ways to make your period shorter

Ways to Make Your Period Shorter

I don’t think there is anyone on this planet who enjoys their time of the month. With the cramps, tiredness and moodiness, it’s understandable why. With that being said, who wouldn’t want to make their period shorter if they could? Count me in! I have put together a few natural ways to make your period shorter and hopefully less painful too.

Heat will speed up your period

Taking a warm bath when you have your period will actually help your period speed up. The heat will relax your pelvic muscles, which will dilate your blood vessels and help the blood flow out quicker.

Get more vitamin C

vitamin c to shorten period

When you lose blood you often lose iron which causes you to be tired. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron better. Vitamin C is a mild inflammatory, this will help reduce stomach cramps. Vitamin C may also reduce your progesterone level which means blood will be able to flow out quicker, thereby, speeding up your period.

Exercise Regularly

This is a hard one- who in their right mind wants to start exercising when they feel as if someone has kicked them in their stomach? This is an ongoing battle for me. And usually my stomach wins, However, don’t be like me, if you want to make your period shorter ignore your cramps and do some exercise. Exercise will improve circulation and blood flow in your body, which will make you period faster.

Keep Away From Sugar

sugar will make your period longer

Food is a very powerful tool. It can make you feel ill, yet it can also make you feel better. Watching what you put in your mouth when you have your period can affect you hugely. I know how tempting it is to turn to your comfort food when those cramps kick in, but actually, that will just make the pain stay. If you want to kick those cramps, stay as far away from sugar as possible. Processed sugar does not have any positive effects on the body, the time you’ll feel this the most is when you don’t feel good.

Don’t Use Tampons

This is a slightly tricky one because tampons are the most convenient and practical because you don’t feel the blood and there is less chance of leaking. However, tampons may cause the blood to flow slower because there is less space for it to go. A good alternative to using tampons is the menstrual cup.

Drink Raspberry tea

raspberry tea good for periods

Raspberry tea will help your period be healthier. Drinking it will help tone the muscles of the uterus and will help against very heavy bleeding.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking a lot of water will help you flush everything out of your system which will help your period to finish quicker. Drinking plenty of water will also help you with cramps.

All of these methods will make your period more bearable. If you do all of them at the same time you should see some solid results with the length of your period. Your period should be shorter. I’ve tried and tested these steps yet I always fail with the exercise part. However, even without the exercise, I noticed I had fewer cramps, more energy and my period was undoubtedly shorter. Did any of these tips work for you? Do you have any other methods to make your period shorter?

Disclaimer: None of this advice is in the place of a doctor. If your periods are extremely heavy, long or painful, make an appointment with your doctor.

Hollie xx

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  1. Hi Hollie, you seem to have a lot of great tips here. My period is usually about a week, because I lose quite a little blood overall. I assume that if it was shorter, there would be a higher leakage, especially in the first day. So I’m not really sure I want that. 

    But anyway, I like the heat tip – I take long, hot baths all the time and it really helps me relax. I don’t have a lot of cramps, so I can’t tell if it helps the pain or not.

    Obviously, eating healthy helps a lot, but who doesn’t crave for chocolate in those days? But I do agree with your tips regarding extra hydration and consuming more vitamins. I’m not a fan of exercising, but I heard that it can make your period faster (it wasn’t from a certain source, but now I have the confirmation).

    Thanks for all these tips.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ashley. Perhaps don’t try to make it faster until the heavy bleeding at the beginning is over. I totally get that you don’t want a higher leakage in the beginning!

  2. Jamiro Hazel says:

    This is a very useful topic for many women out there who struggle with menstruation cycles that last very long which can be very annoying as it an get in the way of daily activities that they might have to do. There are so many natural ways to help this issue and allow the week of menstruation to be a lot more bearable. water and physical activity can do so much benefit for our bodies. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, thankyou Hollie! Anything to speed up my period is definitely worth listening to. I will be trying the extra vitamin c that’s a great tip!  and the raspberry tea if its a great way to ease heavy bleeding. I will in fact book mark this page for easy reference for next time. Because unfortunately for us girls there is sure to be a next time 😉

    1. Good luck and I hope these tips work for you!

  4. Hi Hollie,

    I really like your post. I enjoyed reading it! 

    I just wanted to add some suggestion to the post based on may experience with periods.

     As you may know, during our period iron level go down due to the blood loss. Since each iron molecule in the blood carries 2 molecules of oxygen, hence when you loose blood you loose oxygen, which affects our energy levels. I noticed that eating dark green vegetables during my period helps does wonders with my energy level during my period. Also taking fish that is high in omega 3 helps with inflammation as well. Just wanted to add that. Well done with the content!



    1. Hi Pam and thanks for stopping by. 

      My post is mainly focusing on ways to make your period shorter so I didn’t include them, but you are right. Eating leafy vegetables and fish does help with energy levels and general mood. 

      Thanks for your suggestions and have a lovely day!

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