Skin Care Tips For The Summer That Will Get You Glowing Skin

It’s hard not to love summertime, the days are long, the sky is blue and the birds are chirping! Sounds like a dream, and for many it is. However, some skin types don’t react well to the sun which can cause all sorts of issues, not to mention a bad summertime experience!

A summer climate has a talent that it can cause underlying skin issues to magnify. Redness, sebum production, and dehydration, to mention a few. Humidity levels are often high during the summer which can interfere with your skin’s moisture level.

I’m sure you all have your skincare routines worked out, and there’s no need to make drastic changes. Adjusting your routine in a few small ways can make a huge difference to your skin. I have put together here a few skincare tips for the summer that will transform your summer experience. Learn how to get your skin to enjoy summertime!

Skin Care Tips For The Summer That Will Change Your Skin

1. Avoid exfoliators with chemicals such as AHA, BHA, and retinol

Exfoliating is always a must, no matter the season. It cleans out dirt, acne and dead skin cells that have accumulated over the day. During the summer, the skin is more prone to getting dirty because of the excess sebum our bodies create due to our pores open up more to cool the skins.

However, exfoliators with AHA, BHA and retinol ingredients can cause the skin to become more sensitive and vulnerable to the sun. It’s because these are acidic components that effectively break down the skin layers making the skin more susceptible to sunburns and spots. They leave the skin too raw and bare to have any natural protective layers against the sun. In basic English, they strip your skin leaving it open to the suns rays.

This doesn’t mean you need to stop exfoliating altogether. Just avoid the ones with these ingredients. And keep in mind that with the exfoliating product you’ve used, you may have effectively rid yourself of dead skin cells. But, you’ve also rid yourself of your natural sun blockers!

One of my best tips: keep exfoliating for the night so that your skin has time to recover before it sees the sun next! This is giving your skin the time it needs overnight to create new cell layers for protection.

2. Don’t take frequent, long showers

Don’t take frequent, long showers

It may be tempting, and to be honest, it’s totally understandable to shower twice (or maybe even more) on hot days — but don’t!

Showering too frequently will cause your skin to dehydrate. And just like the first tip, over-washing your skin will leave it stripped of all the good things too.

Another great way to damage and dehydrate your skin is to take really long showers under hot water. It’s best to keep your summer shower sessions as short as possible and preferably with lukewarm water. That’s all the refreshment your skin needs for summer days. Top it off with lotion and sunscreen and your skin is good to go.

3. Pat when applying your products

I’ve included this tip in this article, but in reality, it is something you should do all year round, no matter the weather. Rubbing your skin is one of the easiest ways to cause irritation and damage.

Even if you are not directly under the sun, your skin still absorbs the heat and all the UVA rays that are hanging about. All of that is accelerating the deteriorate-regenerate skin activity in your body. In between your skin regenerating healthier cells, it is left vulnerable to over-stimulation.

It may sound over-complicated, so to simplify it- when you rub skincare products instead of patting them dry, you are causing more friction. More friction equals more heat. More heat in an already hot environment will cause your skin to react.

First, your skin is going to produce more oils to help cool your skin. Second, redness and spots will ensue.

Pat dry your lotions, sunscreens, moisturisers, and other products. This not only avoids friction damage, but the patting motion mimics the feel of a cooling fan. It’s not a hard change to make, but it will make a big difference to your skin! Your skin will thank me later;)

4. Use a face mist

use face mist

Hydrating face mists are great skin refreshers and simply delightful to use during hot weather! They feel like air conditioning on the skin, honestly, I am totally obsessed with using them in the heat! Not that it ever gets too hot in rainy London, but that’s beside the point!

Aside from face mists feeling wonderful on the skin, they also remove the need for skin to skin contact and rubbing.

Instead of wiping away oiliness with wet wipes or face wipes, use your face mist and then simply pat your skin dry.

The best face mists to use in the summer are ones that are alcohol-free and that have pH balancing formulas.

And just a quick gentle reminder, setting sprays are different from the face mists I’m talking about. I’m talking about moisturisers and hydrating products in spray form. Although I do recommend using hydrating setting sprays for the summer, they will help keep your makeup on longer and better.

5. Apply and RE-APPLY Sunscreen

Ok, so I admit it, I am beginning to sound a lot like a parrot! Apply sunscreen seems to have become my mantra, the reason being, it is THAT important! Sunscreen is a must no matter the weather or the season. It’s just one of those things that you should get used to applying daily.

The difference between sunscreen in the winter and sunscreen in the summer is that during the summer you need to reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours, especially when you’re out and exposed to the sun.

My Thoughts

While both winter and summer call for extra moisturizing products for the skin, there are slight differences in how the seasons affect your skin. I hope you have a better understanding of your summer skin! But more importantly, I hope these skincare tips for the summer help you achieve glowing skin this summer!

Hollie xx

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