It’s All About Diet & Lifestyle: Ways to Boost Your Immune System

While our scientists are racing against time to create a vaccine for the insidious COVID-19, you and I can help them and buy them time by keeping our immune systems in check. It’s also a good reason to start looking after your overall wellness. After all, good inner health results in better physical health and boosting your immune system does just that! Read More


Reanimate Dull Skin With Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioners

The summer season is still a couple of months away but my skin is feeling dryer than your regular medieval spinster. It’s long past winter too so what is going on, Skin? Am I not drinking enough water for you? Aren’t you satisfied with the layers and layers of lotion and gels I spoil you with?! Read More


Recipes and WHO-recommended guides for homemade hand sanitizers

Alcohol and sanitizers are flying off the shelves at the speed of lightning. Even resellers and online retailers are not much help in obtaining a hand sanitiser because they’re either sold out or selling for unbelievable, ridiculous prices. Read More


Best Hygiene Tips to Keep you Healthy Inside & Out

With the current surge of the Coronavirus pandemic, we can’t help but bring out our inner bubble boy. Tissue paper, sanitizers and detergents have become the trend. And staying indoors is a fad we must follow. The whole thing is crazy. But one thing that really struck me from the way people are behaving is that it’s almost like hygiene is something that goes in and out of style when the season calls for it. Read More


Everything You Need To Know About Vagina Tightening Products

If you’re a woman like me, you have probably noticed the hype around vagina tightening products. And like me, you’ve probably got questions unanswered. What are they exactly? How does it feel? What do they doing, really? Is the whole thing a gimmick? Read More