Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas To Try In 2022

Valentine's Day Makeup Ideas To Try

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and there’s no better love than self-love! There are loads of different ways to give yourself love, but one of them is doing what makes you feel good. And for many people, that’s getting creative! Doing creative things relaxes and makes you feel good. We’ve put together some of the best Valentine’s Day makeup ideas that you can try. Get ready for lots of pinks, reds and hearts! Feel loved while creating lovable looks! Read More

ColourPop Secret Admirer Valentine’s Collection


ColourPop doesn’t miss any opportunity to bring out a new collection. And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, they’ve obviously released a full Valentine’s collection. Introducing the ColourPop Secret Admirer Collection! It’s full of pinks in every shade, and it’s totally swoon-worthy! Read More

Urban Decay NEW Wild Greens Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay NEW Wild Greens Eyeshadow Palette copy

Urban Decay has just released yet another eyeshadow palette. Not that we’re complaining! We love Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, from the formulas to the application we love it all! Some of our favourite eyeshadow palettes are the Wild West, the Naked 3, the Naked Reloaded and the Naked Heat, to name a few! What’s different this time around is that Urban Decay has ventured into new waters, their new palette is all about green eyeshadow. Introducing the Urban Decay Wild Greens Eyeshadow Palette! It’s an exciting release that’s bringing all the Spring vibes to this long winter. But is it as original as they claim? Let’s find out! Read More

10 Neutral Eyeshadow Looks For All Occasions And Levels


We’ve put together here some of the best neutral eyeshadow looks for all occasions. We’ve included party looks as well as every day and work ones! Also included are looks for every skill level, from beginner to pro, we’ve got you covered! Read More

Elf Cosmetics NEW Cookies ‘N Dreams Collection

Elf Cosmetics NEW Cookies 'N Dreams Collection

Eating your makeup has never been so tempting. The Cookies ‘N Cream, oops I mean Cookies ‘N Dreams Collection is bound to make your mouth water. Who doesn’t love cookies and cream? It’s the perfect combination in ice cream and no doubt in makeup too. With a cute play on the words, Elf Cosmetics changed it to a collection of dreams. Let’s see if this collection really has what it takes to be the collection of dreams. Read More

ColourPop Lunar New Year Collection 2022


A recent trend in the makeup world is to bring out a new collection for the Lunar New Year which is the Chinese new year. Even though we don’t celebrate it, new makeup collections are never something to complain about! The more, the merrier! And no surprise ColourPop is one of the brands to do so. They drop collections at any opportunity and we love it! Read More

The Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palette in 2022


Neutral eyeshadow is one of those things in life that are here to stay! Fashions come and go, but neutrals are timeless and a neutral eyeshadow look is one you simply can’t go wrong with. We’ve put together the very best neutral eyeshadow palettes of all time! With these eyeshadow palettes, you can create any look, from cut-crease to smokey and everyday to party. We’ve included and reviewed eyeshadow palettes for all budgets and needs. From designer palettes to drugstore ones, we’ve got you covered! Read More

15 Purple Eyeshadow Looks For Every Eye Color And Skill Level


It used to be that bright coloured eyeshadow like purple was only for the daring, more venturesome people. However, with the advance in beautiful eyeshadow palettes, and trends changing, wearing purple eyeshadow is bigger and trendier than ever before! There are loads of different ways to wear purple eyeshadow, it doesn’t need to be out in your face. We’ve put together the best purple eyeshadow looks featuring something for everyone. From skill level to eye colour as well as subtle purple eyeshadow to smokey and bright ones! It’s time to get creative and have some fun! Read More

Natasha Denona Bestselling Biba Eyeshadow Palette Is Now In Mini


Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palettes are well known for their beautiful shades, amazing quality… and exorbitant prices! While they are much loved by anyone who tries them, many don’t get around to it because they are simply too expensive. That’s where Natasha Denona got clever and started making mini eyeshadow palettes, and they sure are a hit! This release is particularly exciting because the mini palette is based on their bestselling Biba eyeshadow palette! Now you can get your favourite eyeshadow palette for a fraction of the price albeit with fewer shades, but we think it’s worth it! Read More

