Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas that Look Amazing

Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas that Look Amazing

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Now that we’re coming up to Halloween if you haven’t started to think about your Halloween makeup, its high time ya did! Many people get daunted by the thought of coming up with creative makeup ideas and how to execute them. Halloween makeup doesn’t need to be hard, nor very time-consuming. It’s all about picking the right design.

I have scoured Instagram for the best and easiest makeup looks that will give you a killer Halloween look. Here I will be sharing with you some simple Halloween makeup ideas. These may look hard to copy, but actually, with a few simple steps, they are really very easy. The best part is, you don’t need to be a makeup artist, or have an artistic flair to recreate these looks.

Halloween Spider Look

Simple, yet effective! My favourite part is how versatile this look is. You can achieve it with your regular day to day makeup or with face paint. All you need to do is stick to cool and dark colours, mainly black obviously! You can create the spiders however big or small you like. To create a little definition to them add some greys or whites, this will make the spiders pop out, giving them a 3D appearance. With this look, it’s hard to get it wrong!

Glam Vampire

This look is a real killer. It has the perfect balance of creepy and glam all at the same time. You can use your regular day to day makeup for this look. Stick to lighter base colours and red and purple eye makeup. To complete this look you’ll need some fake blood. Overall, an easy and highly effective look to recreate.

The Pumpkin Queen

This is one of my favourites! If you don’t like all the creepy and bloody looks then this is perfect for you. And it’s really simple too. The one thing you definitely need to recreate this look is face paint, don’t skip that out because only face paint will get you that intense orange look. This is another Halloween makeup idea that is foolproof!

Tim Burton Character

Ok, so this look is a little harder to recreate than some of the other ideas. However, it’s easier than it looks. The focus should be on the eyes, start by making an outline from halfway down your nose, until above your eyebrows. Once you have that outline, you will see the idea starting to formulate. P.s, the makeup does not go in your eye, it is on your eyelids. The picture is taken with her eyes closed!

Devil Lady

Another killer look that is pretty easy to copy. You’ll need red face paint and some black eyeliner. Use the eyeliner on your lips too and put some clear lipgloss on top to create that high definition shine. I love how she continued the look on her body, it really gives it that kick. However, the showering after must be pretty messy!

Upside Down Eye

So this is actually an old photo and I don’t think it was made with Halloween in mind. However, it is creepy and anything creepy fits Halloween. For this, I recommend covering one eyebrow with some eyebrow plaster so that you get the proper effect. Then copy the exact steps that you do on your ‘normal’ eye on the other eye, except the opposite way round. Use your own ideas on the colours and make it as gory or as glam as you like!

Bad Girl

A cute look indeed! All you need is black paint and the job is done. You can’t get this wrong, even if the black paint smudges it can enhance the look and add a little edge to it. I love how she has applied the black to her neck too, it looks freakin awesome.

Stitched Together

Not creepy, yet it still has that gory vibe. To achieve this simple yet fabulous Halloween look, apply a dramatic base and apply some simply stitching lines on top. The look is easy to copy, yet super effective.

Wicked Queen

What could be better for Halloween that a Wicked Queen?! The contrast of colour makes this look all the more dramatic, so if you’re darker-skinned use some white paint to create it. Another tip is don’t forget to use some fake lashes. The bigger, the better!

These are some of my favourite simple Halloween makeup ideas to recreate. They are easy to copy and most are foolproof. If you change a bit of the design you will not lose the effect. Add your own creativity on to these looks with added glitter or even blood.

These ideas are versatile and the main thing to remember is to always have fun. There’s no better time for it than Halloween. Try something different!

What is your favourite Halloween makeup look and why?

I hope these simple Halloween makeup ideas have helped you come up with a brilliant idea for this years Halloween.

Happy Halloween and bring it on!

Hollie xx


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3 Responses

  1. Wendy

    These Halloween makeup ideas are awesome and just what I’m looking for. We have a party to go to this Saturday and I had no idea what to do. I think I am going to be an evil queen because I do have a crown and a black dress. This one looks easy enough. Thanks for all the ideas!

  2. Andy

    Great article!

    I love some of these designs, the upside-down eye looks brilliant really makes you double-take. The stitching one looks cool as well, me and my wife go to a Halloween party every year and it can be a nightmare coming up with ideas, costumes, makeup.

    I will show these to my wife she will love them, as you say they are simple to apply and you can add your own stamp on them, thanks.

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