Everything You Need To Know About Vagina Tightening Products

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If you’re a woman like me, you have probably noticed the hype around vagina tightening products. And like me, you’ve probably got questions unanswered. What are they exactly? How does it feel? What do they doing, really? Is the whole thing a gimmick?

Throughout recent years, vagina tightening products have dominated the media, with new items entering the beauty industry every week promising to be doing everything from cultivating the pelvic floor to ramping up your love life. 

Many of these products are intended to ‘plump up’ and strengthen the vaginal tissue by growing the collagen content in your vagina, resulting in it being more ‘youthful’.

Let’s make one thing clear: vaginas come in a range of sizes, forms, and shades, and no different than anything else. All of them are pretty freaking awesome, and they can do some amazing things! 

However, if you find yourself wishing things were a little smoother and tighter down there, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to improve it.

There are several explanations for vaginal laxity. Factors such as puberty, age, intense or aggressive pregnancy, poor lifestyle choices are a few things may contribute to vaginal looseness and lack of flexibility.

Google gets millions of keywords checked by women every day to try for a closer vagina treatment.

That’s where vaginal stretching gel and creams come in; in 2020, it’s better to get one of those gels instead of opting for the surgical option that will, by the way, waste your time and resources.

Here are some of the remarkable benefits of vagina tightening products:

Tighten your vagina

Apart from restoring health, this product also helps restore the elasticity of your vaginal skin, which can contribute significantly to sexual performance. After childbirth, collagen production becomes very limited, and our skin loses its elasticity when we age. 

This helps boost the development of collagen in the skin around your vagina to make it more elastic.

Boosts reproductive health

Another benefit is that vagina tightening products include natural antiseptic and antifungal ingredients. They contain neem extracts which preserve your vagina’s wellbeing and decreases your susceptibility to infection.

That also helps to protect and lubricate your skin for a better and healthier reproductive system. The cream helps to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which is one of the muscles that need the most attention post-baby.

Made from natural ingredients

Since some products are ayurvedic thus made of all-natural ingredients, you can be confident that they are safe to use in your most sensitive places. It gives safety and effective results for the ingredients it contains, which are far better than using any other method to tighten your vaginal walls. 

Some people opt for surgery as an option, but I don’t recommend it, it is not a safe method and you have to understand the severe threats that surgical procedures bring on your body.

Hydrating and lubricating

As we grow older, particularly when you’re already in your menopause years, the vagina becomes very dry and stiff, making any contact down there very painful.

Many products contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, and sandalwood oil which all help to lubricate and hydrate your vagina.

All-in-one product

Unlike other methods of tightening the vaginal wall like surgical procedures, this product tackles all other vagina issues.

Surgical procedures can only strengthen your vagina’s outer walls but can not recover its former tightness, safety, and vigour, but this certainly helps shield your vagina from illness and infection.

Feel alive again

Vagina tightening products will give you back the trust you may have lost in vaginal appearance as a consequence of vaginal pain and self-awareness. One of the most common concerns about childbearing is a lack of sexual pleasure and appetite. These products will help give you back what you deserve!

My Thoughts

For some people, the pelvic muscle tissues have low tone and are somewhat more “relaxed,” because the width of the vagina is increased. With vagina tightening products, you will improve your pelvic muscle tissues which will improve your health in the process.

Vaginal tighteners reduce the gap and restore your vagina to its youthfulness. Such products do everything for the loose vagina by strengthening the inner wall, increase sensitivity, battling dryness, and above all, increasing the overall sexual pleasure, which is the main reason people want a tighter vagina.

A compact and youthful vagina has positive effects on your life in terms of health and functionality. While products are great for improving everything, don’t forget to do your regular kegel or pelvic floor exercises. The best way to tighten your muscles is by exercising them, they may be annoying to remember but they are a must for a healthy vagina and body!

Eating better, reducing bad habits and keeping hydrated are a few other recommended ways to improve your vagina tightness.

Are vaginal tightening products nothing more than a gimmick or do they actually work? Investing in a good cream or gel will make all the difference, but yes, these products are the real deal. If you want a tighter vagina this is the way to go. Most of these products are not a long-term solution, but rather you will need to use them daily, or twice a day. However, when you use them, you will see results!

Do you practise your pelvic floor exercises regularly? What’s your main reason for wanting a vaginal tightening product?

Hollie xx

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