Makeup Tips and Tricks For Beginners- Guide to Quick & Easy Makeup

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I’ve gathered some of the easiest makeup tips and tricks from the stars themselves! Yup, I’ve put together some of the best makeup tips from celebrities who have all the money to glam up, but surprisingly, these tips and tricks are pretty easy to implement into any makeup routine. I’ve been feeling inspired lately by Vogue’s 10-minute model celebrity tutorials, particularly beauty secrets from models themselves. Who knew looking as fab as them comes from a very relatable process, with products that most of us have sitting in our drawers?!

Makeup Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Of course, my skin isn’t as pampered as celebs, but thanks to my solid skincare routine, I’m feeling a little up to par. But anyway, that’s a debatable point. Whether or not you’ve got a smooth canvass to work on, that’s an easy fix. What’s really standing in your way I presume, is how to fake a pro makeup look, especially when you’re on level 1 of beauty junkie life.

1: Primer and foundation base should match

Save your wallet from doing a trial and error with your makeup base.

A good foundation is a necessity for good makeup. You’ve probably heard some horror stories of foundations wasting away because they didn’t really hold up to claims and expectations. Sometimes, it’s true the product just sucks. And often, it’s the bad worker blaming its tools! In polite English, you’re not using your products in the best way!

Whether you’re using an oil-based or water-based product, your primer and foundation should match, which means, either both are oil-based or both are water-based. If not, they’ll just run the old science-proven fact that oil and water do not get along. Keep them in sync, and you’ll never have to unnecessarily waste your makeup.

2: Feathery brows, not blocked

If you can’t do your eyebrows like a veteran yet, Naomi Campbell’s tip is to draw them in a feathery style, instead of directly blocking them with a brow product. What blocking means is outlining creating a harsh solid look.

feathered eyebrows

And as a beginner, going all out on your brows the first time really isn’t the most ideal, chances are, you’re brows won’t look too realistic. So yeah, feather them out first. What’s great about this easy trick is that when you brush out your brows, you’ll only draw on the areas that need some filling in. It doesn’t even have to look perfect! Just some wispy lines and you can go from there. Check out my recommendation on the best tweezers for all budgets.

3: Lip line, lip prime

Before lip primers, lip liners were the product to depend on for long-lasting smudge-proof lipstick. Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret for beginners is to apply lip liner on your whole lips, rather than just the outline. This prevents any fading caused by contact with food or other tableware, and if your lipstick does fade, you won’t be left with the outline of the lip liner. I love this trick, it’s really helped me feel more confident about my lips!

I think I should also mention that Miranda Kerr recites the ever sacred beauty mantra that the basis of great makeup is having great skincare! So that’s another wonderful makeup tip for beginners to pick up on. You may be sick from hearing it all the time, but as a novice, skincare is your right of passage! 

4: Add shadow to the centre of your eyelids

Hillary Duff has a pretty interesting tip. She says that when people look into your eyes, most people will focus on the pupils. And as a beginner, it can be hard getting your eyeshadow right without looking over the top. With this awesome tip, you will always look glammed but not OTT!

To achieve this, don’t worry too much that your neutral eye makeup won’t make your eyes pop. The finishing touches will. Smudge a bit of dark coloured shadow in the centre of your lower lash line and a bit of shimmering eyeshadow on the centre of your upper lash line. Its effect helps draw attention to that focal point and makes the eyes so much bigger and awake. This is a great tip for everyone, beginners or not!

5: Fool-proof full-coverage

If you’re a beginner who’s hitting the beauty streets head-on with full-coverage makeup, then a handy smooth finishing trick will fuel you up. Take it from Candice Swanepoel, who’s a fan of full-coverage. Thick, full-coverage makeup can come with an annoying setback and that is mostly the cakey, thick look it leaves your face with.

To achieve an opaque coverage with a velvet texture and finish, try adding a face oil or serum to your concealer or foundation. Mix the two together before applying on your face. And there you go, you’ve got yourself a beautiful, smooth base for the rest of your makeup! Mixing the two also helps your makeup stay in place better throughout the day.

6: Eyeliner cheat

I wish I had known this sooner because now I feel like I’ve wasted so many hours and patience over applying liquid liner! Supermodel Natasha Poly has a neat trick for doing a cat-eye perfectly at every attempt!

Eyeliner cheat

First, you go in with a pencil and draw and perfect your desired cat eye, then you go over it with the liquid liner! Bam! No stencils, no spoons, no tapes. And compared to me being so careful with my hands, this would have been the ultimate eyeliner trick for a beginner. Where was this when I needed it most?!

Now, It’s up to you to spread the word and make our lives easier by removing any bad experiences with eyeliner through this tip.

Not all the time and not everyone’s got the extra greens to cash out for lessons or stylists. And right now, the next best thing we have are from those who are lucky enough to get some firsthand pro-tips! The stars know what’s up with having well-done makeup under pressure.

My Thoughts

I hope you’ve picked up some really useful easy makeup tips and tricks for beginners that will last you a lifetime. Which tips have caught your interest most?

Hollie xx

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