How to Stop Nail Polish Ruining Your Nails

How to Stop Nail Polish Ruining Your Nails

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Do you love having your nails polished but feel guilty that the polish is ruining you nails? Then you’ve come to the right place. Having beautiful and healthy nails does not have to be a contradiction. Its all about how you look after your nails, before and after a manicure. Below are some easy tips and tricks on how to stop nail polish ruining your nails.


Wear a base coat

If you apply nail polish without any steps to help to strengthen the nails, your nails will weaken over time. They will also have some discolouration, dryness and there can even be breakages. A base coat will help reduce some of these side effects, especially the discolouration.


Don’t peel the polish off

I know how tempting this is, but seriously, don’t, ever! When you peel off nail polish, you are also peeling off the top layer of your nails. This will just weaken your nails further and cause breakages.


Avoid Removers with Acetone

The standard nail polish remover comes with an ingredient called acetone. Acetone dries out the nails and can cause the nails to weaken, split and sometimes infections. Try to buy ones without acetone, a really good one is the Nailtiques Non-Acetone Polish Remover. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and it’s very gentle too.


Stay away from gel manicures

While the gel itself isn’t so harmful in all gel manicures, the 10 minute acetone afterwards is the killer. Its obviously much worse than just removing your nail polish with remover that has acetone in it. 10 minutes is a long time to soak your precious hands in a destroying chemical. It can cause irreversible damage so my advise is- keep away.


Give your nails a break

This is a hard one for those who feel naked without nail polish. However, it will give your nails a longer life so its totally worth it in the long run! Wearing nail polish the whole time without any breaks is exhausting on the nails. Even though nails are essentially dead, they still need to breath. Taking breaks form nail polish will give your nails back their strength. Try to take 2 week breaks every few months.


Can you still wear nail polish?

Yes, of course you can, and no harm will come it you take the right precautions. Most things in life have a better way and a less better way to do them. The key is finding the right way that works for you! For me these, steps are pretty easy and I hope you find them easy for you too. Let me know what works for you in the comments below. Do you have any other tips?

Hollie xx

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4 Responses

  1. Che

    OH MY Gees! You have just saved my nails and my little daughter’s nail. We love playing with nail polishes and I have never been aware of all the things you wrote on this post. First, the acetone – my daughter like the very cold sensation when using it – never taught it’s very harmful and damaging. And secondly, peeling of the nail polish is very fun – I never thought of peeling a layer of my daughter’s nail and my own whenever we do it – it was just fun! .Oh never again. 

    Oh I’m really grateful for this article – you turn my way of nail polish practice upside down! 

    Looking for More powerful posts from you. 

    Habe a great day/eve! 

    God bless,


    • Hollie

      Don’t worry, you’re not alone in not knowing these things. I also didn’t until a short while ago! The trick is to keep learning:))

      Hollie x 

  2. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for the post dear. I have a problem with my nails and i didn’t know why after manicure my nails become dry and start to break down. i am going to follow your advice especially giving break to my nails and i hope it will work.

    You have done a great review.

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