Pat McGrath Labs Launches a Bridgerton Makeup Collection


If you’ve watched Bridgerton, then you know that this is an exciting release that even Lady Whistledown would report! Ever since Bridgerton was aired on Netflix, we’ve all wanted a piece of Bridgeton. It’s definitely a fantasy world, but now you can get your very own piece of it with Pat McGrath’s stunning, limited edition Bridgerton Collection! Read More

The Best Concealer For Mature Skin in 2022


We’ve put together here the best concealers for mature skin, but really for any aging skin that’s past its prime as well as, dry skin. All of these concealers have hydrating ingredients as well as ingredients that will stop the concealer from settling in your lines. From drugstore to luxury and light to full coverage, there’s a concealer for every budget and every need! Read More

Fenty Beauty NEW Liquid KillaWatt Fluid Freestyle Highlighter

Fenty Beauty NEW Liquid KillaWatt Fluid Freestyle Highlighter

Fenty Beauty has just announced the release of their bestselling KillaWatt highlighter in a liquid form – the Liquid KillaWatt Fluid Freestyle Highlighter. This is a super exciting release in the beauty world because their KillaWatt Freestyle highlighter in cream-powder form is a real win. To put it mildly, there are high hopes for the liquid version! Read More

Colourpop Smoke N’ Roses Mega Shadow Palette Is Here


ColourPop has just released another 30-pan eyeshadow palette! For all those who love their big palettes, you’re gonna love the Smoke N’ Roses palette! Similar to the Bare Necessities palette, only with pinkier and rosier tones throughout. It’s just as the name suggests, the palette gives off a rose vibe featuring the many different shades you would find in a pink rose. Read More

Winter Eyeshadow Looks and Trends To Try This Year copy

With festivity in the air and the holidays nearly upon us, spice things up a bit by swapping out your regular eyeshadow looks for wintery or festive ones. Eyeshadow is an easy way to express yourself and have fun! We’ve searched the web and put together the best and most fun wintery eyeshadow looks and trends. From classy to sparkly we’ve got it all! Read More

10 Of The Best Smokey Eyeshadow Palettes In 2022


Smokey eyeshadow is a look that is here to stay and the proof is that we simply can’t get enough of it! From neutral smokey eyes to all colours of the rainbow, there’s a look and palette for everyone. We’ve put together here 10 of the best smokey eyeshadow palettes, from budget to luxury as well as all shades of smokey that you can think of! Read More

The Stunning Roaring Hearts Holiday Collection by ColourPop is Here


What do you love most about ColourPop? Their amazing value for money or their stunning collections? For me, it’s the combination of both! They’ve managed to create quite a unique stand for themselves in the beauty world and we can’t get enough of it! Their latest collection- the Roaring Hearts Collection is no exception. From the glam packaging to the gorgeous shades of the eyeshadows and lipsticks, it’s everything you can dream of in a holiday collection! Rock your look with this art deco inspired collection- the roaring ’20s is back! Read More

Natasha Denona NEW Glam Face Palette Eye & Cheek Essentials

Natasha Denona NEW Glam Face Palette Eye & Cheek Essentials

Natasha Denona is a fave for many when it comes to the palettes, and they’ve done it again with their new Glam Face Palette! Luxury, useful and beautiful colours, it has it all! Available in 2 options- light and dark, these palettes have everything you need for a face and eye look. And the best part about these palettes is they are neutral! Yup, a neutral lovers dream.

