The 411 on Korean Skincare and why it’s making waves everywhere!

Do you love sheet masks? These wonderful innovations did not start in the Western world but in none other than, South Korea! As beauty consumers and skincare enthusiasts, you may already have felt the wave that Korean skincare has made over the last few years. 

My love for makeup and skincare means that I am always on the lookout for new and exciting products. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t just discovered Korean beauty products now, rather now I have enough experience to let the world know my views on it!;) 

If you’ve been wondering what the hype about K-Beauty is, what makes them different from our skincare – well, here’s what I’ve learnt on my K-Beauty Skincare Journey! 

Why is K-Beauty So Popular?

The “skin-first” philosophy that is so popular nowadays originated in South Korea. Skincare is a big part of their culture, both for men and women and it’s something that’s taught at a very young age. K-Dramas and K-Pop also play a massive role in the influence on beauty and skincare. Everyone is after the same healthy and glowy skin that these huge Korean stars have.

korean sheet masks

Furthermore, Korean beauty products focus more on using natural ingredients, which they list clearly on their packaging. If you have ever stumbled upon a K-Beauty product, you are most likely drawn on how appealing the packaging is, plus they’re really affordable!

The Korean Routine

Unlike our usual 4-5 daily skincare products, it is common for Koreans to have 10-12 skincare products in their skincare routine. A typical Korean skincare routine will include an: oil cleanser, cleanser, 2-3 times a week exfoliating pads, toner, essence, ampoule (also known as a serum), sheet mask once or twice a week, eye cream, moisturiser, cream and a lip mask! A regular evening for a Korean!

I don’t know if I would be able to commit to using so many products, but, good for you if you can!

What is K-Beauty all about and how does it differ from your regular skincare routine?

More focus on skincare order

As already mentioned, when it comes to the number of products used we differ greatly!

However, It’s not just about the number of products, it’s also about the order in which you should apply these products. Start with the lightest consistency to the heaviest, layer your products correctly and you will be surprised at the results! Each of the steps also has essential and different purposes from hydrating, treating, renewing and protecting. 

Layering of Products

The 10-12 product skincare regimen of Koreans is mainly for deeply nourishing and soothing the skin. This is a way of putting back into the skin the right nutrients that the skin needs.

One of the main differences between Western and Korean skincare is that we concentrate much more on exfoliation, whereas they use layering instead.

Analysing and Determining Skincare Concerns

In Western cultures, there’s a tendency for us to oversimplify because of what we were taught about skincare. It’s all about considering how young or how `mature” the skin is. In Korea, their approach is very different. They concentrate more on analysing and skincare concerns to determine how it needs to be treated. 

For example, we have many masks that focus more on clarifying the skin. Whereas, Korean sheet masks are more about hydrating, brightening and giving the skin a healthy glow.


As for Korean skincare ingredients, they are especially ahead of the game. They have outstanding ingredients which are very innovative. They also focus on using natural ingredients. 

You would see a hydrating face mist, a honey scrub and even jelly creams. In Westen Skincare, you would see the traditional creams and liquid toners. Although they are having a huge influence over our skincare too and nowadays, you do see more and more frequently natural skincare! Which is great and I’m all for it! I’m a firm believer that natural everything is the way to go!

UV Protection

korean sunscreen

Although SPF is vital in any part of the world, Koreans particularly prefer their skin fair. That’s why there is an emphasis on sunscreen. They also try to cover up with umbrellas when outdoors to keep their skin out of the sun. 

You might notice their products with things like whitening and brightening more often. But, these products do not contain bleaches, and instead, they have ingredients like niacinamide that get rid of sunspots and even out the skin’s tone.

Extreme Hydration

Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the most important factors when it comes to skincare, and our Korean friends know how to do it best! They have a huge focus on hydrating products. There’s a great reason why it’s essential, a hydrated skin makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible. That’s why many of our Korean friends stay looking youthful and radiant!

My Thoughts

I think we can all say that Korean skincare is warmly welcomed here! By adopting a few of their techniques and methods we too can have beautiful and youthful skin. Although I have not fully transitioned to a K-Beauty Skincare yet, I am most definitely impressed with the ones that I have tried out. I love their “skin-first” movement and part of my 2020 is maintaining healthier skin. Keep following to see more on Korean Skincare and their products!

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing more on Korean Skincare products that I have discovered and the brands that you need in your skincare routine. I hope you look forward to them as much as I am excited to share them with you!

What do you think about K-Beauty Skincare? Is it a fad or the real deal? What are your favourite K-Beauty Products? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Hollie xx

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