Top 10 beauty myths

Top 10 Beauty Myths Debunked

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There are lots of beauty tips and methods out there that people think will help their skin care and beauty regime. A lot of them are myths. I am going to share with you my top 10 beauty myths.

Myth 1: Chocolate can cause breakouts and acne

Until recently most people believed this to be true. Thankfully this has been proven to be incorrect. I’m sure you know people who eat tons of junk Top 10 beauty tipsfood and they have amazing, smooth skin and other people who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables who have a lot of breakouts. This is because it’s hormones and stress that are the main factors in causing breakouts and acne. This isn’t to say that the food you eat doesn’t affect your skin.  It does. Eating well and drinking water improves your skin, making it healthy and glowing.


Myth 2: Toothpaste can help get rid of your spots

Toothpaste is not a good idea for your spots. People think it can help spots because some toothpastes have an ingredient called menthol. What menthol does is soothes inflammation and swelling. However, this same ingredient can irritate, dry out and cause damage to your skin. My advice to you is skip the toothpaste and use a product that’s made for your skin. This is one of those on going myths that many people still believe today.


Myth 3: Clean skin squeaks

There are things that are supposed to be squeaky clean. That is things like your sinks, bathrooms. Not your skin. Your skin should never feel squeaky clean. After cleansing your face your skin should never feel tight or uncomfortable, if it does it means you’re using the wrong products for your skin or you’re using it too much. Consider changing your cleanser to a more sensitive one. When you buy skin care products look for products that are pH balanced- these are generally better for your skin.


Shaving Makes hair grow thickerMyth 4: Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and coarser

Shaving does not cause hair to grow back thicker or coarser. This is one of the biggest myths out there- there is no science behind it. The only thing that can change the way your hair grows is hormones and genetics. One of the reasons people believe this myth is because a human hair thins out at the end- like a pencil. When you cut the end of with a razor you are left with a thicker end, this results in the hair looking thicker.


Myth 5: Squeezing spots to get rid of pus

I think a lot of people know this isn’t recommended, however, it’s hard not to squeeze when you see an ugly spot that’s practically begging you to be squeezed. Read these reasons why you shouldn’t squeeze perhaps, you’ll be convinced next time to refrain from it:)

When you squeeze a spot you’re forcing all the pus, dead skin cells and bacteria further and deeper into your skin. Even if you think you’re getting it all out, a lot of the infection is actually going into your skin. It also often makes the spot bigger and uglier than before and there is very often scarring when the spot has healed.



Myth 6: Pulling out a grey hair causes two more to grow in its place

I know I’m one of those guilty people that believed this myth to be true for waaay to long. But to be straight with you – it’s complete rubbish! Pulling out a grey hair from one hair follicle does not create two hair follicles. If you have unwanted grey hair the best option for you is to see your hair colourist. Pulling out hair is a bad habit.


Myth 7: Acne is caused by not cleaning your face properly

Not cleaning your face properly causes spots and minor breakouts. It does not cause acne. Acne is caused by genetics and stress. Furthermore, if you have acne and you wash your face too much you’ll only aggravate the acne causing more oil to be produced. If you have acne consult your dermatologist for the best course of treatment for you.


eyebrowsMyth 8: Never tweeze above your eyebrow

This is an old myth that one must never remove hair above the eyebrow only below. However, this leaves your eyebrows
looking half done. If you don’t want to shape the top completely then you can remove only the unruly messy hairs.


Myth 9: You can shrink the size of your pores

Your pore size is determined by your genetics and not by your lifestyle. Therefore, you cannot change their size. However, there are ways to improve the appearance of your pores. When pores are clogged they can appear bigger because of the dirt that’s in them. Using a gentle cleanser every day will clean out your pores resulting in them not seeming so big. Exfoliating also helps since it removes the dead skin cells which do make your pores bigger. Also using a good primer can make the pores invisible.


Myth 10: Drinking a lot of water keeps your skin from drying outTop 10 beauty myths

This myth so many people believe in and understandably too -If you drink water it will go into your skin and soften it. However, this is not true! Oil is what keeps the skin soft, not water. Not drinking enough water for a long period of time will affect your appearance, but on the flip side if your skin feels dry one day don’t go and drink more than the recommended amount of water. Too much water is not good for you and it can have a reverse effect.


Those are my top 10 beauty myths. I only chose my favourite 10 but I can assure you there are plenty more. Do you have a favourite myth? If so, I’d love to hear in the comments below.

I hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of these popular myths. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below!


Hollie xx
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6 Responses

  1. colleen

    Good morning,

    your site is very interesting, yes most of the myths I had not thought or agreed to be true, but 2 of them did surprise me.. The pore shrinking not being a reality was a surprise and for that matter there are many many products out there with very false information regarding our pores. Many product specifically say on the bottle “pore shrinking cream or mask”

    the other is the water, I just assume so much of our body is made of water, when my kids lips get chapped I always tell them to drink water, they are dehydrated. I realize there are other factors that cause the chapped lips, specifically with 1 of my sons,, however I would have bet on the water being a factor.

    thanks for the info

    • Hollie

      Thank you for your comment:) I understand the confusion and I hope I can clear that up for you.
      When you see products that say pore shrinking what they actually are doing is either making the pores tighter (a good primer), or the product makes the pores appear smaller. These are great because they make it look like your pores are smaller!
      If one is dehydrated they usually have chapped lips. However, if one has chapped lips it does not mean they are dehydrated. Chapped lips is very common. Drinking water does help with dry lips but it won’t help if your face or say, your arm is dry. If you do have chapped lips I would recommend using a lip balm or vaseline which will have a better effect than water.
      Have a good day,

  2. Marvin Nguyen

    Thank you for your beauty tips.
    As a religious water drinker, I believe that we need to consume a lot of water on a regular basis as dehydration will cause a lot of trouble for your health.
    What amount of water do you think will be too much per day ?
    P/s: Back then, I usually used toothpaste on a puss-filled pimple before going to bed. Obviously it didn’t help that much.

    • Hollie


      You’re right- drinking enough water is very important for our bodies to function in the best way. It’s hard to say what amount is too much since all circumstances and all people are different. If you’re in a hot climate or you exercise a lot you will need to drink more than the a person who doesn’t exercise or live in a hot climate. The best way to know if you’re drinking too much is to listen to your body which tells you when it’s too much. A few signs of water intoxication are headaches, insomnia, decreased metabolism, cold hands and feet, poor emotional health, dizzy spells.

      Good luck,


  3. Cathy

    I was bombed with Myth #6 for pulling out my grey hair frequently at one point. People started telling me that my hair will start to thin and I will develop a bald spot around those areas. The reason I was doing it was because back then, there were only 5 to 10 strands.

    Now that I have more, I’ve resorted to dying with organic substances every 2 months. It was just too painful. But just so you know, I never developed any baldness whatsoever and my hair is as thick as always.

    • Hollie

      I understand you totally- recently I’ve spotted quite a few grey hairs! You’re lucky you didn’t develop a bald spot. If you would have pulled out enough hairs you probably would have. However, hair always regrows!

      Hollie x

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