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The theory has it that the buzzing bees of our planet are mother nature’s saviour. It seems like they’re just as special when it comes to cosmetics! Skincare benefits a ton from bees and the honey that they produce. The same applies to makeup! One particular launch has taken the concept to a new literal meaning- introducing the Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo Blush Collection. See for yourself what’s got everyone buzzing about these gorgeous duos in this review.

Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo Blush

Melt Cosmetics have smashed the embossed pattern trend going on in the makeup industry! The packaging is the first thing that catches your attention with their gorgeous honeycomb and bee that’s embossed on the blushes. While you won’t find me trying to touch a real bee, these are irresistible!

The Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo Blushes don’t need fancy packaging when they can keep it gorgeous and practical at the same time with the actual product design. The product is a dual-sided compact that has a gorgeous luminous blush on one side and a warmer bronzing blush on the other.

Each compact is priced at $39 or roughly around £30 in the UK, and contain 0.24 oz/7 g of product. They also come at a bundled price for $125 which includes a pouch and a mirror in the set. All items are decorated with the bee and honeycomb theme, which is totally adorable IMO!


All three compacts contain two buzzworthy shades each that can be used alone or mixed for a customised look.

It applies so seamlessly, you won’t believe that it’s not a gel! Of course, the promo photos can easily be manipulated to look like that. But I think you’ll go buzzing once you see that it looks just as perfect in real life!

  • Buzz Kill

A coral nectar hue and  peach champagne colour

  • Raw Honey
raw honey duo blush

A mauve bronze and pink-beige shade

  • Queen Bee
queen bee

A warm bronze and honey gold colour

Texture & Formula

They have this chilled wet powder feel to them. If powder could mimic the feel of a gel product, then this is it. When applied to the skin, it fuses with the surface so beautifully it really does look like a natural layer of colour. It’s hard to tell where it ends, which is really the goal of all base makeup!

When applied, it doesn’t feel or look powdery. The pigments are very saturated, yet are still easy to blend. Both shades in all the blushes have a stunning dewy finish to them. Although the bronzing-blushes look more subtle but still luminous.

I can’t pinpoint if the glow from the product is because of super finely-milled specs of shimmer, or the whole formula is created with a shine to each and every speck of powder that makes up the compact! My gut is that these blushes would make really beautiful eyeshadows too. I love a makeup product that can double up in roles! The Digital Dust Duo Blush Collection is all oil-free so if you have oily skin these blushes are ideal for you. They won’t make you shine or cause oil build-up.

The formula clings to the skin without sitting on your fine lines or pores. It also stays consistent too. No matter what you are using to apply the blush on your cheeks, be it a brush, sponge, or your fingers, the intensity and smoothness stay the same.

This product’s formula calls for an everyday type of use, one that won’t need a new layer of highlighter, because the glow you get from it is incredibly stunning and natural! You’ll be surprised that photo flashbacks are practically non-existent.

Since they have an almost-wet like consistency, you’d probably expect some kind of patching when it’s been layered. But guess, what? Nope! The blushes are buildable to a charming layer of makeup. While the colours are saturated, building them up only means you get a more intense layer of pigment, rather than an intense and obvious layer of gel-powder product.

One thing that you should be aware of is that while the colour can be built up, even the dewy finish glows up too. If you’re not careful, you might end up looking like a neon ball, since there is no way to control the luminous finish that comes with the product. It can be diffused with a translucent setting powder, however, without disrupting the colour intensity you’ve layered up.

So you know how many makeup products are made to suit a specific colour tone? Well, these blushes are quite remarkable, there may only be 3 of the duo blushes but between them, they suit all skin tones and shades! You’ll be surprised to know that these apply very lightly on pale skin, and buildable too. All three compacts will look good on any skin tone.

Are They Worth It?

These blushes last all day long! I love that they don’t smudge or melt as the day progresses, they look just the way you applied them hours after. Are they worth it? I think a definite yes! The formula is seamless and lives up to the price. It’s the type of product that you bring with you when you go out of the house, simply because it has a lot of uses and the formula is solid and reliable.

They are sheer to full coverage, and the longevity is there. The only problem I see that may disappoint some people is the luminosity of the finish. It’s so glowy it almost looks like glitter! But again, if you apply in moderation, you can control the shimmer.

Final Thoughts

The Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo Blush Collection is a set of stunning blushes and if you love a sheer glowy complexion, I highly recommend you try these out. You can use them with or without a base, and from the formula to everything else, it’s all worth the buzz! You’ll find yourself in a beeline straight to these products on the shelves. (Mind all the puns!)

Melt Cosmetics Digital Dust Duo Blush Collection can be bought from Beauty Bay

Hollie xx

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