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New Year’s Goals That You Can Stick To

I find that the trick with New Year’s goals is to take on small and easy things. How many times do we take on something big, only to stop doing it after a few days, if you’re lucky weeks. Taking on something small is more realistic if you want to stick to it. Below are a few small things that I am taking on myself in 2019, and I hope its inspiring for you!

Remove my makeup every night

Removing my makeup at the end of the day is pretty easy, yet its so easy to tell myself that just tonight I’ll leave it for the morning. And then it gets easier to say the same thing the next night;) Removing makeup is really important for your skin. Firstly, you’re removing all the dirt that accumulates over the day and secondly, you’re letting your skin breath. When you don’t remove your makeup, you are more prone to breakouts and spots and well, it’s just dirty. Starting from today- January 1st I shall be removing my makeup every night, no matter the time!

Wash my makeup brushes  

wash makeup brushes

As of now, I don’t wash my makeup brushes as often as I should. I’m actually embarrassed to say when the last time I washed them. I’m going to try to wash them every fortnight. Do you think I can keep to it?! This is definitely one of the harder New Year’s goals. I guess time will tell!

Drink more water

drink more water

Drinking water is the solution to most problems in life…well, maybe to a lot of my problems. I have always suffered from headaches and drinking more water will probably them. Also, my skin would benefit a ton from being more hydrated. A while ago I tried out an experiment where I drank more water for a while and I saw amazing results. However, slowly I stopped drinking a lot. From now on I will try to keep a bottle of water next to me, that way I’ll have no problem remembering to drink.

Stop squeezing spots

Ya, so this is a really bad habit and I’m sure I’m not alone in it. Squeezing spots only makes them worse, the best way to get rid of them is by looking after your skin and cleansing regularly. I know all of that logically. But, when it comes to practice and I see a spot in the mirror that reaaallly needs squeezing, the logic flies out of the window.

Throw out old makeup

throw out old makeup

I’m really not a hoarder. Except when it comes to makeup. I simply love collecting it, that when it comes to throwing it out I really can’t! And some of my makeup is quite old. This year I aim to go through my makeup every 3 months and to throw out anything that looks worn out or is very old.

My Thoughts

These are my New Year’s goals that I think are easy enough for me to keep to. Obviously, they are not for everyone and everyone has to do what works for them. I hope you’ve managed to get some good ideas and inspiration!

Have a lovely New Year’s and here’s to 2019!

Hollie xx


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  1. Hi Hollie, This is a great article with useful beauty tips about our skin care. We sometime mistakes by not following basic rules and doing harm to our body skins. I also some time squeeze pimple or any uncomfortable things found in my face. I think this article is very useful for those who really suffers for their bad habit. I will refer it to my friends and family. Thanks for sharing this helpful beauty tips.

  2. neuromind says:

    What a great article! People always get these huge big goals for New Years that they could never do but sometimes the the little changes really help your whole day go better. I love that you took this angle to think small ideas on different areas, taking care of your body, taking care of your possessions, and kinda of taking control of your space or a mini “spring clean-up.” I bet focusing on little things across different areas of your life really can help you improve overall, feel better, and stick to your goals. 

    1. I never thought of it as a mini spring clean! Nice one! 

      Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Lok Which says:

    Exactly there are lot if big things I set up as a goal to walk towards early last year but believe I didn’t reach the middle of the year before I gave up on those things.This post is inspiring I think I will try this out drinking more water ,this will really be beneficial to health and be a nice tool for solving problems.

  4. Juan Villegas Azuaje says:

    Hey, great idea. I also prefer to chunk big goals into small, daily and easy to meet goals.

    I have a question about washing make-up brushes. As I know, my wife doesn’t wash their brushes very often (maybe once a month). 

    When I shared with her about your idea, she told me that will try to follow your steps. However I ask myself, what are the main consequences not washing make-up brushes often?

    Have a nice 2019, and keep going!   

    1. A dirty brush can carry bacteria, and when you use it on your skin it can cause breakouts and spots. Generally not a good idea but many of use fail in that area!

  5. Hey Hollie,

    thanks for sharing with us such great tips and advices. I will definitely follow some of them heading into 2019! While everyone is keep thinking about new years resolution and and big goals they have for it, I on the other hand after reading Your article decided that for this year, I will set small, but meaningful goals to achieve. And one of Yours advice which I for sure follow is to drink more water! With our busy daily lives we often forget to dehydrate, which often leads up to physical and mental health problems. And I’ve already started achieving this goal- I have this huge battle of water on my desk right now and I will try my best so it would be there each day! Oh, and I also like the advice of not squeezing spots- unfourtunetaly I used to do it a lot in the past, but now instead of squeezing them i will follow Your advice and will dedicate my time to properly clean my skin and look after it.

    Happy New Year Hollie and keep up the great work 😉

    1. Happy New Year to you too. I hope you manage to stick to your new goals!

  6. Oh, thank you so much for simple but easily attainable goals to follow. Even though they may be simple, following them isn’t so easy. I too am one to not drink much water, if any some days. You have inspired me to write up a list of beauty tips to follow. I will keep them maybe next to my bed, so that before I go to bed, I wash my make-up off. And make myself have a glass of water upon rising instead of my tea. This will be a big test, but I’m up for it :). I do also enjoy a good clean up, so maybe I can schedule a regular check of my makeup at least maybe every 2 month? This will help me stay on top of it and not allow any old makeup build up. I can put it in my phone as a reminder lol! Thanks for the post 🙂

    1. Good luck! I hope you can keep to yours. So far, so good here, but we’re only 3 days in:))

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