pixi beauty new products that are worth buying

Pixi Beauty – New Products that are Worth Buying

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As a fan of Pixi products I get very excited when they bring out new ones. Pixi products are high in quality and at the same time not too expensive. What’s not to love? I have put together a few of my favourite new products that are worth buying and that I know you’ll love:)


Rose Caviar Essence

rose cavier essense

The name is all it needed to get me hooked:) It is as luxurious as it sounds. It comes in a pink see-through tube with bits of flower oils suspended inside which melt on the skin. Rose Caviar Essence looks beautiful and feels beautiful on the skin. This serum hydrates and restores your skins brightness making it glow. It has a lot of natural ingredients and like the name suggests its infused with rose water which helps with hydration and brightens the skin.

After you cleanse and tone apply this on to your face and neck and let it absorb. It feels cool and refreshing on the skin- honestly, it feels amazing! It also has some really good ingredients like antioxidants making it the perfect serum to soften and tone your skin with. The Serum has a lovely rose scent which is quite strong but after a couple of minutes it becomes subtle.

To me, this serum is summer in a bottle- it looks summery and feels so refreshing on the skin. This is the perfect product to put on your skin after a long, hot day. It leaves the skin feeling toned and all round healthier.

The Rose Caviar Essence is paraben free and is for all skin types.

Rose Caviar Essence can be bought from lookfantastic.com for £26 or from the US site for $35.50


Rose Flash Balm

rose flash balm

Like the Rose Caviar Essence, the Rose Flash Balm is also infused with rose water. This makes it the perfect product to keep your skin healthy, bright and moisturised. This new product by Pixi is a 3 in 1 product- it moisturises the skin, is a revitalising mask and can also be used as a primer. It comes in a similar packaging to the Rose Caviar Essence except that its matte and not see-through. However, they complement each other perfectly.

If you are using it as a primer apply a thin layer without rubbing it all the way in and then go on to apply your foundation. If you want to use it as a mask apply a thick layer and leave it on for about 5 minutes. Like with most masks it’s not recommended to use more than 3 times a week.

I’m always a bit wary of products that offer to do too many things. I find they often aren’t successful in doing anything properly. Whilst this is definitely a good product and it does add radiance to your skin I feel if you want to get the most out of moisturising , priming and a mask it is better to buy separate products. However, if you don’t like having a lot of beauty products then this is made for you. You get one product instead of having 3. You will still get good results and without having the mess:)

The Rose Flash Balm is paraben free and is for all skin types.

You can buy Rose Flash Balm at lookfantasic.com for £26 or from the US site for $35.50


Pat Away Concealing Base

Pat Away Concealing Base


They call it conceal without reveal and I have to admit it really does just that! It comes in 3 colours- cream, nude and warm. Before I even begin reviewing this product I have to say why only 3 colours? Seriously, why do beauty brands think that 3 shades is enough:(

Now that I’ve let my frustration out its on to the product. They come in a nice cylinder packaging with a wand applicator. Apply onto your dark circles, blemishes and uneven tones. Its build-able for full coverage yet at the same times blends seamlessly into your skin. It is long wearing and leaves the skin with a matte finish.

I am really impressed with this concealer, it does everything it says and at the same time it feels really natural. Almost as if you’re not wearing anything. It covered my dark circles really well, this is now going to be competition for my all time favourite concealer which is the Bourjois Radiance Reveal.

The one downside is obviously the limited choice of colours. If one of the 3 shades matches you’re skin then I highly recommend this concealer:)

You can buy Pat Away Concealing Base at lookfantastic.com for £16 or from the US site for $22


Overall Thoughts

Like all Pixi products these are no different, they are of high quality and make your skin feel soft and luscious. Each one of these products do what they’re supposed to do and at the same time they are cost efficient and can fit into most budgets. The products are all for any skin type including sensitive skin.

I hope you have enjoyed these reviews. If you have any thoughts or questions please leave them in the comments below:)


Hollie xx

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4 Responses

  1. Samantha

    Hello, I enjoy looking into beauty products like this and I am glad that I stumbled upon your site. I like that you not only provided an American website but also a European website that I could buy it from. Even though I am from Australia it is much appreciated as not many other people do that.
    Thank you very much,

    • Hollie

      Thanks for stopping by! I am from the UK but since I have a lot of American readers I try to accommodate them too:)

  2. al

    Hi there Hollie. Thanks for these suggestions. I’m always on the lookout for nice Xmas stocking fillers for my wife. Because of the red-pink colours, the Rose Caviar Essence and the Rose Flash Balm will look particularly seasonal.

    Don’t tell anyone, but I might even try out the Rose Caviar Essence myself 😉 Sounds temping!

    • Hollie

      You’re right, the colouring is very seasonal! 

      I’ll keep your secret safe and I’m sure you will love it too;)

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