream is different from most self-tanners because it’s white and only changes colour on application. I love how easy it is to apply and the best part is that you won’t experience any creasing or blotchiness. It applies smoothly with even coverage.


The Beauty By Earth Organic Self-Tanner comes only in one shade, and this is not a mistake. The way to use this tanner is to apply it once and let it sink in. If by the next day it is still too light for you then you can repeat the process. Each application of the tanner makes your skin about 1 shade darker.

The lovely thing about this tanner is that it is for anyone and everyone due to its buildable nature. You can keep applying layers for a darker and more intense tan.

This is one of the only tanners on the market that works for pale skin. Most fake tans make me look orange after one use, this one though, made me look sunkissed. It gives the skin a natural tanned glow that gradually fades over time.

If this is your first time using a self-tanner then what you need to do is apply the self-tanner before you go to sleep and go for a shower in the morning so that you can wash off any excess.

After you apply the tanner, wait a few minutes before you sit down or lie on your bed. The product does need to dry!

I found that when I showered in the morning barely any product washed off. This is because most of it gets absorbed into the skin. This shows the quality of the tanner, it really is far superior to most.

Also, the tanner doesn’t transfer onto your sheets after applying it. This is another uncommon feature for a self-tanner and another reason to love it all the more!

A common downside to many tanners is that they have a strong ‘tanning’ smell. This puts many people off using self-tanner, including me! The good news is that the Beauty By Earth Organic Self-Tanner doesn’t smell as bad as others.

In fact, it actually smells amazing when first using it, however, it does develop the smell a little after use but it is much more manageable. And once you shower the smell disappears.

Tip to get your self-tan right

  • Exfoliate your face before applying a fake tan. This will help to prevent any blotchiness or creasing. It will give the self-tanner a smooth surface which is very important with any fake tan.
  • If you have open pores or you have shaved, it may be best to moisturise these areas before applying the tanner.
  • Don’t shower or let the tan come into contact with water within 6-8 hours of using the product.
  • Apply less product to your feet, knuckles, elbows and hands as these areas absorb more product than other areas.

My Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with Beauty By Earth’s Organic Self-Tanner. It does everything a self-tanner should do without many of the negative side effects. If it’s not your jam, check out the Tan-Luxe self-tanners.

Hollie xx


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  1. Thank you for sharing details about this – especially as the days get shorter and it’s harder for everyone to get enough sun. For me the toughest part of using a self tanner is the smell that can linger. Thanks for sharing how the Beauty By Earth’s best selling Organic Self-Tanner does not have this issue and that it is completely gone once you shower. The tips for getting the tan to look great are also very helpful! Thanks so much for all the info!

    1. I totally understand you about the smell! With this self-tanner you get the least side effects possible:)

  2. I like to use natural ingredients for beauty products. This product seems like your perfect description of me. Both my skin and my hair are very sensitive. I tend to dye my hair, but only with herbal hair dye, because otherwise, I fall. My skin is just as sensitive. I will try this product for tanning. It seems like the perfect alternative to me.

    1. Indeed, it is perfect for those who prefer natural ingredients!

  3. Hello Hollie, this is a really nice product and your description on how it is indeed convincing and anyone who wishes to tan their skin would be pleased to see such product. I have not given in to the idea of tanning my skin for a long time now for just one reason which is the fear of having reactions to the product.  I love the fact that its organic but i a would like to hear your opinion on side effect, any?

    1. So far I haven’t heard of any side effects, however, before using any new product you need to do a patch test to make sure you don’t react to it. Try it out on a small area that no-one can see. 

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi!!
    I’ve not really been into self-tanners, because of the chemicals that have been put in them, but I am always looking for  natural and organic products.  This looks very interesting.  It’s something I might consider using.  I’m just curious about the natural ingredients that creates the darker color on a person.  Can you share some of the natural ingredients?

    1. Hi Lynn,

      They use naturally derived Dihydroxyacetone in their Self Tanning Lotion, this is the ingredient that causes the darker colouring.  

  5. Thank you for your in depth review of Beauty by Earth’s self tanner. I have to admit, I am not typically a fan of self tanning products but this one has me intrigued. 

    I am always careful to purchase all natural products, especially when it comes to beauty products. In my experience, even products that claim to have all natural ingredients still include some type of preservative which is more often than not chemical or synthetic based. Do you have any information on Beauty by Earth’s preservative methods? Thanks again!

    1. The preservatives in this product are derived from radish that is fermented. This is a natural preservative that Beauty By Earth uses in all their products. 

      Thanks for stopping by:)

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