10 Vegan Beauty Subscription Boxes That Ship Internationally!

Vegan Beauty Subscription Boxes

If you enjoy the concept and thrill that comes with mystery boxes, plus have an affinity for vegan beauty, then you’ll likely wanna try your first (or nth) vegan beauty subscription box! There’s loads of excitement when it comes to these and it’s like opening your Christmas presents every month! You get to receive a bundled set of beauty products that may push you to try new stuff too. They’re a great way to explore other ingredients and formulas! Read More

Best Self Tanners For Pale Skin in 2020


With beach weather finally here, it’s time to top up on that golden sun-kissed skin. And no, I don’t mean sunbathing! Sunbathing doesn’t always lead to getting a tan, especially with pale skin, what it does lead to is harmful rays penetrating the skin. Personally, I’m done with trying to get a tan from the sun. My 20’s were full of sunbathing but now in my 30’s I’ve finally matured and realised just how dangerous the sun really is. And as a side point, it’s not like I ever got a tan from the sun! All I got was thousands of freckles and often a burn to top it up! Yes, lovely! Welcome self-tanners! With self-tanners, you get a beautiful sun-kissed tan in a matter of minutes without the harmful rays. Read More

20 Beauty Blogs That You Should Follow!


Beauty blogs are the way to go for all the latest news and tips on makeup and beauty! I have put together some of my favourite beauty blogs on the web that you should follow, starting today! Read More

10 Unusual & Weird Beauty Tools That Actually Work!


In the beauty industry alone, there are new inventions the whole time. Some are innovative. And some are, let’s just say, amusing. But to be fair, all of these fabulous ideas come from wanting to help others out! If you love unorthodox or weird ways to achieve your beauty results, these beauty tools and inventions were made for you! Read More

Oh, The Things We Do For Beauty: 10 Wonderfully Weird Beauty Trends


There’s no doubt that beauty comes in many shapes, colours, and sizes, but even more, the ways to achieve beauty is just as vast. From lead-based makeup, arsenic food, neck rings to feet binding and extreme DIY skincare. History is full of these weird and wonderful beauty trends. Read More

14 Elegant and Easy Nail Art Design Ideas and Inspiration


While it might be easier to slap on some acrylic, stick-on nails, I prefer the feeling of nail polish. And why have boring nail polish when you can spice it up with some easy and elegant nail art design. Nice nails help my eyes when wandering off away from my screen when working! Which does happen…far too often! Read More

Best Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin in 2020


Don’t be put off using a razor if you have dry or sensitive skin, it’s true shaving increases the sensitivity but there are ways around it. Choosing the right razor will make all the difference. We’ve rounded up the best razors for women with sensitive skin in 2020. Read More


It’s All About Diet & Lifestyle: Ways to Boost Your Immune System

While our scientists are racing against time to create a vaccine for the insidious COVID-19, you and I can help them and buy them time by keeping our immune systems in check. It’s also a good reason to start looking after your overall wellness. After all, good inner health results in better physical health and boosting your immune system does just that! Read More


Reanimate Dull Skin With Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioners

The summer season is still a couple of months away but my skin is feeling dryer than your regular medieval spinster. It’s long past winter too so what is going on, Skin? Am I not drinking enough water for you? Aren’t you satisfied with the layers and layers of lotion and gels I spoil you with?! Read More


Recipes and WHO-recommended guides for homemade hand sanitizers

Alcohol and sanitizers are flying off the shelves at the speed of lightning. Even resellers and online retailers are not much help in obtaining a hand sanitiser because they’re either sold out or selling for unbelievable, ridiculous prices. Read More


Best Hygiene Tips to Keep you Healthy Inside & Out

With the current surge of the Coronavirus pandemic, we can’t help but bring out our inner bubble boy. Tissue paper, sanitizers and detergents have become the trend. And staying indoors is a fad we must follow. The whole thing is crazy. But one thing that really struck me from the way people are behaving is that it’s almost like hygiene is something that goes in and out of style when the season calls for it. Read More


Everything You Need To Know About Vagina Tightening Products

If you’re a woman like me, you have probably noticed the hype around vagina tightening products. And like me, you’ve probably got questions unanswered. What are they exactly? How does it feel? What do they doing, really? Is the whole thing a gimmick? Read More