Professional Makeup Tips from the Celebs of Makeup

There’s no better way to learn makeup tips than from the pros themselves. Instead of you searching for hours on Google for the best tips, I’ve done the hard work for you!

I’ve put together here the top professional makeup tips from some of the biggest makeup artists today. These tips are easy to implement and won’t add much extra work and time into your routine!

1. Hung Vanngo told Byrdie: “The best way to cover a pimple is to apply foundation first and then concealer after. The best advice I can give is to use a concealer that is one shade darker than the rest of your face. It looks much more natural. A lighter shade just draws attention to the area.”

I love this tip! I would never have thought of using a darker concealer to conceal dark but ha, goes to show, sometimes you need to think outside the box because this totally makes sense!

2. Patrick Ta told Huda on working with two different setting sprays: “A mattifying spray in the centre of the face and a hydrating spray around the perimeter of the face.”

This is genius for anyone like me who suffers from an oily T-zone. Using different setting sprays for your skin different needs sure is spoiling your skin, but you’ll be grateful later when your makeup is still looking as beautiful as ever!

3. Hrush Achemyan makeup artist to the Kardashians: “The first thing I encourage everyone to do is measure the face, know the symmetry of a face, the mathematical equation of a face, before you’re applying makeup,”

I say just get familiar with your features. Without knowing your face properly, it will be hard to actually perfect any look.

4. Beauty blogger Fleur de Force: “Another trick to make your makeup last as long as possible is to build it up in layers, rather than apply it in one, thicker application. This works really well for foundation and concealer especially, but it also works for colour too. You can also try layering up powder products on top of liquids or creams. For example, layering a powder blush on over the top of a creme blush will set the colour in place and make it last longer. The same principle works for all makeup, just be careful not to apply too much, remember the thinner the layers, the longer it will last!”

This is a great tip if you have time on your hands. Layering makes everything look so much more natural and less cakey. I have never tried layering a powder blush on top of a cream one, but I’m very interested in seeing how it would come out!

5. Charlotte Tilbury: “After applying your lipstick, apply a little highlighter to your cupid’s bow using a Blender Brush. This will frame your lips for a kissable pout.”

This is one of the simplest tricks which adds so much to a look, not to mention super easy and quick.

6. Bobbi Brown: “Start from the inside. Makeup isn’t magic. Beauty comes from the inside out, so no matter how good your moisturizer and foundation are the best base for looking good is eating healthy food, exercising, and taking care of yourself.”

Ah, the basis of all makeup! Without caring for yourself your makeup will never be flawless and perfect!

7. Pat McGrath On livening up tired eyes: McGrath says the best way to brighten up sleepy peepers is by dabbing a highlighter stick or pearly eyeshadow/eye pencil in the inner corner of your eyes. This will whiten your red or dull sclera (the white part of your eye).

This trick seriously works. As a Mom who is more often than not tired;)) I can vouch for this! It takes the attention away from your tired eyes and brightens everything up. It doesn’t need to be as drastic as the image above, it can be subtle and still effective.

8. Charlotte Tilbury: “Only apply powder where you need it. Instead of applying a finishing powder all over your face, only apply powder in areas that get oilier, such as your t-zone, under your eyes and around your nose. This will keep your complexion glowing and gorgeous, without excess shine.”

By applying powder only to the oilier areas you’re helping your non-oily skin from drying out.

9. Francois Nars told Byrdie: Don’t be a prisoner to makeup: “I think it’s when a woman feels good in her own skin, she feels good,” Mr. Nars says of his own beauty philosophy. “In fashion and in life, you want to find your own style—what makes you feel good, what makes you look good. I think it gives you the power and you can achieve better. Makeup is only good when it’s an accessory to help you be yourself.”

Love this! Don’t use makeup to cover and hide. Use makeup to help you be you and be the individual that you are!

10. Chanel artist Fulvia Farolfi told Marie Claire: First, prep the skin with foundation. Fulvia says, “Always put your foundation on your eyelids. It helps the shadow to stay longer and makes you look more awake if you don’t even use shadow. Your fingers are just as great as applying foundation as a brush, but it’s always best to apply concealer with a little brush. It helps to provide better coverage.”

I find this tip especially true when you’re not wearing eyeshadow. What’s the point of a freshly made face of foundation, when the eyes are naked?! By applying foundation on the eyelids you are giving your entire face a smooth, same toned look.

11. Mario Dedivanovic, makeup artist to Kim Kardashian: “Don’t neglect the ears and neck. They need a little blending love too.”

Is there anything worse than a freshly made face with a foundation line by the jaw? I think not! Applying makeup to your neck and ears will only take another minute and save lots of embarrassment! 100% worth the effort;))

My Thoughts

These professional makeup tips are easy to implement and will help your makeup stay on longer and better. There are loads of tips and tricks and hacks floating around the internet. The key is to use those that work for you! Let me know which of these tips are a must-do for you and which ones are a no-go!

Hollie xx

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