Top Rated Highlighters for the Perfect Summer Glow

Top Rated Highlighters for the Perfect Summer Glow

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T’is the season for highlighters. Although if you live in the UK like me, it feels a lot like the beginning or winter, not the end of spring. Nevertheless, hopefully we will get some more summer this year. And when we do we will need our highlighters on deck! I have put together a few of what I think are the top rated highlighters on the market now that will help to give you a gorgeous summer glow, and if we don’t get our summer then these highlighters will do a fab job faking it for you!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter copy

This highlighter is one of the prettiest highlighters I have ever seen. Seriously, look at the colour and the shine! The Amrezy highlighter is a collaboration between Anastasia Beverly Hills and beauty influencer Amra Olević – a.k.a Amrezy. She is known as the queen of highlighters. Together they came up with this breathtaking shimmery, champagne coloured highlighter. Amerzy has always been obsessed with finding the perfect glow and apparently this is it! I always thought that different coloured skin needs a different coloured texture, but perhaps this one is the perfect fit for all! The highlighter is a limited edition so make sure to get your hands on it quick:)


Iconic London lluminator Drops

iconic london illuminator drops review

The Iconic London Illuminator Drops are one of my all time favourite highlighters! You can read my full review here. A brief sum up for you- they are available in 4 different colours, each one perfect for a different skin tone. What I love most about these highlighters is that they can be added to your regular makeup. You can add one drop to your foundation, moisturiser or primer for a more subtle effect or you can apply it alone for a brilliant glow. It gives the most amazing dewy finish and the shimmer is incredible! The bottles last for a really long time because each drop is so highly pigmented, I have never needed to use more that one drop as a time.

Dior Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder

Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder

The Diorskin Air Luminizer Powder also comes in 4 colours but my favourite is the nude one- the colour is amazing! The highlighter is lightweight and airy so you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all and it applies flawlessly. It’s made to go perfectly with every skin tone and from the looks of it I can imagine it does. If you haven’t noticed check out how it says nude air on the highlighter itself! I love cutesy details like these, it adds a cool factor to the highlighter:) It comes with a small brush that helps to apply the highlighter perfectly.

BUY NOW: Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer Powder can be bought from for £35.55


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder copy

Hourglass have managed to create a highlighter that looks perfect in every light setting, from dim to bright. This is a pretty unique feature and most highlighter don’t achieve such perfection. The Ambient Lighting Powder comes in 6 different colours with each one ‘specialising’ in something else. The pale yellow colour is called Diffused Light and it reduces redness. Dim Light, a neutral peach beige blurs imperfections by playing on warm and cool tones. The white colour is called Ethereal Light which gives a soft, warm glow. Mood Light is a soft pink that brightens with the slightest light. The champagne colour is called Luminous Light, it creates a beautiful glow, and last is Radiant Light, this is a sun-kissed golden beige that warms up your complexion. They are all fabulous colours which are easy to apply, and they last beautifully too.

BUY NOW: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder can be bought from for £40


Too Faced Diamond Highlighter

Too Faced Diamond Highlighter

This highlighter is way too beautiful not to include here and has taken highlighters to a whole new level. It’s hard to believe that its actually a highlighter, and not a real diamond. It comes in a most gorgeous box that looks like an engagement ring box and when you open it, it doesn’t disappoint. This is probably due to the fact that its infused with real crushed diamonds. Each of these highlighters are handmade to ensure that like a diamond, no 2 highlighter are the same. Pretty cool, huh? I don’t know about you but I sure like the idea of wearing real diamonds in my makeup! It is also highly pigmented and lasts all day! It’s so fantastic that I’ve heard people calling it the holy grail of highlighters.

BUY NOW: Too Faced Diamond Highlighter can be bought from for £28


BECCA Ocean Jewels Highlighter Palette

becca cosmetics ocean jewel highlighter palette

It’s not called Ocean Jewels for nothing. The packaging and the colours on the highlighter resemble a jewel in the ocean. What I love about this palette is how creamy the colours are. This makes them so easy to blend with the rest of your makeup. You’ll never look caked or unnatural with this palette. You can wear each individual colour alone or you can swipe the brush across all 5 of them for a brilliant and beautiful highlight. This palette can also double up as eyeshadow or even blush and bronzer. It’s multi-functioning and easy to use! Another winner!

Buy Now: Becca Cosmetics Ocean Jewel Highlighter Palette can be bought from for £42

Choosing my favourite highlighter between these would be really hard, since each of these highlighters has a different factor that makes it unique. Each one is beautiful and will make you shimmer and glow! Trust me, you’ll be a head turner:)
I hope you have enjoyed my selection of top rated highlighters. What’s your favourite highlighter and why?  Please share them with me in the comments below. Looking forward to hearing from ya’ll:)

Hollie xx

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6 Responses

  1. Dana

    Hi Hollie,
    I really like the Iconic London Illuminator Drops the colors are very pretty. Do you know if these products or any of them are hypoallergenic? I have a tendency to breakout from some products and have had a hard time finding any type of face makeup that works for me.

    • Hollie

      Hi Dana,

      I know the Iconic London products are vegan, but I don’t know if they are hypoallergenic. Sorry about that, if you email Iconic London I’m sure they will be able to answer that!

      Have a good day,


  2. linda

    I absolutely love the highlighters. They all look amazing. I never realized there was so many great ones to choose from, the trouble is choosing which one. I also found your article to be very informative and written really well. Very personable. My daughter loved it too. I would recommend this site. 

    • Hollie

      Thanks dear! Happy you like my site, be sure to sign up to the newsletter to stay informed of all our latest posts featuring great reviews and tips!

  3. Angela

    The eyeshadow looks dreamy!  I am extremely fair and these colors look like they are just for me!  My daughter is darker.  Do you carry shades for darker complexion skin?  I see the Iconic London Illuminator Drops comes in all different colors for all skin tones.  I am definitely going to have to try this!

    • Hollie

      Most of these highlighters can be worn on light and dark skin. The ABH highlighter is slightly darker so can be worn on darker skin and Hourglass have a colour for everyone. 

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