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Makeup Tips for Fair Skin – Get Flawless Makeup!

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Everyone has their own challenges when it comes to makeup. Mine is my fair skin. My husband often jokes that I glow in the dark- that’s how pale I am:) When it comes to makeup, pale skin is one of the hardest skin shades to get right. People either look orange, or the other extreme, completely washed out and often chalky. Over the years with improved skills and a constant flow of newer and better products, I feel I have got it down to a fine art.  Here I’m going to share with you my makeup tips for fair skin. With these tips, you’ll look beautiful and flawless in no time!


For Perfect Makeup Don’t Skip the Primer

Using a primer is always a necessity. However, since with pale skin its harder to achieve a natural finish, priming is all the more important. The job of the primer is to smoothen out the skin and create an even base to apply makeup. It reduces patchiness and helps makeup stay on longer a better. My favourite primer is Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer. I am completely obsessed with it, it’s all natural primer and my makeup looks flawless when I use it.


Foundation for fair skin


Foundation for Fair Skin

When it comes to fair skin, finding the right foundation is probably the biggest challenge! However, don’t be put off, we’re in 2017 and the choices are endless. When I first started with makeup there was much less variety in brands and colours. Nowadays there is a ton of makeup available that caters to pale skin.

A common mistake when choosing foundation is choosing one with the wrong undertones. Do you have warm undertones or cool undertones? To find out look at your wrists. If your veins are green then you have warm undertones and if your veins are blue then you have cool undertones. If you see both colours then you have neutral undertones. My favourite foundation is Lancome Teint Idole which I have reviewed here. They have over 40 colours and they keep releasing new ones. I love the coverage and how light it feels on the skin. With Lancome Teint Idole you’ll never looked caked and unnatural.


Getting the Contour Right

The role of the contour and bronzer overlap so the same rules apply. Recently I’ve been ditching the bronzer altogether and just contouring instead. For fair skin, the trick is to stay far away from any orangey colours. Stick to a palette of grey colours which have a touch of warmth to them. This will keep your face looking natural and far away from any orange.


contouring right


Don’t Overuse Powder

Powder is a simple step in your makeup routine, but one that makes all the difference. It removes shine and seals in your makeup. However, it’s also the step that you have to be extra careful when applying. Especially for pale skin. (Lucky us!) If you apply too much powder your makeup will look caked and chalky. If will also cause your makeup to crease and show every line on your face. When applying your powder take a brush and lightly dab on the areas that most need it, like the T-zone. Be extra careful around the eyes, because the eyes naturally have a lot of creases and that is not something you want to draw attention to. Also make sure you choose the right coloured powder and make sure it’s not too dark.


Choose the Right Blush

The best colour blush for fair skin is a pale pink or slightly peach. The key is to blend it in well. There’s not much worse than blush which isn’t blended in. You end up looking a lot like a clown:)

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How to Get your Eyes Right

If you’re not after the punk look then steer clear of dark black eyeliner all around your eyes. If you have light hair consider using grey or brown eyeliner. Using a lighter colour will make the whole look more subtle and natural.  For eyeshadow stick to neutral or cool colours. Warm colours like pink and red bring out the red in your eyes which will make you look like your tired.


the right shade of lipstick for fair skin

Lipstick Colours to Flatter your Skin

A lot of people think that people with pale skin can’t wear many shades. This is not true, people with fair skin can wear more or less every shade. When choosing a lipstick be careful not to choose a colour that’s too nude because that can look washed out. If you want a nude shade, make sure it has a slight hint of colour to it. I’m all about nude lips. The lipstick I’m loving at the moment is a matte lipstick by MAC in the colour Honey Love. I use a coloured lip pencil over my whole lip and then I apply the lipstick. This is to ensure I won’t look washed out.


My Thoughts

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that everyone can have beautiful makeup, you just need the right techniques, tools and products. And luckily for us, the market is now flooded with products specifically for fair skin. You no longer need to look orange, everyone can get the flawless look. I hope these makeup tips for fair skin have been helpful for you. Do you have any other makeup tips for fair skin that you would like to share? I would love to hear from you in the comments below:)


Hollie xx

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  1. Agnes Nowak

    Hi Hollie

    Great tips on makeup and how to get that PRO look. I enjoyed the read.
    Great page and great advise about the products out there, although I dont use any of them. I actualy switched to a more health consious brand with less toxins and chemicals in the makeup and skincare products. But many still love the Retails store brands and go nuts for them.


    • Hollie

      Thanks Agens:) The tips I have mentioned can apply to any brand to help you achieve flawless makeup.

      Have a good day!

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