Philip Kingsley Elasticizer review

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Review

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The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer has a real history to it. It was created for Audrey Hepburn, so that her hair should last on set. Its also the first pre- shampoo hair treatment ever created, and naturally has won a ton of awards. However, I’m a bit of a sceptic and I always find it hard to believe a product can be as amazing as it sounds. I decided to do my own research and dig a little deeper to find out if the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer really works as well as they say it does.


What is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer?

The Elasticizer is a designed pre-shampoo and conditioner treatment that deeply conditions, adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine to your hair. It’s for all types of hair, for anyone who’s hair lacks that extra bounce. If your hair suffers from breakages and split ends, after using the Elasticizer for a while you should be able to see that your hair is stronger.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer


How Does It Work?

The main 4 ingredients used are hydrolysed elastin, castor oil, olive oil and Glycerin. Hydrolyzed Elastin is similar to collagen. It improves elasticity and improves the hair strength. Castor oil is high in Vitamin E and Omega 6 and 9, these ingredients add moisture to the hair and help hair growth. It also helps prevent hair loss. Olive oil is rich in vitamins A and E, which help protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture. Lastly is Glycerin, which helps to keep the moisture in the hair.

To use the Elasticizer, dampen your hair and in sections apply it from the roots till the ends. Cover with a shower cap (the Elasticizer comes with one in the box). Leave it on for about 20 minutes.If you feel your hair needs a lot of help, or you didn’t see any results after using it once then leave it overnight, with the shower cap on, of course! After removing the shower cap, wash your hair as you normally would with shampoo and conditioner.


My Experience with the Elasticizer

Before I start with my experience, let me explain my hair. I have really thick, coarse curly hair. Hairdressers always comment on how much hair I have. Over the years I have used A LOT of heating products on my hair, from blow dryers, to straighteners and curlers. None of these have had a good effect on it. My hair has been left coarser than before and with tons of split ends. As you can imagine, this left me very sad:( I have been through countless products and shampoos that all promise to fix it all. I can’t say they were all bad, some were actually pretty good. However, the Elasticizer won them all hands down!

The first few times I used it I only kept the product on my hair for 20 minutes. I was disappointed that I didn’t see the results I wanted. This made me realise that since I have a lot of hair, I probably should try it for longer. After that I starting using it twice a week for the whole night long. That’s when the magic started to happen. After about a month I noticed my hair seemed softer and much stronger. The elasticizer didn’t remove my split ends (only a hair cut can do that!) but each hair felt less brittle. I still use a lot of heating products on my hair but somehow my hair can take it now. It doesn’t break at the first attempt and my hair is also much softer. Obviously, I still have coarse hair and I probably always will because that is my hair! What the elasticizer has done is that it has made my hair the best it can be, for which, I’m a fan!


Does the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer actually work?

The million dollar question- dies it actually work? I’ve read so many mixed reviews and obviously that it very normal. Everyone has different hair and naturally, not everyone uses the product in the same way. My initial reaction to the Elasticizer is that it probably is just another product claiming to do everything but in reality doing nothing. However, my opinion has changed. I think this is a great product and if you give it a fair chance you will without a doubt see positive results. It has all the right ingredients to make your hair perfect. Follow the instructions carefully and use it a few times before you make a decision about whether it works.

philip kingsley elasticizers

The Elasticizer comes in 4 different types. The standard elasticizer which is the one that I’ve reviewed, the Elasticizer Extreme which has more moisturising ingredients making it perfect for African-Caribbean hair, the Coconut Breeze Elasticizer which is infused with ingredients to remind you of the sea. The last one is Geranium & Neroli Elasticizer which was inspired by Kingsleys trips to the Italian Rivera. It’s enriched with ingredients to remind you of a spa like experience.


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer can be bought from for $41 / £31 


Hollie xx


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4 Responses

  1. Teresa

    This looks like a great product, as I too am constantly searching for a good product for my hair I’m on the other end of the spectrum form you as my hair is very thin and fine. So I guess I shouldn’t leave it on overnight!
    The coconut breeze sounds really nice and tropical. Do you know which one would suit my hair type? Thanks for the review.

    • Hollie

      Thanks for stopping by! 

      It is a great product:) Any of them would suit your hair except for the extreme one which is for african- Caribbean hair. 

      Good luck:)

  2. huzefa

    Loved your article, yes nowadays due to artificial products n chemicals our hair loses its beauty, for which we need to renourish it….this product looks amazing and I’m definitely going to give it a try! My hair could really do with some revitalising.  
    Its really of great help…. Thank you for a great post

    • Hollie

      It’s a great product and I’m sure you’ll love it! 

      Thanks for stopping by:)

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