20 Best Nordstrom Beauty Gifts For Makeup And Skincare Lovers

20 Best Nordstrom Beauty Gifts For Makeup And Skincare Lovers

Buying your gifts early is one of the ways to survive the madness that the holiday season brings. And let’s be real, it’s never too early to begin shopping! If you love Nordstrom as much as we do, then you will know that it has every type of gift for beauty lovers. We’ve scoured their website and put together the best of Nordstrom’s beauty gifts for every makeup and skincare lover. For all ages and all budgets- we’ve got you covered! Read More

Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Collection Is Here!


Introducing the Huda Beauty Rose Quartz Collection! It’s a stunning collection full of beautiful and useful makeup, including a dazzling eyeshadow palette as well as a lip product and a highlighter. The colouring is all based on the rose quartz stone, which is pale pink in colour. However, it’s the meaning behind the rose quartz that was Huda’s inspiration! Read More

Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar 2021

Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar 2021

Revolution Beauty doesn’t do things in small numbers. Where most brands would have 1 or 2 advent calendars, Revolution Beauty has a whopping 7 in the UK and 5 in the US! Yep, you heard correctly, they have that many advent calendars! And what makes it even better is that they are all affordable. Revolution Beauty in general has a really great balance of price vs quality! You get excellent value for money. Read More

16 Best Beauty Gift Sets For Women in 2022


With the holiday season right around the corner, well, kinda. There’s still another 2 months, but when it comes to Christmas shopping you can never have enough time. Nor enough help for that matter. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and put together the ultimate collection of the best beauty gift sets for women, including beauty products for every budget and need, from hair products to makeup and skincare. There’s something here for everyone! And the fun part is that gift sets are always worth more than they cost! Love a bargain? I know I do! Happy shopping! Read More

10 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Old


Makeup is a very powerful tool, that if used correctly can take years off your face. However, the opposite is also true, use it in the wrong way and you can unintentionally add years. Have no fear, that doesn’t need to be you, we’ve put together 10 makeup mistakes that make you look old, and the simple ways that you can avoid them. With a few tricks, you will look fantabulous! Read More

MAC Will Hypnotise You With Their New Hypnotising Holiday Collection


MAC Cosmetics holiday collections are always impressive and this year’s Hypnotising Collection is no exception! It’s dramatic, it’s fun and it will definitely get you in the holiday spirit! With shocking pinks and bright red, this collection will catch anyone’s attention. That’s not to mention the fabulous hypnosis spiral packaging- just watch out not to get yourself hypnotised whilst looking at the makeup! Read More

The Best Eyebrow Pencils For Sparse Eyebrows in 2022


Today we are inundated with eyebrow pencils in all shades of colours and budgets, but sometimes too many options can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the homework for you and put together the best eyebrow pencils for sparse eyebrows in 2021. We’ve included a full range of luxury to budget eyebrow pencils as well as eyebrow pencils for every shade of skin and hair! Read More

Apply Your Eyeshadow Like A Pro With These 10 Easy Tips & Tricks


Applying eyeshadow can be a challenge. We’ve all been there. When I look back at all my years improving my technique, I’ve always thought what a shame that no one introduced these techniques to me earlier. Imagine if I would have read a blog post with all eyeshadow tips and tricks when I started out? It would’ve saved me from lots of bad eyeshadow days, as well as lots of time! Well, that’s exactly what this blog post is, it’s your eyeshadow cheat sheet to get to the top without wasting years on it. Learn how to apply your eyeshadow like a pro with these easy tips and tricks! Read More

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette Has Just Gone Mini!


Oooh, I do love a Naked palette, even better than a full-sized Naked palette is a Naked palette that fits into my handbag! I think it may possibly be noticeable that I’m a fan of the Naked palettes, probably from all my reviews! One thing that is indisputable when it comes to Urban Decay is that they know how to do eyeshadow palettes! From the colour stories to the formula, they don’t take shortcuts. Each and every time they deliver, some palettes turn out better than others but overall, they’re all pretty good! Let’s see if the Naked 3 Mini can compete with their best! Read More