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Mama Mio Sleep Easy KitMama mio sleep easy kit

Finally a solution to sleepless nights whilst pregnant! To say I’m happy is an understatement, pregnancy and sleep do not seem to go together for me! And since I’m pregnant this is very much applicable to me. Many people say to me enjoy your sleep whilst the baby’s inside, but honestly, I find I get better sleep when the baby is out. Once the baby is born at least the little sleep I get is good quality sleep, unlike now where my sleep consists of a lot of tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position:) Let’s find out if the Mama Mio Sleep Easy Kit is the ticket to sleeping well again during pregnancy! Read More


Tan Luxe reviews

Tan-Luxe Review – The Best Fake Tanning Products

With summer upon us who doesn’t want to look sun-kissed. And by that I mean with a gorgeous, golden tan. There’s no better way to achieve this than with Tan-Luxe self tanning products. Tan luxe have changed the face of the tanning industry, their products have taken self tanning to a whole new level! The products are really easy to use and leave no side-effects, unlike most self tanning products. They are also unique in their application, as you will soon see. They are hands down some of the best fake tanning products around. I hope you enjoy these Tan Luxe Reviews. The products I have chosen to review are the Self-Tan Drops and the Illuminating Tanning Lotion because in my humble view they are the best! Read More


Tips on body confidence- learn to love your body

Tips on Body Confidence – Learn to love your body

If you have always loved your body and every part of it then WOW, I’m in awe! I think I can speak for most people and say that almost everyone at some stage in their life dislikes something on their body. And yes, this is normal. I think this is something that is particularly hard for the teens of our generation. Social media causes pressures that I would have never known growing up. All we had was things like MSN, whereas the teenagers of today have the pressure of getting likes and followers and in general there is much more of negativity and body shaming. This causes untold pressure and unhappiness. Read More 


the best way to shave your legsThe Best Way to Shave your Legs – Tips and Techniques

Shaving your legs can sometimes be a challenge. Most people who shave their legs regularly will have experienced cutting themselves at some point. This can happen either from the shaver slipping or simply not being careful enough which is very frustrating. I am going to share with you the best way to shave your legs to prevent these accidents from happening! Read more



Top 10 beauty mythsTop 10 Beauty Myths Debunked

There are lots of beauty tips and methods out there that people think will help their skin care and beauty regime. A lot of them are myths. I am going to share with you my top 10 beauty myths. Read more





Liquid Hand Soap ReviewLiquid Hand Soap Review-Budget or Luxury?

Since hand soap is one of those things that is a necessity in every home I have decided to share my experiences with you in this Liquid Hand Soap Review. I have always preferred liquid soaps over bars of soaps. I find them more hygienic and easier to use. When I was growing up we often had a few luxury liquid hand soaps at home because their smell and quality were so much superior to the regular soaps. However, nowadays with SO much choice of everything the best quality may not be exclusive to the luxury brands..Read more



 Online body care productsJimmy Choo Perfume Review

Usually before I’ll buy a perfume I like to spend a while researching and testing out a few. This is the first time I bought a perfume without doing any of that and I love the perfume!  I hope this Jimmy Choo perfume review helps you in choosing your perfect fragrance!

I was in duty free in a bit of a rush and in desperate need of a perfume. The one I had been using had just finished and I hate starting my day without putting on perfume. So I was a bit desperate. Read more


The Best Relaxing Bath ProductsThe Best Relaxing Bath Products

I have this thing for relaxing bath products. At the end of a long day all I  want to do is have a nice relaxing bath- obviously this helps if the bath products are designed to do that. Luckily for us in the 21st century we have plenty of products that are designed especially for that.

I have spent some time researching what the best relaxing bath products are and I’m excited to share my results with you! Read More